Prepare for war if Zlatan isn’t first choice – Kamark

Date published: Thursday 11th August 2016 10:10

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s former international team-mate Pontus Kamark has warned Manchester United that the striker will do “whatever it takes to be on the throne” at Old Trafford.

Ibrahimovic has already made his mark in English football with the winning goal in the Red Devils’ Community Shield triumph over Leicester on Sunday.

Kamark, who used to play as a defender for the Foxes, is now a TV pundit Swedish TV channel Viasat and has followed the 34-year-old’s career carefully.

Although Ibrahimovic has the potential to create fireworks, Kamark believes he will be a success in the Premier League as long as he gets on with his team-mates – especially Wayne Rooney.

“Hopefully they get along, him and Rooney — and if they do I think it is going to be the perfect match. If they don’t, he is going to create a lot of problems,” Kamark told the Daily Mirror.

“You can have both sides with Zlatan. He takes a lot of space and there can be a lot of trouble around him but he can also make things happen that would be difficult without him.”

The former Sweden international has warned that Ibrahimovic will not play second fiddle to anyone and recalls a time where he rowed with Pep Guardiola over being second choice to Lionel Messi at Barcelona.

“He has been in all kinds of arguments. He called even Pep Guardiola ‘The Philosopher’ because Messi felt threatened about his superiority and Zlatan doesn’t want to be No.2,” Kamark continued.

“If someone comes in his way, he fights them. He can kick you down in training. He does whatever it takes to be on the throne. That can be for good and for bad — especially if someone doesn’t accept that.

“He always finds something because he can never be second best – Zlatan has to be No.1.”

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