Premier League predictions kick off in the Mailbox…

Date published: Thursday 10th September 2020 9:34

As the F365 writers do their Premier League predictions, the Mailbox starts to join in.

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Kicking off Mailbox predictions
Now that the new Premier League season is right around the corner, I thought I’d write in with my pre-season predictions. The categories are: Top 4, Europa/whatever the new Europa league 2 is called, relegation places, top scorer, signing of the season, POTY, YPOTY, manager of the season, biggest underperformers, biggest overachievers, and best match of the season. Without further adieu (this is excellent – Ed):

1st: Liverpool, but it’ll be much closer as most of the top six have strengthened well. Around 87-90 pts. (With a CL semi)

2nd: Man City, if they sign Koulibaly the title is a pure toss-up, but right now their defense just isn’t on the same level as Liverpool’s. 85ish pts. (And the League Cup, with a CL semi or better)

3rd: Chelsea, this is the bare minimum to me or Lampard’s gone (unless they win a cup and get 4th), given their transfer window. 82 pts. (And an FA Cup)

4th: Man United, though with a few more signings (Sancho, Reguilon/Telles, and a CB), 3rd is reachable. Expect a good cup run. 78-80 pts.

5th: Tottenham, Mourinho’s side have been quietly decent in the market thus far, but might fall off towards the end of the season as the Europa League is likely a better target. 68-70 pts (and a Europa League title)

6th: Arsenal, while Arteta is a good manager, they haven’t strengthened their defense nearly as much as is needed (Gabriel to me is 50/50, and, with Bellerin looking like he might leave, is Cedric really good enough?), although the attack looks decent with Auba’s new contract. 65 pts. (And a Europa League semi loss to Atletico Madrid. You know it’s happening again)

7th: Wolves, with no Europa League benefitting the small squad of Nuno. They have strengthened decently, but Doherty to Spurs is a loss for them. Expect them and the next team here to duke it out for 7th. 58 pts.

8th: Everton, who have leveled up their midfield quite a bit, and, with Don Carlo in charge, they look to be formidable. However, it may take their new midfield valuable time to gel, and the defense still needs a starting CB. 55 pts.

18th: West Brom, who have made some decent moves in the market, especially with the signing of Diangana, but need a little bit more quality to stay up. 35 pts.

19th: Aston Villa, who do not seem to be in for a new defender nearly as much as they need. Ollie Watkins, if he comes, will be decent with Grealish, but their defense needs more improvements than just Matty Cash from Forest. 31 pts.

20th: Fulham, who have “yo-yo club” written all over them, and need to make more moves in the market, as well as smarter ones(don’t think Lemina is gonna pan out well, lads). 28 pts.

Top scorer: A vengeful and unleashed Harry Kane with 29 goals, who has a relatively injury-free season before doing his ACL in the Euro 2021 quarterfinal as England are knocked out in ET by Italy.

Signing of the season: If it happens, Jadon Sancho, but otherwise, Timo Werner looks to be excellent value for money, as I reckon he’ll get 20ish goals this season.

Player of the Year: For me, De Bruyne is a dead-cert to win it again, but, if United have a better-than-expected season, Bruno Fernandes could be in with a shout.

Young Player of the Year: TAA to complete the hat-trick, a world class right back at 21.

Manager of the season: Marcelo Bielsa, who will lead Leeds to a 9th-placed finish.

Biggest Underperformers: West Ham, who do this so much you can barely call it under performing, getting in another relegation scrap before some more Moyesy magic pulls them to 15th.

Biggest Overperformers: Leeds, who, for a promoted side, will do exceptionally well to get 9th(might call this the Sheffield United award)

Best Match of the season: While United-Liverpool on May 1st seems enticing as a potential title-race-changer, I’m going for United’s visit to Leeds the week before, and predicting an explosively pulsating 3-3 draw similar to the United-Sheffield United match at Bramall Lane this past season.

So those are my pre-season predictions, let’s see what you lot in the Mailbox think! Feel free to fill in the template with your own predictions! Seb, Berkeley, MUFC(United to win the league whilst scoring exclusively pens is one of my deepest desires)


Precise Premier League predictions
Looking forward to the Premier League starting up again! As people predict their final tables etc, here’s what I think will happen this weekend:
-Crystal Palace will beat Southampton, prompting talk of their revival.
-Leeds will win against an out-of-sorts Liverpool, causing Twitter to melt under the sheer volume of trolling from Manchester.
-Tottenham will scrape a narrow win over Everton but Mourinho will still find something to complain about
– West Brom’s implausible draw against Leicester will mislead pundits into stating “they’ll be fine.”

What else?
Paul in Brussels (it will definitely happen)


Is tapping up okay now?
I just have a couple of questions.

1. WTF is with some of these new kits? Some of them remind me of that tiger kit Hull tried and got slated for years ago, especially the United zebra one.

2. Does tapping up not exist these days? I can only relate to us as that’s all I pay full attention to but I remember us getting a bit of stick for tapping up Van Dijk only a few summers ago. Today I was watching Transfer Centre on Sky and apparently a breakthrough with Sancho to United is that personal terms have been agreed and agents fees, now all they need to do is submit an official bid to Dortmund. This is not a dig by the way it’s a genuine question, has the rules of transfers changed? My interpretation of things is that the club the player is contracted to has to give permission to speak to a player. I know that all kinds of things go on behind the scenes as in checking a player wants to come and 3rd parties and all that, it’s just the fact that it got announced on Sky in that way made me wonder has the “official way to do things” changed?
Ryan, Liverpool


Not a bad week to be an Evertonian
As I watched Everton implode towards the end of the season after the inevitable new manager bump, I couldn’t help but continue to see Ancelotti, with his arms folded on the sideline, watching that mess of a midfield we had attempt to play at a Premier League level. Laughable, hilarious, sobering, maddening, take your pick. One thing was clearly apparent though. Don Carlo was not a happy man and knew he had some changes to make.

Well here we are, a week before the new season with optimism abounding (I support Everton, they’ll knock that optimism out of me by week 8 if not sooner, it’s Everton) and we have a new midfield of Allan, Rodriguez, and Dourcoure. Add a healthy Gomes to that and we may be on to something. I’m still waiting to see how Gbamin turns out when healthy. Fair play to Moshiri, Brands, & Carlo for getting the business done quickly, affordably, and early. We now need to recoup some of that money and we have plenty of players to sell if your team is interested:

Sigurdsson: We paid 45M, we’ll let you have him for 20M, pointing included.

Davies: A loan might do the lad some good but if you through 10-15M our way, we’d bite your hand off (skateboard not included.)

Delph: Your favorite team could have him for free, just take the wages, please.

Sandro: Free also, but he’ll cost you a lot more than free, trust me.

I honestly think a few players like Walcott, Iwobi and Bernard could benefit from this new influx of talent and could be useful options off the bench (emphasis on “could be.”)

Overall, not a bad week to be an Evertonian*

*subject to change without notice

*past performance no guarantee of future results

* yes, these players wouldn’t have come to Everton without Carlo at the helm, we get that. That’s why we hired him.
TX Bill (Could still see a few more come in !!!) EFC


Get a bloody grip, England fans
Can I just ask those that wrote in to pillory Southgate for drawing away in a glorified friendly – when was the last time you got your hopes up? Was it during the World Cup when England got to the semi final? They should definitely have kept whoever managed them during that! When was the last time England had a manager who could implement a sound and fluid tactical plan? Sir Bobby? Sir Alf? Why, given all evidence to the contrary, do you expect anything more than you’ve been given in the past 30 years? Why do you hate your own national team so much? How do you expect players to perform before the season has even started?

As a neutral I can tell you that England have always been underwhelming and played boring football. Every national team in the past 30 years has been underwhelming and played boring football. It’s just how international football is.

One final question. How did France do in their past couple of games? Spain? Holland? Nobody gives a shit about these games, they’re not competitive and it’s nowhere near important to win them. Come and complain if England don’t qualify for whatever or get knocked out by Andorra but until then get a grip.
SC, Belfast


Flat-track bullies?
I know Radoa was speaking with tongue in cheek, but I’m always bemused by accusations of people being flat track bullies.

Two reasons:

First: should every goalscorer not expect to do better against lesser teams? If Ronaldo had banged in 7 against Brazil, you’d just criticise him for only getting the same number against, the comparatively poor, Lithuania (sorry Lithuania). It seems to me that every striker to play the game gets called a flat track bully but surely doing better in easier fixtures is to be expected?

Second: the big teams don’t really play each other all that much in international football. For example, using Brazil again, he’s only played them 3 times; most recently in 2010 – two friendlies and a last game in the group dead rubber… similar story for the other big teams he’s never scored against.

All told, I think he’s pretty good.
Andy (MUFC)

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