The impossible F365 quiz is back and worse than ever before

Matt Stead
Jurgen Klopp Liverpool

We’re all a bit bored. The weather’s lovely but you’ve been on your state-designated solitary walk of the day. The walls are starting to talk to you. They’re saying #StayHomeSaveLives. It’s an impressive level of social awareness from decorated brick and plaster.

The only thing that will drag us through these times is a quiz. But not just any quiz. No, that won’t do. It will have to be a quite ridiculous quiz based loosely on the Premier League with questions that are often awkwardly phrased, always poorly researched and certainly not so easy to Google.

The answers are right here but don’t cheat and do let us know how you did via Twitter, email at or by pigeon.

For some extra fun, send us the phrase that the first letter of each answer spells out. Player surnames will be needed to complete the phrase unless specified otherwise.


Which side beat Aston Villa on May 2, 1993 to confirm Manchester United’s first Premier League title?

Which side’s record Premier League goalscorer is Chris Sutton?

Which of the six ever-present Premier League clubs has the lowest highest finish?

Which side won promotion to the Premier League as champions of the penultimate First Division in 2003?

Which current Premier League manager played eight minutes for them in that entire season? Forename please.

Which side holds the record for most points in a Championship season?

Which is the only side to have twice been relegated in their only seasons in the Premier League?

Which player registered the most double-figure seasons for Premier League goals at Charlton?

Complete the sequence: Sheffield United (93/94), _______, Leicester (01/02)

The record for biggest win over a reigning Premier League champion is jointly held by Manchester City and which other team?

Which side has conceded the most goals in a single Premier League season?

Which side was the first to have a keeper score a Premier League goal?

Complete the sequence: Crystal Palace (98/99), Blackburn (00/01), _______, Leicester (03/04, loan), Everton (04/06), Charlton (06/08), Wigan (07/08, loan) and Wolves (10/11, loan)

Who was the first team to lose a Premier League game after leading 3-0 – against Leeds in November 1997?

Which side appointed the youngest permanent Premier League manager?

Who is the shortest-serving Premier League manager in terms of days in charge?

Six players have assisted four goals in a single Premier League game. Which team links the first five?

Complete the sequence: Coventry, _______, Blackburn, Liverpool, West Ham, Manchester City, Cardiff

Andy Johnson scored 11 of his 13 Premier League penalties for Crystal Palace in 2004/05. Shaka Hislop saved one, but who thwarted the other?

Who was the first team to record no away wins in a Premier League season?

Complete the sequence: Karanka, _______, Koeman, Farke, Bruce

Who was the first scorer of a Premier League hat-trick for Leicester?

Who was the quickest player to reach their first five Premier League goals?

Long (133), Crouch (127), Walcott (121), Milner (110). Who is fifth?

Who was the last player to play for QPR and win the Premier League in the same season?

Which Premier League stalwart scored away at Bayern Munich and in a League Cup final but was only capped by his country once?

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