Jose: PL is damaging English clubs’ Champions League chances

Date published: Tuesday 13th September 2016 9:55

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho believes other countries care more about the Champions League than in England.

The Champions League group stage kicks off this week, with Manchester City and Arsenal playing on Tuesday and Tottenham and Leicester competing on Wednesday.

It has been four years since the last English club (Chelsea) reached the final of the competition and the United boss reckons the Premier League should help out its clubs with better scheduling.

Mourinho is worried that the lack of protection from the Premier League means that English clubs will struggle to make an impact on the European scene this season.

“The Premier League and the internal competitions create a very difficult situation for the clubs,” Mourinho told the Daily Mail in an exclusive interview.

“Other countries care a lot about the Champions League.

“In this country the Premier League will always come in front. The institutions that lead the competitions make it very clear.

“The institutions do not give you that little protection which can be crucial – 24 hours more, 48 hours more, to rest and prepare.

“Now you have a Friday night fixture, so if an English club is in an [important] Champions League [game] on a Tuesday I’d expect that they would be given the Friday fixture, to have one more day to rest. But I don’t know because until now nobody has had that protection.”

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