Carragher, Redknapp discuss Premier League contract ‘chaos’

Matt Stead
Jamie Carragher Chelsea

Jamie Carragher and Jamie Redknapp have waded into the debate about ending the Premier League season before June 30.

It has emerged that ‘at least nine’ clubs have discussed finishing the current campaign before the start of July to avoid the ‘chaos’ caused by expiring contracts and loans.

FIFA have previously suggested that deals will be extended until whenever the season can be concluded but English contractual law could present a problem in that regard.

Carragher feels that he would have wanted to play out the season as a player in that situation.

“I’d just play,” he told Sky Sports. “Whether under contract or not. I’d want to see the season out. Every team is in the same boat.

“There was something a couple of weeks ago about Fifa extending contracts but I don’t know whether that is legally possibly. I’d want to finish that season as a player and maybe extend the contract by two or three weeks.

“If you’re two or three matches away you might as well finish it. I was never in that situation about having my contract run down.”

Jamie Redknapp pointed out that players are being asked “for a lot of goodwill”.

“It’s a difficult one,” he said. “I can see both sides. You want loyalty but a player might wonder if he’s insured and picks up an injury that ends his career.

“Some might have already sorted moves so you’re asking for a lot of goodwill. You get pressure from agents, the club.

“The problem is we don’t know how long this is going to last. We might start again and one club picks up the virus. We don’t know how long this is going to last.”


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