Pogba risks Man Utd wrath by discussing Real Madrid ‘dream’

Matt Stead
Paul Pogba Man Utd

Paul Pogba has discussed leaving Manchester United for the second consecutive summer.

The midfielder opened up on his desire “to have a new challenge somewhere else” last June before staying at Old Trafford and eventually finding his way back into the first team after injury.

The 27-year-old has seemed more settled than ever of late, with some reports even suggesting contract talks were imminent, but he has quite happily entertained the prospect of a move to Real Madrid again.

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“We have all heard that things have been said,” he said. “What to say? Yes, all footballers would love to play for Real Madrid. It might be a dream.

“It is a dream for me, why not one day? But I play for Manchester United and I love my club. I perform for Manchester United, I have fun and I want to do everything to put the club where it deserves to be .

“I will give my maximum, like my team-mates.”

On the subject of his actual current club, where his contract runs for another year, Pogba deigned to add: “I heard a lot of noise that I was going to leave and I was going to leave to clubs left and right. Today, I am still at Manchester United and I am fighting to try to take the club even higher.

“I prefer to concentrate on football and on returning to fitness. Nobody has said anything to me. I have not spoken with Ed Woodward. I have not been spoken to about an extension.

“For the moment, I am at Manchester United and I am thinking above all to hit my top form. I think that there will be a moment where the club comes to speak to me and maybe offers me something, or not.

“Nothing has happened. I cannot tell you something that I know nothing about. I am really thinking about me, to come back well and to produce great performances for my club.”