Ex-Man Utd man claims Tottenham would be ‘better’ with ‘crazy sh*thouse’ Richarlison over Kane

Joe Williams
Tottenham striker Harry Kane comes off the bench for Richarlison

Former Manchester United defender Paul Parker thinks Tottenham would be “better” off with Richarlison up front “instead of Harry Kane”.

Kane has once again had a brilliant season for Spurs with the England captain scoring 28 goals in all competitions – but Tottenham are set to miss out on qualification for the Champions League and have failed to come close to winning a trophy.

Former Everton striker Richarlison, on the other hand, has only managed to score three goals all season and just the one in the Premier League.

Kane has been linked with a move to Man United in the summer transfer window and Parker reckons Tottenham would be better off with Richarlison leading the line anyway.

Parker told SpilXperten: “I really like Richarlison and I think that Spurs would be a lot better with him as a centre forward instead of Harry Kane. The fire in his belly gets the fans going and he is a real shithousery of a player, which can affect the team very well.

“He was amazing at Everton and the Everton fans loved him. If he played for Everton this season the club would have been a lot higher up in the table.

“But the fact is that he isn’t going to play as a centre forward at Tottenham. Because they can’t have Harry Kane in their side if he isn’t going to play and it won’t work to play him as a midfielder because then Tottenham are playing with only 10 players when they don’t have the ball.

“The only option for Richarlison is to wait and see what Harry Kane wants. Does he want to move on or does he want to retire as a Tottenham player? I think he wants to stay at Tottenham.

“Richarlison is not going to get the game time he wants at Tottenham, so he has to move on. Almost every team would love to have him in their squad because the centre halfs hate playing against him. He might not be the best player but he is a nightmare to face as a defender.

“Richarlison is a crazy person and I love him for that. He would have a go at his own mother if it means that he would achieve something as a player and every team could use a player with that desireness.”

And Parker thinks Tottenham midfielder Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg could flourish under a new manager next season following Antonio Conte’s departure from the club in March.

Parker added: “I really like Hojbjeg, I really do. But he has been affected by all the chaos, the rubbish playing style under Conte and a lot of his teammates who like to complain all the time.

“I remember him in the game against Bournemouth… He received a rough tackle and he pulled down his socks to show the fourth official his mark on his shin after the tackle. Maybe, he is not the player I thought he was because the old version of Hojbjerg would never do something like that. He would have carried on and made a rough tackle back later in the game.

“He is a really good player. He is strong but he also has that playmaker in him and he wants to be a playmaker. But Antonio Conté never allowed him to play like that.

“He was great at Southampton and I remember him from the Euros, where he was absolutely amazing. It looks like he has completely lost it.

“I hope that he will be allowed to play his true playing style under a new manager, because I do believe he can rejuvenate his career just like Granit Xhaka, who always was amazing for his country but played poor for his team due to the fact that his manager used him the wrong way.

“He has been really disappointing this season both for Tottenham and also for Denmark. He has been held back but hopefully with a new manager, he will be able to perform as the top player he is.”

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