Neville outlines two reasons everyone should ‘hate’ ESL

Date published: Monday 19th April 2021 12:08 - Matthew Stead

Gary Neville

Gary Neville has offered two reasons as to why he and everyone else should “hate” the European Super League proposals.

Neville called for the six Premier League teams involved – Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham – to be deducted points when the plans to form a breakaway league emerged on Sunday.

He has given more in-depth reaction on his Gary Neville Podcast, outlining his intense opposition.

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“The proposal will get kicked out because the fans will hate it, the governments will hate it, FIFA will hate, UEFA will hate it, the Premier League have come out already and say they hate it, you’ll hate it, I’ll hate it. And they are so disconnected from reality to think they could put this forward at any time, let alone now.

“Honestly, I’d say I’ve got no words for them but I’ve had a lot of words.

“It won’t go through, not a chance.

“I said during the game that I thought the clubs that signed up to it should be deducted points, that includes this club – the club that I love and I’ve supported all my life. But I’m ashamed of them, absolutely ashamed – for two reasons.

“Firstly, that they would want to sign up to a competition that is franchise football essentially, with no promotion or relegation, almost like that right to play the biggest games all the time – that’s not the ethic and ethos Manchester United was built on.

Old Trafford

“Forget [the owners]. They have nothing to do with this football club. They’re just custodians. The fans that come into this ground that supported this club for 100 years are the people that matter and we want competition and the ethos of the club. Now some might say that’s gone already, but forget [the owners] – they have nothing to do with this football club, in terms of the actual history of the club and the long-term future, they’ll be gone. They’re just passengers in the night, as far as I’m concerned.

“I’m fuming, that Manchester United football club, that have been pioneers, that should be leading from the front, that should be looking after everyone in this country. National League, North and South clubs are in disarray, National League cubs are going bust and furloughing players, there are League Two clubs on the edge. The whole system and pyramid at this moment is struggling.

“And the timing is my second point. So Man Utd as a football club to vote for this is disgusting. The timing of it, the midst of a pandemic, in the midst of an economic crisis, not just in football but in this world, to demonstrate greed rather than compassion is an absolute shocker as far as I’m concerned.

“And I’ve been critical of the people at this football club over the past few years for some of their football decisions, but this is another level – this is another level. And you can put all the other five owners in the same box as far as I’m concerned.

“Liverpool football club? Liverpool? The club of the people? You’re a shambles. Just like [Manchester United] are, you’re all the same. You’ll never walk alone and all that rubbish we listen to? And the stuff here about looking after things? Honestly, I’m absolutely livid. The timing is as bad as the proposal.”

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