Premier League keeper: Ederson ‘doesn’t seem to give a sh*t’

Date published: Saturday 9th February 2019 11:31 - Matthew Stead

Watford goalkeeper has discussed the “pressure and stress in football” – but says Manchester City shot-stopper Ederson “doesn’t seem to give a sh*t”.

Foster has been a revelation for Watford this season after joining from West Brom.

The 35-year-old’s form has helped lift Watford into eighth, with the Hornets conceding fewer goals than both Manchester United and Arsenal this season.

After admitting that he considered retiring in the summer, Foster told the Daily Mail of the mental strength needed to keep playing and improving in the modern game.

“There is so much pressure and stress in football that young players don’t have chance to soak it in and enjoy it,’ he said.

“They come off the field and they are straight on their phones to see the reaction and it’s a total mind-f*** of stuff.

“I know so many players who are world-beaters in training but dread Saturday and you can see it in them as the week wears on. They shrink.

“You need to lose the fear factor, especially as a goalie. If you can’t, then you are in trouble and I know because I have had it.

“It’s hard to pinpoint a moment when it kind of clicked for me. It’s to do with age maybe but there is definitely stuff I could have done with learning. Maybe I missed a trick.

“Look at Ederson at Man City. He doesn’t seem to give a sh*t. It could be the 90th minute of the most important game in the world and he would still take a touch on his six-yard line and Cruyff somebody.

“Maybe it’s inbuilt but if you don’t have it then you have to learn it. You are not fearful in training but as soon as you step on a pitch in front of 50,000 people that’s when the pressure starts to hit. You just can’t play like that.

“Thankfully I have things in the right order now. I can’t stand training but I love the buzz of playing. I’ve worked it all out, finally.”


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