The Premier League calendar year table for 2023 and every year since 1992

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Premier League football

Here for a Premier League calendar year table? Well clicked, you’re in the right place.

Otherwise known as the Premier League annual table, this is where you will find the Premier League table for 2023 and every year going back to when football began in 1992.

Whether you’re a Chelsea fan wanting to re-live the glory of 2005 when they the Blues got 20 more points than their nearest rivals, one of the two Oldham fans to have read this seeking memories of 1993, or any football fan wishing to hark back to the time of pop group hits like Destiny’s Child’s ‘Independent Women Part I’ when Manchester City weren’t even in the top flight, this is the table for you.

Arsenal were the best team of 2015 and they will always have that, regardless of how many Premier League title races they bottle.

Here’s the full range of tables available on F365, including ‘table between two dates’ stretching all the way back until football began in 1992, a ‘second half table’, the all-important ranking of teams based on ‘corners won’ and about 20 or so more.