Premier League form table over the last six matches led by title contenders

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Man Utd celebrate another win
Man Utd celebrate another win

Want to know which Premier League teams are in and out of form across the last six games? Well clicked, you’re in the right place.

Manchester United have picked up 13 points from their last six games, placing them only behind Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal. Could this be the top four at the end of the season?

Football365 also has you covered if you only care about Premier League home form, or indeed if you’re desperate to know who’s doing well on their travels.

Below is the ‘form table’ as things stand, and as we’re too lazy to update this preamble, feel free to select the most appropriate stock phrase for the current state of play…

‘Of course Manchester City are top – will they ever lose again? Maybe when they’re put on trial in [insert any future date].’

‘Wolves are stuck in the form mid-table as VAR accounts for at least one point fewer per game.’

‘Not much [insert name of current Manchester United manager] can do with the Glazers still in charge.

‘Oh dear, [insert name of current Chelsea manager].’

Here’s the full range of tables available on F365, including ‘table between two dates’ stretching all the way back until football began in 1992, a ‘second half table’, the all-important ranking of teams based on ‘corners won’ and about 20 or so more.