Prem scorers and nationalities quiz – questions

Matt Stead

South Korean Son Heung-min reached a Premier League landmark with his goal last weekend, so we bring you 20 questions on Prem goalscorers and nationalities…


1. Which Premier League side has scored the most goals through players of different nationalities?

2. Spurs are one behind the most diverse goalscoring Premier League side of all time. Who is the only player in their current squad hailing from a nation with no Spurs goals?

3. Son Heung-min became the 39th player from a different nation to score a Premier League goal for Spurs last weekend. Which South Korean failed to score in 70 Prem appearances for Spurs?

4. Which two Championship sides both rank joint-third in terms of Premier League goals scored by different nationalities?

5. Out of Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United, which side has had Premier League goalscorers from the most different nations?

6. Behind England, which nation has scored the most Premier League goals?

7. Which nation has scored the most Premier League goals out of Italy, Nigeria and Norway?

8. Players from how many different nations have scored in the Premier League?

9. Who was the latest player to score the first Premier League goal for their nation (occurred in the 2014/15 season)?

10. Aside from the above who are the four latest nations to have scored their first Premier League goals? A point for two.

11. England became the first nation represented by a Premier League goalscorer with Brian Deane’s goal in August 1992. Who were the second nation represented a goalscorer?

12. Who was the first Italian to score in the Premier League?

13. Who was the first German to score in the Premier League?

14. What do Germany and Malta’s first ever Premier League goalscorers have in common?

15/16. There are only two players who could become the first from their country to score a Premier League goal this season. Name them.

17. Goalscorers from 39 different nations have scored Premier League hat-tricks. Who was the latest one to score the first for their country (occurred in the 2014/15 season)?

18. France (Eric Cantona), England (Mark Robins) and Scotland (John Hendrie) were the first nations represented by a Premier League hat-trick goalscorer. Who was the fourth?

19. Excluding the aforementioned Malta name any of the four nations that have scored just one Premier League goal for one point.

20. Name any of the goalscorers in question from the four nations above for one point.


Click here for the answers, lovely people.