Pundit rages after ‘idiot’ picks Arsenal man over Man City star – ‘I need to leave the office’

Lewis Oldham
Arsenal star Odegaard

Jamie O’Hara walked out of the talkSPORT studio this morning after Jason Cundy claimed that he would pick Arsenal man Martin Odegaard over Kevin De Bruyne.

Both players have been in stunning form this season. Odegaard was named Arsenal’s new captain last year and he is one of the players who is spearheading their push for the Premier League title.

The ex-Real Madrid star has grabbed ten goals and six assists in 26 league outings this term and he is among the candidates to win the PFA Player of the Year award at the end of this campaign.

De Bruyne has already won the league’s Player of the Year award on two occasions and he is recognised as one of the best midfielders in the world.

It is fair to suggest that Odegaard has been the better player out of the two this term, but O’Hara has butted heads with Cundy over this debate.

The argument started with Cundy “agreeing” that Odegaard is the Premier League’s “best number ten right now”.

“I’m just repeating what Darren [a caller] said, Odegaard is the best number 10 in the league right now. I agree with him,” Cundy said on talkSPORT.

O’Hara replied: “You agree with him? So if I give you a game tomorrow and you can have Odegaard or Kevin De Bruyne in your team to play in a cup final, who would you pick?”

Cundy then accused O’Hara of showing his Tottenham bias: “It’s because he’s Arsenal, isn’t it? You’re bitter about Spurs at the minute. What’s going on?”

O’Hara then added: “I’ll tell you what’s going on. I sit here for 18 months, having to work with this absolute idiot of a man who puts Odegaard in front of Kevin De Bruyne. Have you just watched Kevin De Bruyne play [against RB Leipzig]? He put on a masterclass!

“You’re telling me that if there was a cup final tomorrow you wouldn’t want Kevin De Bruyne in your team? You’d take Odegaard?

“Don’t get me wrong, he’s had a great season, but Kevin De Bruyne has been unbelievable for the last five season.”

When asked who out of Odegaard and De Bruyne he would select based on this season’s performances this season, Cundy answered: “Odegaard. Jamie, face the music. I’ve told you. Stand up, stand up now and say ‘my name is Jamie O’Hara, I’m a Spurs fan and Arsenal will win the title'”.

O’Hara had heard enough at this point as he walked out of the talkSPORT studio: “Oh Jason, Jason. It’s like working with a brick wall!

“Honestly, I can’t deal with this anymore. I need a coffee. I need to leave the office.”

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