The 13 Premier League records that could be expunged

Date published: Tuesday 31st March 2020 12:49

Here are the unlucky 13 Premier League records that could end up being struck from the records...

Here are the unlucky 13 Premier League records that could end up being struck from the records…

As the bandwagon led by Karren Brady, Rio Ferdinand and Harry Kane continues apace, the prospect of a voided Premier League season grows more possible.

The impact would be obvious and far-reaching: Liverpool would be robbed of their first title since 1990 as a season three-quarters complete is scrapped. Teams bound for European qualification would be punished and those in the relegation battle spared. Every division would be affected. It would penalise more teams than it favours.

And as Miguel Delaney states in his latest piece, it would mend all the Premier League records broken over the last eight months:

‘The 2019-20 season would be expunged. “It won’t have happened,” one figure centrally involved in discussions told The Independent. That would mean the ‘2020-21′ season – which is virtually certain to be greatly truncated no matter what – would really just be the 2019-20 season restarted, making the entire enterprise somewhat farcical when eight months of it have already been played. All of the results and records of that period would meanwhile be wiped, and it’s a wonder whether Kane would feel the same if he was told all of his goals wouldn’t count.’

Leaving aside both the karmic hilarity of Kane losing 11 of his goals after claiming Christian Eriksen’s that one time, as well as the utter meaninglessness and irrelevance of it all, here are a select few milestones that stand to be reinstated if the league is thrown out.


Most consecutive top-flight wins
The record: 18
The holders: Manchester City (August-December 2017)
The equallers: Liverpool (October-February)


Most consecutive league home wins
The record: 20
The holders: Manchester City (March 2011-March 2012)
The breakers: Liverpool, 22 games


Most points over 38 consecutive games
The record
: 102
The holder: Manchester City (August 2017-August 2018) and Chelsea (October 2004-October 2005)
The breaker: Liverpool, with 110 (March 2019-February 2020)


Biggest top-flight away win
The record
: Wolves 0-8 West Brom/Newcastle 1-9 Sunderland/Cardiff 1-9 Wolves
The breakers: Leicester, beating Southampton 9-0 in October


Joint-biggest Premier League win – Southampton 0-9 Leicester
The record
: Manchester United 9-0 Ipswich
The equallers: Leicester, beating Southampton 9-0 in October


Fastest to 100 Premier League wins for a manager
The record: 142 games
The holder: Jose Mourinho
The breaker: Pep Guardiola, 134 games


Most wins in first 50 Premier League games
The record: 42
The holders: Ederson, Arjen Robben and Didier Drogba
The breaker: Aymeric Laporte, 42


Most hat-tricks by a single player
The record
: 11
The holder: Alan Shearer
The breaker: Sergio Aguero, scoring his 12th hat-trick against Aston Villa in January


Most goals by an overseas player
The record
: 175
The holder: Thierry Henry
The breaker: Sergio Aguero, with 180 goals after starting the season on 164


Fastest five-goal lead
The record: 24 minutes
The holder: Blackburn (v Sheffield Wednesday in August 1997)
The breaker: Manchester City, 5-0 up in 18 minutes v Watford


Fastest to 50 Premier League assists
The record: 141 games
The holder: Mesut Ozil
The breaker: Kevin de Bruyne, 123 games


Most manager of the month awards in a season
The record
: Four
The holder: Pep Guardiola
The breaker: Jurgen Klopp, with five


Dribbling past Virgil van Dijk
The record
: First player to dribble past Virgil van Dijk in 50 Premier League games
The holder: Mikel Merino (March 2018)
The breaker
: Nicolas Pepe (August 2019)


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