Premier League 2020 summer transfer window dates

Will Ford
Premier League logo

The Premier League has announced details and new dates for the summer transfer window for its clubs.

The delay to the conclusion of the 2019/20 season meant the usual span of dates in which transfer activity can take place could not be applied.

New dates have now been confirmed, including an extended period during which transfers between Premier League and Football League clubs can continue.



‘Premier League Shareholders have agreed on the dates for the Summer 2020 Transfer Window.

‘The window will open for 10 weeks at the end of the current Premier League season, starting 27 July and ending 5 October.

‘Following consultation with the EFL, a domestic-only window will be added from 5 October, closing 5pm on 16 October. During this window, Premier League clubs will only be able to trade with EFL clubs (either loans or permanent registrations). No transfers can take place between Premier League clubs in this period.

‘The transfer window is subject to the approval of FIFA.’


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