Pedro Reaction: We Really Didn’t Fancy Her Anyway

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A United Fan Who Feels Like An Arsenal Fan
Last season Man U got fourth and I was happy. Man U back out of a deal for Otamendi. Now at City. Man U back out of a deal for Pedro. Now at Chelsea. Horrible.

This is what I imagine it feels like to be an Arsenal fan. FFS.
Tesh, London

The New Fellaini?
Dilly-dallying for ages on a player with a reasonable release clause only to end up getting f**ked.

Now where have we heard that story before?
Bala, MUFC

‘Can’t Get My Head Around Pedro Deal’
I’m really struggling to get my head round the twist in Pedro’s move to the Premier League. Not so much from the perspective of United having ballsed it up – the fact that they were haggling over a couple of million € had alarm bells ringing in my head for days beforehand.

No, it’s more the vague sense that the club might be lining up a Hollywood move for the last couple of weeks of the transfer window rather than taking rational steps to supplement the squad where necessary. An experienced international class centre-half and two attackers would be high on my list of priorities if I were Ed Woodward, with a trio of Ibrahimovic, Pedro and Otamendi seemingly good candidates to fill those roles within the last week. Instead, we’re treated to crazy stories about a megabucks bid for Thomas Muller.

With a couple of weeks of the window left, I’m determined to hold fire on the temptation to make sweeping statements on United’s business this summer. It’s very much a case of the bulk of the work having been done with the midfield/right-back repairs and Depay’s signing, but any final touches to the squad which may be added in the coming days could make a huge difference to United’s season.

The dividing line between making real progress this season and becoming marooned in an Arsenal-like state of fourth place trophy-chasing is thinner than most United fans would like. In the vain hope that I’ll be able to avoid much wailing and teeth-gnashing, I’m hopeful that the window still has a couple of quality additions to come.
Keith Reilly, MUFC, Dublin

…The above has been brought on by an all-consuming anger brought on by the news that Chelsea have nabbed Pedro from under Utds noses.

I have been saying from the start of the window that Pedro was the biggest bargain on the market , considering the money being bandied about for similar players who are unproven at top international and European club competition level , let’s just take sterling and de Bruyne as two examples. Pedro has won everything an scored massive goals along the way and at 27 is in his prime and will be leaving Barca with a point to prove. Seriously can anybody show me a better value pound for pound attacking player out there ?

£22 million was completely reasonable and utd should have closed this weeks ago when they had a clean run at him . I understand that utd have paid over the odds for players over the last couple of seasons , players like Felliani and Herrera for example not only were no other clubs utd massively overpaid , therefore Woodward is trying to haggle a bit this window and show utd won’t just pay any quote anymore. But jaysus lads the Pedro deal wasn’t the one to show this on … Never look a gift horse in the mouth as my old gran used to say !

Utd will now have to go out an break the world record transfer fee to get one of their other targets , muller or bale or someone of that ilk , and even then they’ll struggle as other clubs don’t want to sell … Or alternatively over pay for someone like Gotze who isn’t even as good as Pedro just to save face …. Gotta go , rage is coming over again after writing that last sentence. Ahhhhhhhh.
Pedro Luxembourg

…So it seems that van Gaal has pulled the plug on the potential Pedro deal because he’s “no longer necessary”; I sincerely hope that this isn’t because of the first three games of the season. If we fail to recruit at least two more players (two from centre back, creative forward type and striker) then we will have ended up having a pretty disappointing window.

I am obviously really happy that we have finally strengthened the centre of midfield and right-back, and Romero also looks a good signing. But it would be negligent to not get the final two signings that could mean the difference between a genuine title charge and just about achieving Champions League qualification.

I know van Gaal is a confident man but it would be pure hubris to try and improve on last season with Blind at CB and Rooney with no real competition, having also let di Maria leave without replacement.

Hopefully the long reported Gaitan rumours will prove to be true and the recently suggested Aymeric Laporte story would be welcome too but I shan’t hold my breath.
Ted, Manchester

…Who needs multi Champions League winner Pedro when you have Watford 2004-05 Young Player of the Year Ashley Young.

Glad We’ve Missed Out On Him
I am sure there will be a slew of mails about the horror of United missing out on Pedro. However I am not too bothered by it. I believe Pedro is a quality player and will probably do well in the PL. However he is a winger & not a striker and we badly need a quality striker, not a winger.

I was thrilled watching Januzaj finally get his chance and play well. The kid has unlimited potential. Pedro’s arrival means he heads to the bench, limiting his progress. In addition Andreas Perrera looks like a quality player and would love for him to become part of the first team rotation, this season (he plays on the wing).

We United fans love watching young players break into our team. Yes our chance of success increases if we continue to buy top ready made players, however I would hate to fully embrace the sugar daddy way and stop promoting our academy players/bringing through promising young players and watching them blossom.

Been thrilled to watch Smalling justify the faith many of us United fans had in him and finally show his quality and am looking forward to Januzaj and then Perrera doing the same.
Yes playing academy players may result in mistakes and the occasional poor performance, however that is something most United fans willingly accept.
JB, (Hoping Fellaini stays as Plan B) MUFC

Rooney The Most Uninspiring Captain Going
Work commitments meant that I didn’t see the United match live last night, but reading glowing testimonials about the impressive Memphis Depay in the mailbox this morning, and how he compares to other iconic no.7’s in his brief Old Trafford career, may I turn the debate on it’s head, and ask the question: is Rooney the most UNINSPIRING club captain in living memory?

It’s every much a part of the fabric of the club as the number seven jersey, and even a cursory glance of recent holders of the arm-band, brings up a vertible who’s who of inspirational characters: Vidic, Rio, Neville (stop laughing at the back. Genuine club legend who knew his legs were gone and retired mid-season. Honourable thing to do),Keane, Cantona, Bruce, Robson.

Rooney doesn’t possess the leadership qualities of any of the above, and his apparent plodding around and production of insipid displays hints that he doesn’t possess a pride for the club like the above either. Louis van Gaal has a natural leader, who has won everything in the game at his disposal (Schweni) and should have instilled him as the captain as soon as he walked into Carrington. Heck, such has been Smalling’s meteoric progression, him being named as captain would have, to steal an old Irish saying, “crowned” him.

But such is Rooney’s illusion of grandeur that there’s probably a stipulation in his bumper contract that has him as skipper and first name on the team-sheet, and such would the furore such an action would cause amongst the English media, that he probably would have eyes towards the blue side of Manchester (again), and fully believe the hype that he is in the same bracket as Aguero. He’s not
Brian, Wexford

Tongue: Meet Cheek
I don’t see any reason why Depay cannot be the next Ronaldo.

After all, Cleverley is the next Xavi and Anderson is better than Fabregas, and Memphis is better than both of them!
Theo (Are United fans more deluded than Liverpool’s)

In response to Pamjeet Dayal’s comment’s on Memphis Depay:

“…Eric Cantona + David Beckham + Cristiano Ronaldo = Memphis.

I wanted to add Bryan Robson into the mix but it’s only been three games.”

I agree, probably best not to include Bryan Robson. That might border on the hyperbolic…
Daniel Slater, London

…Having read this morning’s mailbox, I’m glad we can finally put the Ronaldo vs Messi thing to bed. Because clearly, Memphis Depay is the one. The greatest player who ever lived, or ever will live. It’s actually quite hilarious to read all the reviews of his evening. No one can deny he played very well, but come on, you all need to just chill. Give him at least 4 games in the shirt before you write off all the pretenders to his throne.
Rob, Leeds

Weird Fetish
I have a fondness for Matthew Lowton because he sounds like he could be a lower-league football club. As in: Lowton Town
Paul E

On Carlisle Fans
While top 4 fans who have never been or will never go to a game in their lives argue about which of their £30 million strikers is the best, let’s share some praise to the 169 Carlisle fans for travelling 779 miles on a Tuesday night to play Plymouth away, and then staying until the end to applaud them off even after seeing them get beaten 4-1.

That ladies and gentleman, is dedication.
Jonathan Q

And On Coventry
Just wanted to drop a quick email about Coventry City as I know you have supported our plight in the past,

Our troubles have been well-documented and admittedly the root cause of the problems (ownership) are still in place we now at least have some amazing stuff to watch on the pitch.

Mowbray arriving on a full-time basis has had such an impact in short space of time at the club and has overseen victories over favourites for promotion Wigan and Millwall and last night against Crewe.

What has been the biggest change has been the absolute revolutionary change in how we play. Our attacking trio of Maddison (local lad) Lamieras (free) and Armstrong (loan) is creating a spectacle that most of us haven’t seen since Robbie Keane was in sky blue.

Ten goals scored in three games has propelled us to the top of the league one leader board and last night the Ricoh Arena was finally aspiring to be the home we have all wanted it to be.

We will enjoy It why it lasts and let’s hope that’s for the season to hopefully get this phoenix finally rising from the flames.

No purpose to this mail other than to say ‘Yep… Life is good for us at the minute’
Michael ‘Reda Johnson baby’ Gilbertson

Adverts Make You Bad
I don’t know if anybody has covered this subject before but have you noticed that whenever a football player stars in a TV advert that they immediately become injured and/or completely bloody rubbish?

*Joe Hart (Head and Shoulders) – Joe had one of his worst seasons at city following the release of him smothering anti dandruff cream on his luscious blonde locks.

*Daniel Sturridge (Subway) – The minute Daniel chomped into his foot long chicken tikka with extra mayo he was doomed. Recurring thigh injuries that kept him out most of last season.

*Adam Lallana (Nivea) – If appearing in a point of view moisturising cream advert for men wasn’t bad enough he has to go and rope in two other players that Liverpool can not do without in Coutinho and Skrtel. Now granted, Adam wasn’t the best for us last season but already this season he’s morphed into some form of Tom Cleverley incarnation by passing sideways and backwards.

No doubt we can expect poor Martin and Phillipe to be struck down by some form of tropical disease like Parrot Fever or brained by a falling grand piano.

I would urge other football players that if they do step into the lucrative world of TV advertising to perhaps wallpaper their houses in scripture from the bible and check family albums for some strange black mark that appears through their thigh muscles or cruciate ligaments.
Rodger’s Gusset (LFC)