Phillips ‘wants a new contract’, reveals ‘main’ reason for Leeds’ struggles

Dan Butterfield
Leeds midfielder Kalvin Phillips

Leeds United star Kalvin Phillips has admitted he wants a new contract with his hometown club despite their form this season, before revealing he thinks he knows why they have struggled.

Phillips has been a key man under Marcelo Bielsa, helping Leeds return to the Premier League after over 15 years away. The midfielder was impressive in making the step up to top flight football and has now become an England regular.

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However, Leeds have struggled so far this season, finding themselves in 16th position, just five places above the drop.

Injuries have depleted the Leeds ranks throughout this season, with Phillips himself out until February with hamstring strain and whilst the 26-year-old is focusing on returning to fitness, he has admitted he would like a new contract.

Speaking to Mail Sport, the midfielder said: “I just want to focus on getting back fit. But I speak to the owner regularly. I want a new contract. I’m very happy here.”

The Leeds-born star has been linked with moves to both Manchester United and Liverpool in a deal that could be worth £60 million.

Asked if he thought that figure was fair, Phillips replied: “I just think it’s mental. But I’m not gonna say that I’m not worth £60m!”

The Leeds star also revealed why he thinks his side have struggled so far this season.

“One of the main things is that we’ve now played every team before. We are not new any more. A lot of teams are coming to us and knowing how to play against us. They are changing their formation two or three times every game, and it does cause us disruption in the way we play. There is a bit of confusion.

“We’ve played like this for four years and I can honestly say we’re not doing as well as last year, but I also think we’ve been quite unlucky. Some games we’ve lost in the dying minutes, we maybe could have dealt with them better.

“I’m not a person to blame people or blame the manager. I’m more a person who blames myself. I want to do as best as I possibly can for the team. But when I’m sat here injured I can’t do that.”

Asked if Bielsa’s Leeds would change their approach, Phillips quickly replied: “No, we don’t change. The manager is very stubborn in the way that he plays. He knows what he wants to do.

“To be honest, I don’t know how we’d do if we tried to change because we’ve played in a certain way for so long. I don’t know how well we’d take it on board.

“We’ll just stick to what we know and work as hard as we can and play the way we do. It’s exciting football, not just for us, but the fans. We don’t want to defend for 90 minutes and try to nick a late winner. That’s not how we play.”