Newcastle mole a ‘treacherous wretch’, claims pundit after Bruce chat

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Steve Bruce Matt Ritchie Newcastle United

The Newcastle mole who leaked the story of a training ground mishap is a “treacherous wretch”, according to Simon Jordan.

Reports emerged on Wednesday evening that Steve Bruce and winger Matt Ritchie were involved in a training ground bust-up.

Bruce confirmed the disagreement did take place and promised to discover the source of the leak.

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Jordan has blasted the individual in the dressing room for the destabilising effect they’ve had at  Newcastle.

“I had a chat with Steve Bruce, it was a private chat, but what I can tell you is that he’s very focused,” Jordan – who worked with Bruce at Crystal Palace – told talkSPORT.

“No one likes to hear about the abuse he’s getting.

“I saw Newcastle play relatively well against Wolves and games leading up to it, but what I saw on Sunday was a very poor game.

“It doesn’t help that you’ve got players like Joelinton who simply don’t want to score goals and is seemingly incapable of understanding where the back of the net is.

“Without going into the territory of defending Steve, it was a game Newcastle mustn’t lose, rather than must-win… and there was a lot of background noise to this game, a lot of unhelpful and necessary press.

“Irrespective of whether a journalist has the right to write an article, you have to wonder why certain players would want that article to come out.

“The notion a player in that camp would want to put a story like that into the press in the run-up to a game, is not about the individual, it’s about the team.

“I wouldn’t have used the word, ‘treason’; I think ‘disloyalty’ would be a better word to use. I think when you go into the territory of ‘treason’ and ‘treachery’ and you can start being ridiculed by people.

“It’s not wrong, it is treacherous. You are a treacherous wretch if you have an altercation on the training ground and decide to go to a newspaper to air that grievance.

“You are a treacherous wrench, but to use that terminology… disloyalty is better terminology I think. You should be able to resolve issues without resorting to going to a newspaper, whose main focus is to sell newspapers and not to actually help anybody.”