The famous five: Which mid-season appointment has done best?

Date published: Sunday 9th February 2020 12:12

Carlo Ancelotti has had the biggest impact of any of the Premier League’s mid-season managerial appointments.

The Italian has busied himself guiding Everton into the Champions League, having a marginally bigger transformative effect on the Toffees than Jose Mourinho has enjoyed at Tottenham.

The ‘grumpy’ Portuguese might regret taking the job but he has overseen the biggest jump in position of any coach parachuted in by a top-flight club this season.

There are also reasons for Arsenal positivity despite Mikel Arteta’s ostensibly slow start, while accomplished painter Nigel Pearson has done a fine job at Watford, too.

David Moyes is yet to really prove that winning is “what he does”, mind.

Let’s ignore the sacked Quique Sanchez Flores and take a deeper look at how those five have really fared. All statistics used are from the date that particular manager was appointed.


Jose Mourinho (appointed by Tottenham on November 20)
Points: 23, joint 4th with Leicester, behind Liverpool and Manchester City (1.77 per game)
Wins: 7, joint 3rd with Leicester and Southampton, behind Liverpool and Manchester City (54% win rate)
Defeats: 4, joint 4th behind Liverpool, Manchester City and Arsenal (30.7% loss rate)
Goals scored: 22, 4th behind Liverpool, Manchester City and Leicester (1.69 ppg)
Goals conceded: 15, 3rd behind Liverpool and Sheffield United (1.15 ppg)
Goal difference: +7 (joint 3rd with Leicester behind Liverpool and Manchester City)
Position: 5th from 14th


Nigel Pearson (appointed by Watford on December 6)
Points: 16, 6th (1.45 ppg)
Wins: 4, joint 7th with Leicester (36% win rate)
Defeats: 3, joint 4th with Manchester City, Tottenham and Sheffield United (27% loss rate)
Goals scored: 15, joint 5th with Tottenham (1.36 ppg)
Goals conceded: 10, 4th behind Liverpool, Sheffield United and Tottenham (0.91 ppg)
GD: +5 (5th behind Liverpool, Manchester City, Everton and Tottenham)
Position: 19th from 20th (but within two points of safety compared to six adrift)


Mikel Arteta (appointed by Arsenal on December 20, with first game on December 26)
Points: 8, joint 11th with Wolves and Sheffield United (1.14 ppg)
Wins: 1, joint 20th (14.2% win rate)
Defeats: 1, joint 2nd with Everton, behind Liverpool (14.2% loss rate)
Goals scored: 8, joint 12th with Aston Villa, Crystal Palace and Tottenham (1.14 ppg)
Goals conceded: 7, joint 3rd with Manchester United and Sheffield United, behind Tottenham and Liverpool (1 ppg)
GD: +1 (joint 7th with Chelsea, Leicester and Southampton)
Position: 10th from…10th


Carlo Ancelotti (appointed by Everton on December 21, with first game on December 26)
Points: 17, 2nd behind Liverpool (2.125 ppg)
Wins: 5, 2nd behind Liverpool (62.5% win rate)
Defeats: 1, joint 2nd with Arsenal, behind Liverpool (12.5%)
Goals scored: 14, 3rd behind Liverpool and Manchester City (1.75 ppg)
Goals conceded: 9, joint 7th with Manchester City, Southampton, Chelsea, Burnley (1.125 ppg)
GD: +5 (joint 3rd with Watford, behind Liverpool and Manchester City)
Position: 7th from 15th


David Moyes (appointed by West Ham on December 30)
Points: 5, 16th above only Norwich, Manchester United, Brighton and Crystal Palace (0.83 ppg)
Wins: 1, more than only Brighton and Crystal Palace (16.7% win rate)
Defeats: 3, joint most with Bournemouth, Manchester United and Crystal Palace (50%)
Goals scored: 9, 5th behind Liverpool, Leicester, Everton and Manchester City (1.5 ppg)
Goals conceded: 11, most with Aston Villa (1.83 ppg)
GD: -2 (joint 13th with Manchester United, Newcastle)
Position: 18th from 17th


The final results…

Points (per game): Ancelotti (2.125), Mourinho (1.77), Pearson (1.45), Arteta (1.14), Moyes (0.83)
Win rate: Ancelotti (62.5%), Mourinho (54%), Pearson (36%), Moyes (16.7%), Arteta (14.2%)
Loss rate: Ancelotti (12.5%), Arteta (14.2%), Pearson (27%), Mourinho (30.7%), Moyes (50%)
Goals scored (per game): Ancelotti (1.75), Mourinho (1.69), Moyes (1.5), Pearson (1.36), Arteta (1.14)
Goals conceded (per game): Pearson (0.91), Arteta (1), Ancelotti (1.125), Mourinho (1.15), Moyes (1.83)
GD: Mourinho (+7), Pearson (+5), Ancelotti (+5), Arteta (+1), Moyes (-2)
Position change: Mourinho (+9), Ancelotti (+8), Pearson (+1), Arteta (-), Moyes (-1)


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