Purslow: Klopp needs five years at Liverpool, not two

Ian Watson

Christian Purslow believes Liverpool have a chance to reclaim the mantle of English football’s most successful club – but only if they stand by Jurgen Klopp and afford him patience.

The two giants of the English game lock horns this Saturday at Anfield, with Klopp coming into the match under a bit of pressure having only claimed one win in his last seven.

But former Reds managing director Purslow insists the German is the right man for the job, citing his achievements at Borussia Dortmund.

Furthermore, Purslow also believes people underestimate just how hard it is to bring success to Liverpool.

“There are revenue differences between Manchester United and Liverpool,” the former Liverpool chief told Sky Sports.

“Liverpool’s are still superb but they are a fraction of Manchester United.

“Yet the Liverpool manager is expected to compete with United and beat them, exactly as Klopp did – winning two league titles in Germany against Bayern Munich with a fraction of their spending.

“There are great similarities between what he achieved at Dortmund, what he was expected to achieve – which was to compete with an absolute behemoth in Bayern Munich, while spending less money, both on wages and in the transfer market. That is the job description at Liverpool.

“He is perfect for Liverpool. It is an innately difficult project, to compete with less money.

“I think most Liverpool fans would feel that the team began under Brendan Rodgers with a very new, highly attacking, attractive way of football.

“There were question marks about them defensively and Jurgen hasn’t addressed those completely but in my opinion the owners know exactly what the job description is. He is the right man for the job and that’s going to take five years, not two years.”