Parlour recalls needing stitches after a night out with Lampard

Date published: Wednesday 6th April 2016 2:07

Former Arsenal hero Ray Parlour has revealed he once required seven stitches after having a night out with Frank Lampard.

Parlour was speaking in defence of Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere, who was recently pictured involved in an “altercation” outside London club Cafe de Paris.

Rather than criticise Wilshere, Parlour admitteed he sympathises with modern footballers, who he says have to be “quite boring really”.

The former England midfielder then recalled a night out with former Chelsea star Lampard, which coincidentally also took place at the Cafe de Paris.

“I was having a chat with Frank and his mate was going ‘come on you footballers, lets have a drinking competition’,” he told talkSPORT.

“He got so excited this guy we thought ‘right, lets try and put him under the table.’ We started drinking with this guy, but he was quite a good drinker to be fair, and we kept going, kept going, kept going.

“Next minute he’s gone under. Frank was dabbing the guy’s forehead. The guy was gone. I was a little bit worse for wear as well and I remember getting up to go to the toilet.

“They had these wire stools and as I got up my foot got stuck in the wire. I’m going down on the floor like someone has tackled me and I’ve headbutted the bar.

“As I put my hand on my head, there’s blood there and I’ve had to have seven stitches. The next day we had a day off. By the time I went back to training the following day I had a black eye.”

The 43-year-old admits he was allowed to make a lot of mistakes throughout his career, and believes Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger will afford Wilshere the same luxury.

“The boss isn’t stupid. He will hear Jack’s side of the story and see in training that he is working hard to get himself fit again. He’s not going to jeopardise that on a night out,” he added.

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