Pedro Isn’t Actually The Second Coming

Date published: Thursday 1st January 1970 12:00 -

Pedro Isn't Actually The Second Coming

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Super Ed
– Secured New mega Deal for Ronaldo in 2013
– Secured New deal for Baines in 2013
– Secured New mega Deal for Vidal in 2014
– Secured New mega Deal for Ramos in 2015

Working on getting new contracts for Neymar and Bale as we speak. Whattaman!

Transfer Bulls**t Bingo
Please can one paper link Messi to Man Utd so I can complete my full house on transfer bulls**t bingo?
Jon (Messi, Ronaldo & Muller would make a good front 3), Jo’burg

Calm Down On Pedro
Understandably, all the talk after West Brom vs Chelsea was the performance of debutant Pedro. Expectedly so; he is a £21-million signing from Barcelona who looked destined to head to Manchester United before joining last season’s champions.

Most people are going nuts over how well he performed. Can we temper it slightly? There were many positives to his play: His movement was dynamic, he was quick to press the ball when West Brom gained possession and his speed will be a major asset to Chelsea’s title ambitions. He also should have had a second assist when he teed up Willian for a gilt-edged chance to score and put Chelsea well out of sight.

The negatives: Most people are focusing on Pedro’s goal and assist. His goal took a huge deflection on its way in and the assist was extremely fortuitous as I am convinced he was shooting. His touch was not always as crisp as he might have liked and his influence on the match waned significantly after the half-time whistle.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed his performance and I think Pedro will prove to be an astute piece of business for Chelsea, helping to reinvigorate an attack that was looking stale before his arrival. But Mourinho’s comments about Pedro playing close to the level of Maradona? Come off it, Jose. There’s no need to put the boot in on United fans already, most of them are seething over the transfer as it is.
Tom, Devon (NUFC)

Stop The Outrage
The general outrage towards Manchester United and especially Louis Van Gaal is quite baffling. Yes, United should have won that game in the first 20 minutes itself, but they fluffed it and played some dull football after that until the last 10 minutes. But people have to remember that this is just the 3rd game of the season and not the 30th. LvG’s ‘process’ is still a work in progress, especially with 5 new starters for the season and a youngster who didn’t play much last season (Januzaj) and a player who wasn’t playing CB last year (Blind) starting this season. Taking things in context, we’ve got 7 out of 9 points and haven’t yet conceded a goal. This is already a much better start compared to last season. Of course sterner tests are yet to come, but the level of outcry for a draw this early in the season, especially with some United fans like Khushal (MUFC) asking for LvG to be sacked is just unbelievable. Remember, we’d got only 13 points from 10 games last season, we are more than half way there already this season.

Like other fans, I too would’ve wanted Herrera to come on as a sub (if not start the game) and I too hope that we would sign a new striker by the end of the season, but beyond all I have faith in the manager. He is a guy with a lot of pedigree, a bit crazy and evidently arrogant. But, he clearly seems to have an idea of the way he wants his team to play. This is evident in the way we keep the ball now and the way we defend too. I am sure the attack will improve too as the season goes on, but for heaven’s sake people need to calm down this early in the season and have some faith. Let’s not turn into those Arsenal fans calling for their manager’s head after every minor set-back.
Prash, Southend (A Man United fan annoyed at other Man United fans)

Ings Will Only Get Better
First time poster, never felt the need to post until now. In response to Charlie, THFC, Somerset comments about Danny Ings and his lack of football, I would just like to remind everybody that Liverpool have only played 2 games thus far as time of writing.

I have read a lot of stuff now about players not playing, being unhappy etc but again it is only the start of the season! Realistically in todays game you need a good squad size to deal with the amount of games to be played.

Danny Ings will get game time and if he performs well he would probably get more. Say what you want about Rodgers but he is a manager that likes to mix up formations and as we have seen has tactics that fit two strikers into a side. My feeling is this will happen when/if Sturidge gets fit and firing again and this could benefit Ings.

As for other players, they will get game time as well, the season is long, fatigue, injury and loss of form will happen, that is why we have squads and not just 11 players.

I think sometimes people and the media overeact (a shocker I know) if a player is not playing 50+ games. Many players not playing are squad players and it is their job to impress the manager to pick them. Others are to be used for certain situations.

As to your other point however, would Ings be happier at Spurs, who knows, I know Spurs could really use a front man but is Ings really currently at the quality Spurs would need? For a team pushing for 4th (much like Liverpool) a better option would surely be required for the first team.
Alex (Balotelli to Man Utd, you heard it here first) LFC

Charlie, THFC, Somerset

After 2 whole games for Liverpool in the league, you think Ings will be already wondering what a mistake he has made? And would be thinking that joining Tottenham is a good idea instead?

Firstly, the whole idea of your mail is mental.

Secondly, Liverpool are only ‘marginally’ bigger than Tottenham as a club? No. Just no. Fine you support Spurs, but honestly take the blinkers off. That is like a Liverpool fan saying they are a bigger club than Barcelona.

Thirdly, if Liverpool have agreed no fee at the tribunal yet, then how would Liverpool make a profit on selling him to Spurs? It’s a total unknown.

Fourthly, Apparently Liverpool do not need him. Well, Balotelli and Borini are not worth counting as they aren’t going to play and are on their ways out. Sturridge is an injury liability at all times. Benteke is very much a ‘form’ player. Origi was awful in Ligue 1 so is almost certainly going to need a lot of time to develop if at all. So basically, Ings is a consistent 2nd choice striker. Which is exactly what you said he would be behind Kane anyway.
Martin, Chorley

Charlie, THFC. I was quite surprised to read your mail lauding the painfully average Danny Ings. I can’t really be bothered to explain to you why Ings is so average, and why your suggestion that we buy him from Liverpool is so silly. But i thought id call you out on some nonsense before the Liverpool fans arrive en masse…

Now i love Tottenham and always will but to describe Liverpool as a marginally bigger club than us is having a laugh, i presume you are trolling? Liverpool have won marginally more league titles than us (18-2), marginally more CL trophies (5 vs 0), as you can see its very very close.
Jamie Kellar (Pochettino is the most average manager in the league)

City Slickers
This morning’s Winners and Losers includes the following description of City’s start to the season:

“Their summer signing provided his first assist of the new season at Goodison but, him aside, this is simply a case of every player performing at a higher level. Eliaquim Mangala, Bacary Sagna, Fernandinho, Yaya Toure, Aleksandar Kolarov, Vincent Kompany – all are generating applause to replace the angst of six months ago. That produces an undeniable sense of sustainability to City’s form; this is not just the temporary lift that new signings often deliver..”

I can’t help but think it’s a little unlike Mr Storey to ignore the possibility that perhaps the first three games of this season are the outlier and that the whole of last season might be a better indicator of future performance. I’m not sure I’d have written words to the effect of ‘every player in the team is suddenly playing better than they were 6 months ago for no discernible reason’ and concluded that this change must be ‘sustainable’. If anything, I’d say it’s much less likely to provide a lasting improvement than the ‘buying better players’ approach that’s denigrated in the final sentence.
James, Sussex

Cold Turkey
I’m going to ignore the slight madness of Liverpool selling Lucas, as I understand it’s more about him wanting to leave for playing time. But why are no premier league teams looking to pick him up?

I would go through a team by team list of who he would improve (coughlecoqcough), but honestly, it’s easy to list the teams that don’t need him in their first team.

He wouldn’t replace Matic at Chelsea.
United have signed a player for those position already in Schneiderlin.
City reckon Fernandinho will work as well or better than him.
Southampton would probably be okay with Wanyama and Clasie.
I guess Palace are happy with their central midfield.

Everyone else? How much are Besiktas spending? Madness.
Andrew Moore, Joburg

Peace Out
Tony Pulis on Berahino’s absence: “…it’s very unsettling.”

By “it” I presume he means the approach by Tottenham for the West Brom striker. As revealed to the press last week by Jeremy Peace. Jeremy Peace, the chairman of West Brom.

We should really try and stop people like this tapping up players their own players, it’s very unsettling!!
Vincent, Clapton Ultras (sometimes antisocial, always antifascist)

Long Ball Louis
For the elder statesmen amongst us, anyone remember Hong Kong Phooey? Everytime I watch United play I have Long Ball Louis going round in my end to the theme tune of aforementioned cartoon. You can imagine training at Carrington with him shouting lump it to the big man with the Belgian microphone up top.

Like that margarine with the catchy slogan; I can’t believe it’s not better…
Gregory Whitehead, LFC

Hands Up
I know this one has been discussed in the past, most recently on motd toward the end of last season.

But i’d just like to add the fact that i absolutely despise defenders (or anyone, when defending) put their hands behind their backs when a shot is coming or an attacker is coming at them.

it puts you off balance/slows you down if the attacker were to feint movement plus it minimizes the area that an attacker has to shoot/cross, maybe not massively but even with your arms at you side, that’s 3/4 inches you add to either side of your body to limit the chances of a shot or cross getting past you… and how many refs would give a penalty if your arms are at your side?

I get that you don’t want to give away a penalty but surely the ref won’t see it as an infringement should you still have your arms at your side and have not gone to deliberately handle the ball?

i bring this up because Matic did this for Morrison’s first goal (don’t get me wrong, it was still going in anyway)…
I’ve seen Ivanovic do this so many times and it just grates at me… surely not only me?

now i’m a defender and when i’m in that situation i’m not thinking about giving away a penalty, free kick, getting one flush in the nuts? … all i’m thinking is stopping either the ball or the man from getting past me, but never both (although does happen quite a bit) … why be a female kitten over it and why not just defend properly!!
T, CFC, London (need me some pink boots!)

Brave Lion
I know it’s not the view the majority want but Terry did stop an almost guaranteed goal by sacrificing himself by being carded. I think that’s quite clever really. I imagine Mourinho probably thinks so as well, especially as they could then bring Cahill on in his place.

He’s pretty loathsome but what he did was very important to his team earning 3 points.
Steve (I’ve always hated Chelsea) THFC

I’m curious to know If other mailboxers conjure up disturbing images whenever they read/hear “cross-cum-shot”?
Rob (just me then) Stevens

On your homepage, the question under the Mediawatch link is “Would you like to buy Jermain Defoe’s milk?”. Somewhat troublingly, my first thoughts were ‘Who would buy milk from Jermain Defoe?’, and worse, ‘Is it actually HIS milk? That he produces… himself?’. Suffice it to say that I am now seeking vast quantities of therapy.
Grossy, Spurs (other footballer-related dairy products are available)

Pray 4 Degsy
I just wanted to drop a line expressing my concern for Degsy’s well-being. After such a rich vein of form at the end of the last season, it’s been a rough start for “The Internet’s Most Flamboyant Tipster”.

I hope it turns around soon so we don’t have to feel guilty reading Cheeky Punt, wondering what shameful acts he’s had to commit in the week to afford his beers and bets. I prefer a world where Degsy (and all of us) commit our shameful acts celebrating glorious triumph.

Chin up, old sport.
Ian, LFC Hartford, CT USA

Can someone give Degsy a ring? Just check up on him please.

Maybe post him out some coupons for Lidl or something.
Paul, Dublin.

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