Next Leicester boss: Potter right in contention alongside cult hero and former Chelsea boss

Dave Tickner
Steve Cooper salutes Nottingham Forest supporters at Wolves.
Steve Cooper salutes Nottingham Forest supporters at Wolves.

Leicester are the latest Premier League club on the hunt for a new manager in this silliest of summers, with their promotion-winning Pep disciple Enzo Maresca hotfooting it down to Chelsea while surely not quite believing his luck. Never managers who are told to be careful what they wish for, is it? Just fans. Funny that.

Anyway, here’s the current list of favourites according to the latest from Oddschecker and yes we are absolutely here for taking a team promoted playing Pepball and handing it directly to David Moyes.


10) Esteban Cambiasso
A pivotal figure in Leicester’s astonishing recent history: had he not been around in 2014/15, they simply wouldn’t have been in the Premier League for the miracle of 2015/16 to happen. But making him manager would be a stretch given his near total lack of experience in the dugout.


9) Maurizio Sarri
Hello there. Plenty of Chelsea fans have been grumbling about Enzo Maresca’s apparent similarities with their beloved former manager, so we guess this sort of makes sense, in a way?


8) Liam Rosenior
Unjustly sacked by Hull City after missing out on the Championship play-offs, Rosenior is available but a Premier League move is probably a bit soon. A top Championship club should take advantage of Hull’s silly decision and bring him in, mind.

7) Rob Edwards
Yeah, you could see it. Exceeded expectations in the Barclays with Luton, and repeating that trick with Leicester would mean at worst a mid-table finish.


6) Oscar Garcia
Probably not the former Brighton manager you’d necessarily expect to find highest on this list.


5) Ruud van Nistelrooy
A very interesting name in the frame for Leicester. The former Manchester United striker was last seen being decent at PSV, winning the cup before walking out and citing a lack of support. Going Dutch is certainly the fashion in the Premier League.


4) Carlos Corberan
After Championship play-off heartbreak in two of the last three seasons, with Huddersfield in 2022 and West Brom this season, it would be harsh to say he doesn’t deserve a crack at the Barclays.


3) David Moyes
Burnley’s disastrous season does offer some pretty meaty support for the merits of a promoted club going back to basics after passing their way out of the Championship, but it would also be a touch disingenuous to suggest Leicester and Burnley are the same thing. Leicester had no business being in the Championship in the first place and should be able to survive with something to spare this time around whoever they put in charge.

Let’s not pretend this isn’t a very funny option, though, given what a complete head-spinning change in direction and approach it would represent.


2) Graham Potter
Drifting for the Brighton job, ergo shortening for Leicester. He’s got to make his comeback somewhere sometime and there are plenty dafter routes than this one.


1) Steve Cooper
If anything, Clive, it’s almost too obvious an appointment. Just makes way too much sense, and this summer is not about that. Some of the names on this list are just so managergeddon rhythms. And some of them are just so not managergeddon rhythms. But it does, alas, look like it’s going to be him. Just not getting into the spirit of it at all here, Leicester.


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