Ange Postecoglou should worry about Spurs football rather than their fans…

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Postecoglou looks dejected at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Postecoglou looks dejected at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Ange Postecoglou needs to be careful when he criticises Spurs fans after the football he has served up. In the end, Arsenal won just the same.

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Ange should be more worried about Spurs’ football
It seems it’s open season on Spurs fans after last night, not least from our own manager, but I have to point out a few things.

Firstly, the weirdness of last night doesn’t just happen in a vacuum.

We’re in the fairly unique position of being utterly despised by 3 other clubs (Arsenal, Chelsea, West Ham) who feel incredibly threatened by any prospect of us achieving success. All these sides approach games against us like a cup final.. I can’t think of many other clubs who have as many visceral, highly-charged derbies to contend with every season.

It is what it is – at least it does result in some great games to watch.

But the pettiness and hate-filled tribalism of those clubs and their fans does also have to be called out. The pathetic small minded idiocy of ‘St. Totteringham’s Day’, the battle of the Bridge. The ‘stand up if you hate Tottenham’ chants ubiquitous during games between those clubs. Having to contend with baffling levels of hatred referencing the holocaust no less !?!?!

Likewise the predictable pile-on from the media after last night – although it’s not exactly surprising to see it from London based journalists who are likely mostly Gooners.

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It strikes me as a bit rich to attack the fans for last night while being casually accepting of many clubs’ actual players basically being ‘on the beach’ at this time of the season pretty much every year. It’s not as if our players couldn’t be bothered last night.

There was some serious effort and heart on display (unlike many recent games) despite any possibility of a top-4 finish being a very long shot. Villa are no mugs and despite Palace’s recent improvement I highly doubt they’d have lost next weekend if 4th place depended on it. You can, however, pretty much guarantee that the Everton and West Ham squads will already have checked out.

What has really annoyed me though is Ange’s reaction.

I really like Ange and what he’s about. But he needs to appreciate and accept the culture and tribalism of football a bit more because it contributes hugely to the drama and excitement, however weirdly toxic it can be. It is borne out of decades of this kind of mutual animosity and it ultimately has to be accepted as part of what makes it interesting and makes the stakes so high.

And despite really liking Ange and a lot of what he’s done this season, I honestly think he should be more concerned with the mistakes he’s made in setting up the team in the second half of the season rather than getting angsty with the fans. You can’t go mental at the fans for last night but at the same time casually dismiss criticisms regarding the amount of goals we’ve shipped from set-pieces in game after game, or claim you’re not bothered about getting into the CL or various other questionable retorts to journalists’ questions this season.

A big part of the almost nihilistic vibe of last night came from the utterly shambolic performances we’ve been seeing recently which have resulted in our season petering out with a whimper. The Fulham defeat was simply unacceptable. Yes, last night was strange, but the performance away at Chelsea was far more disgusting and worthy of rage. I cannot recall a more spineless performance against one of our biggest rivals in recent times.

Compare that to the home fixture when despite everything going spectacularly wrong and ending up in a 4-1 defeat, the level of fight and sheer force of will in absurd circumstances was equally spectacular – and the fans totally loved it and let him and the team know it.


Of course Spurs fans wanted to win
I’m reading a lot of mailbox from other fans about Spurs fans last night. Yes there was a lot of joking before the game from us wanting Spurs to lose. But trust me as soon as the game kicked off and we made our first run every single fan was behind the team last night. If people thought Spurs fans didn’t want to win they must have had their TV turned down when Son missed the one on one. But unlike other matches, when we went a goal down instead of getting annoyed it meant we could all have a bit of a laugh.

Champions League football for us was lost ages ago. Losing to Wolves twice, drawing to Everton away, Fulham away, Newcastle away, I could go on. That’s the reason we aren’t in the Champions League, not because we lost to City last night. We’ve lost 6 matches out of the last 7, that is not a team going for the Champions League.

All these fans coming out saying shame on Spurs fans. You weren’t there last night, what you saw on the cameras isn’t what was going on in the crowd. We actually played better in the first half than we have in weeks. I saw players taking shots at goal, forgotten what that looked like.
Alex (looking forward to more of Ange next season)


Another pious e-mail about Spurs fans
As a Gooner, we’ve been told all season by ‘expert’ pundits that we wouldn’t win the league. It’s no surprise and no disappointment. We have improved on last season and the foundations are there to keep building. We will get there. And if we don’t, we’ll still see some cracking games, great team and solo goals, intelligent football minds at work, and flashes of sheer genius. It’s a good time to be a Gooner.

Hats off to Pep tho. We are witnessing a real genuine football mastermind and a team which doesn’t look like losing. So last night was no surprise. I’m NOT disappointed about not winning the title – no matter how often and intensely the gaslighters go to work telling me otherwise.

I am however still really flat. I had to switch over from the game last night when the sheer spite, vitriol and schadenfreude from fans and pundits alike made my eyes and ears bleed. I did wake this morning feeling crap tho – the image of Spuds doing the Poznan churning my stomach. I’ve never hated Spurs. There is enough hate in the world already. I like to beat them, but I honestly take great pride in telling the story of how fans of each team would go and watch the other when their own was playing away. Unity. Togetherness. Call it what you will. It’s seen as a weakness now.

And last night was more than football rivalry. It was a sign of how sick our society is. I think of the Spurs fans who excitedly announced they would support City. I’ve lost all respect for them. Not as football fans, but as people. On the other hand, I’ve a new found respect for Postecoglou. Ballsy.

And I listened to the Villa players celebrating qualifying for the chumps league – and Emery almost explode with excitement over their achievement and the challenges and great nights ahead. And Spuds have bragging rights over stopping Arsenal’s title challenge 1 game from the end of the season? Wow! Is that how far you’ve fallen? I can almost see your little faces light up next season when you get so close to an FA Cup upset with a 0-0 draw at Spennyworth Town, only to lose in the replay at home, with Ange criticising the fans for lack of atmosphere (yes, believe it or not the fans can have an impact on the team you freaking cowards).

And in any case, Villa get those ‘bragging rights’. Every Gooner knows their 2-0 win at the Emirates is when the title tootled back into the same cabinet for a third year (Although despite the knowledge of only winning a chumps league spot, we still got behind our team for the remaining games, and will give them raucous support for their LAST GAME AT HOME (jeez louise, you pathetic f&£#ers), to say thanks for the ride, it’s been a blast. ).

Only somehow, I don’t think Villa fans will be bothered. They’ll be too busy scrambling for tickets for PSG away. Spurs – such losers they can’t even win bragging rights 😂.

Looking forward to Sheff Utd singing ‘Spurs get battered everywhere they go’……

Ange, you deserve better.
Ally, London

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Sympathy for those Spurs fans
Could I give my opinion on the hammering Spurs fans are currently getting, as a Liverpool supporter?

I have had the misfortune of listening to a fair bit of Talksport, loads of Sky, BBC comments HYS etc and the general consensus is that it is a disgrace to want your own team to lose.

Ex pros, from old to new, telling fans they should always want their team to win, no matter the circumstances. Ex pros who were paid astronomical sums to play for teams most “fans” would play for out of love and to add insult to injury, pay astronomical sums to go and watch.

When you’re a professional footballer, you have zero loyalty, few exceptions yes, but in general, most players would consider a move for a few more grand a week. They view football as a job, perhaps a vocation, yes, but their way to make money to keep their family secure and affluent.

Those Spurs fans (paying the highest season ticket prices in the country) are very much entitled to not want their closest rivals winning the league. Those same fans, if Spurs ever got relegated would be there every week. The players would be offski straight away, even though it would be their fault entirely. So when ex players talk about their professionalism and how they would never give less than 100%, they may be right but their feelings for the club are not even a fraction of those of the fans. They are professionals, with zero loyalty, except to money. They are, by definition, mercenaries.

Finally, Arsenal fans; yes you’re disappointed, yes this City team are remarkable, relentless and incredibly irritating but it’s not Spurs’ fault, or their fans, for not singing loud enough. I do actually have some sympathy, empathy perhaps, because I have walked in your shoes and been there with Liverpool.

But, when City pummel West Ham and you lose the title by the odd point, it’s simply because you failed to win the required number of points. There is no conspiracy – City would have won if that place had been a cauldron of hostility. And when you undoubtedly blame Spurs for this, remember; had they done the unthinkable and won the game, you would have mercilessly and gleefully reminded them of this fact for the rest of eternity with your songs and memes. And finally, get down of that high horse, because I guarantee many of you, in the same situation would have done similar, 100% I would have.

Spurs literally couldn’t win either way, and they didn’t, so it’s game over.


…Come on! Some Arsenal fans would be doing exactly the same thing if the shoe was on the other foot.

I don’t begrudge Spurs enjoying themselves but what they failed to realise was that last night was also a win/win for Arsenal.

A Spurs victory would have put winning the title back in our control but a Spurs defeat means we’re going to get the Champions League money while Spurs will be left in the Europa league if they’re lucky.

There’s not a great deal of difference between the respective club’s fan bases and stadium size so the only differentiator is Champions League football which puts Arsenal in a much better position to sign a potent striker.

Heard a Spurs fan on the radio say he wanted to sign Olly Watkins – zero chance of that now.
Graham Simons, Gooner, Norf London


Loving the Arsenal meltdowns
The hypocrisy in Arsenal fans is absolutely astonishing! In what world would Spurs want to win a meaningless game, to hand the biggest title in 2 decades to their rivals! Hahahahaha. The very thought of it is hilarious.

Also, it is shameful that Spurs fans don’t care about their team winning what would probably be a meaningless game, but not embarrassing for Arsenal fans to wholeheartedly support and bleed Spurs for a full 90 minutes?? You lot are a joke! To take inspiration from what Gary AVFC said yesterday, Maybe you don’t win much because you apparently have to depend on your fiercest rivals to do you a favor!

The salty tears are lovely to see hahaha. Let’s take a look at some basic stats

20 years without a title (21 🔜) 32 years without Carabao Cup 0 UCLs 0 Europas 0 Super cups 0 Club World Cup In 138 years Never defended a prem title

They have 1 FA cup in 4 years to show for all of Arteta’s “process”. Arsenal truly are specialists in failure. Thrown it away 2 seasons in a row when it was in their hands. Love to see it.

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What do Arsenal need now?
Hopefully now the salty Arsenal fans – bitter that their biggest rivals didn’t fashion a win against a superior and on-form team to give them the league to cover their own team’s mistakes – will have gone back to their basements.

So I have a question for them. This Arsenal team seems to be the best I can recall since Wenger at his pomp. (At least from reading these pages; they’ve not seemed that great when I’ve watched them.)

You guys seem delighted with every player, you got fortunate with injuries this year, so how are you going to improve on this year? Or is this your peak?

Maybe you do a Liverpool and bubble around the coat tails of your rival hoping for an off-season? Or pursue the cups instead, and get to the quarters at least?

Seriously though, what do you do to improve from here?

United “only” need two good CB, a new midfielder and probably Choupo-Moting to give Hojland someone to learn from. See, it’s easy when you’re at basecamp, harder when you’re at your personal peak.


What Arsenal need
After yesterday’s result, I was awaiting a stinging riposte from our old friend Stewie considering some people had taken potshots at him in the weeks’ prior. I thought compared to a lot of his other emails, it had a fair amount of sense and rational suggestions. It even had the closest thing to Stewie admitting he got something wrong when after months of slagging of Havertz, he mentioned that “Havertz is nice and all”.

As for why Arsenal are looking at “almost” this time out, I do agree with Stewie that we should have tried to go for a win at Etihad but I understand Arteta’s bet which was probably not to lose against City and then win every other game (which almost worked out barring Villa). Though I do reckon that if last season what cost Arsenal was not beating City in either of the two games, this season it was not dispatching West Ham (a mistake I hope City make on Sunday) or Fulham or Villa.

Nonetheless, I am half expecting Arteta to inspire a 20+ win streak to start the season with like Liverpool in 19/20 because it seems like the only way they win the title against this financially doped up City team. But that will remain a pipe dream if we do not get a worthy back-up to Saka, a good striker, and a good back up to either Saliba or Gabriel getting injured.

This team needs quality replacements in the way City has and a proper game changer in the first 11. Whatever Arteta decides to do, I love him for what he has made the club and I fully expect that along with the team, he has also learned a few lessons this season and will fully incorporate them.

A final note on Spurs and City, I cannot for the life of me fathom why Spurs fans (or even Arsenal fans in a hypothetical scenario) would not want their team to win when there is a worthy reward at stake. I have huge respect for Ange and I do think the players gave it a good go. And to be honest, despite being an Arsenal fan of 20 years, I never much cared for Spurs (probably because I didn’t grow up in London or live around many spurs fans). Deep down, I was impressed with their football under Poch and find them quite entertaining.

But I cannot fathom their fans’ utter contempt for Arsenal to the point that the hate for the rivals defines them more than wanting their own team to win. They do not deserve Ange.

And as for City, I am getting tired of people saying they have no hate filled rivals beyond perhaps ManU. It might not change much but I am officially a City hater from today. While legal consequences might catch up with them one day and Guardiola might leave one day, I fully want Arsenal to beat this financially doped up mad cap team. I hope only bad things await them and only them.

Signing off for the season, whatever happens next. Will become a believer in the Moyesiah if he pulls it off.
Abhilash, Geneva


Arsenal fans should enjoy this week…
In six months time, whatever happens this coming Sunday will be long-consigned to history, footballing and otherwise. Come November 2024 – as the world wonders how a (mostly) rational people could elect a lying, thieving, cheating, rapist conman for a leader – Gunners, Citizens, Villains, and the Kop will be battling through their CL groups, United’s manager will be explaining how playing without a functioning defensive midfield is ‘neu futbol’, Spursies will be contemplating renting out their unoccupied trophy case to help alleviate the housing crisis, and Stewie will still be trolling us from beneath his Mum’s bridge.*

To my fellow Arsenal fans – enjoy this weekend, every single minute of it. Our players have earned this opportunity with their absolutely brilliant, often breath-taking play this season. To watch them flow into attack, to admire the intricacies of their passing and their intuitive movement, to see the staunchness of their defence and the commitment to team, has been a literal joy. They have been the Arsenal all of us wanted to cheer for, the Arsenal that drew each of us to this magnificent club.

There are some suggesting that ‘failure’ – should it come – will be devastating. This is nothing but a juvenile nonsense; the wet dream of the jealous and the impotent. Anyone who has enjoyed immense success will tell you that failure is simply a timely reminder from the Universe that there are still skills to learn, talents to unearth, a potential to reach.

The truth is obvious to anyone brave enough to speak it; our team is extremely close to the top of the mountain. We are almost there…and when we reach that summit, it will take something incredible to knock us off.

*Last season, Stewie promised to eat his hat ‘with a side of Arteta sauce’ if Arsenal finished within ten points of City. The Gunners finished five back, yet Stewie’s cap remains firmly stuck on his pointy little head. This season he suggested that ‘those of us with functioning brains can clearly see that Arsenal can not possibly win the PL’. yet here we are at the Last Hurrah and the Arsenal have not merely one but two possible outcomes that lead to glory. Why, it’s almost as if Stewie doesn’t really know what the f**k he’s talking about.

Much love to my brothers and sisters in football, and the gang at the 365, especially you Will Ford.
George (Little Spruffleton on the Waters)


Man City could still cock this up, you know
With Man City beating Spurs as expected, and taking the title race to the final day now with it firmly in their hands, can we expect any last day drama?

I would say yes. From experience as a Liverpool fan, we know Man City will likely concede first to West Ham. It’s what they do. 2018/2019 season City went 1-0 down to Brighton whilst Liverpool were beating Wolves. City turned that round to lead 2-1 inside about 15mins so the hope there was brief. Two seasons ago, City are 2-0 down to Villa, the hope that time was really that Liverpool could do it. When City turned that game round late to win 3-2, it was truly gutting. The only shred of comfort was at no point were Liverpool winning the league, as they didn’t score in their game until after City took the lead.

Man Utd fans can also tell you with the Aguero moment. Last day drama with City seems to go their way.

I hope there is some drama, and in fact hope Arsenal do somehow end up champions. If City win the league again, 4 in a row, 6 out of the last 7 titles, then the Premier League will be a farmers league.

The so called ‘best league in the world’ really isn’t that.

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It is basically Ligue Un now
The multiverse theory suggests that there are infinite universes with infinite realities, meaning that anything that can happen, will happen somewhere, yet despite this, Spurs not being Spurs last night was never a possibility. Their club motto should be “Adulari ad fallendum”, rather than “Audere est Facere”. That a draw was in their hands with their best player being clean through with five minutes to go, and that he naused it up was the very definition of an inevitability.

So Sunday becomes infinitely less interesting, and City will canter to four in a row and six in seven. How boringly depressing. The Premier League has now morphed into Lique 1, with a financially doped club dominating. I can remember when doing the double was an incredible achievement. Hardly anyone will notice this when City steamroller United at the end of the month.

As a Liverpool fan (perfectly happy with our season overall, but obviously disappointed we ran out of steam), I wanted to take a moment and admire what Arteta has done at Arsenal. Like a lot of people, I felt he had wasted 100m on Havertz and Raya, but both have become important cogs in the Arsenal machine, and the team has clearly improved and is more resilient than the 2023 version. I didn’t think this was going to happen, or indeed, was happening.

And now the club find themselves where Liverpool have been (on and off) for the last five years or so – playing well, achieving new heights in terms of points won and goals scored, only to be beaten by a team that most people suspect are cheating, and also that most people suspect will never be found guilty of cheating.

City’s dominance is terrible for the English game, and I find myself wondering if I am reaching the end of my footballing journey. VAR has ruined the game as a spectacle, the joy has been sucked out of scoring, the money in the game is obscene, and the English game is dominated by an admittedly well-run but soulless machine that is using its dubious money in a variety of dubious ways.

I watch my football on a dodgy-box, and I keep hearing how the net is drawing in, and when it does, there is literally no chance that I will pay Sky the best part of €100 a month to watch football. There is a part of me that wants this to happen, so I can finally disassociate from something that appals me on many levels, but is also a part of my DNA. I won’t cut it out entirely, but I think I would be a better person if I cared much less about this circus.
Mat (I’m sure this will go down a treat with the usual suspects)


…​As an Arsenal fan, obviously I’m not happy with the result the other night (actually the Spuds didn’t play too badly and I didn’t expect them to in all honestly!). How their fans wish to behave is up to them.

Unless there’s nothing short of a miracle that’s that. However, this season, I’m not accepting the term: ‘bottling’ it.

My main concerns going forward now are for the EPL. As a kid I thought Scottish football was boring (still do) in that it was Celtic, Celtic, Celtic, Rangers, Rangers, Rangers etc, etc. Now I really think these 115 allegations will be shoved under the bed and we’ll have to watch Citeh win every yeah….how long before people give up watching? The EPL is not the best league in the World otherwise Citeh wouldn’t be so in charge.

Maybe now is the time for a European Superleague that brings more to the table as Citeh will find no games easy.
Chris, Croydon


Up the Villa
Champions League? Us? Wow. A magnificent reward for an amazing season.

It has been such a lot of fun.

Firstly, the way we play is inherently slightly barmy. With our weaponised offside trap and persistent playing through (or over) the press it makes for a great spectacle at times. We do play some brilliant football at times but most of all the sheer effort and shared purpose of the team and fans together has been fantastic.

Secondly, some games and moments to remember… destroying Man City at home (1-0 but could have been 5), the team goal against Arsenal and the gritty away win at their place. European nights and the last minute goals and Emi Martinez theatrics. There have been some disappointments mixed in, contriving to lose important games to Tottenham and to an awful Manchester United team (Twice???).

Then there are the players who have all stepped up a level. John McGinn is absolutely legendary, a skillful menace with incredible dribbling and physicality to get out of tight spaces and a wide passing range. He has grown into a brilliant Captain (apart from when he launched that Tottenham lad into orbit). Bailey and Diaby with some breathtaking skill and goals. Olly Watkins whose game has grown along with his numbers. I could go through the whole squad and wax lyrical about their contributions but there is not a bad egg among them.

Lastly, Unai Emery is easily manager of the season for me. He took virtually the same squad two other managers had (and basically failed with) and turned them into a top four (!) team. He never made any excuses about tiredness, the injuries (oh the many, many injuries!!!) or the schedule which meant his players had none either. Absolutely brilliant.

So while I read more articles about why Tottenham failed rather than why we succeeded (which has been the ‘narrative’, especially amongst pundits and commentators) I’m going to carry on grinning from ear to ear and look forward to next season.
Funstar (It’s alarming how much influence football can have on my mental health) Andy

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Mail from a bitter Arsenal fan with a short memory
How pathetic is the Premier League when teams and fans are actively celebrating coming 4th.

You haven’t won anything lads. You just get a short jaunt on the rich kids plaything and then you’re back to PL oblivion.

Champions League needs a name change. Champions and AlsoRans league???
Weldoninhio BAC