Ramsdale claims ‘cheeky’ Bruno Fernandes holds no grudges for Keown-esque celebration

Arsenal 'keeper Ramsdale

Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale claims that Bruno Fernandes has forgiven him for the Keown-esque celebration last April when the Portuguese midfielder missed a penalty.

Ramsdale celebrated wildly at the Emirates during a 3-1 win at the Emirates when Fernandes missed from the spot and has now admitted: “Obviously I probably celebrated in his face a little bit too much last year and he hasn’t held any grudges over that.

“I think he knows how to take it as well as give it out.”

His behaviour was heavily compared with that of Martin Keown, who was famously enthusiastic during an altercation with Ruud van Nistelrooy.

The pair have since met twice on the pitch – with honours even between the two teams this season – and Ramsdale believes Fernandes has moved on.

Ramsdale labelled Fernandes “cheeky” for his wind-up tactics as he ranked some of the game’s leading sh*houses for an ESPN video.

Ramsdale labelled Tottenham forward Richarlison a “wind-up merchant” after the pair clashed in January when the Arsenal goalkeeper kissed his badge in front of Spurs fans.

“What I really didn’t like was their goalkeeper going to celebrate in front of our fans,” Richarlison told ESPN Brasil.

“It’s kind of disrespectful to our fans, he has their fans, he has to go celebrate with their fans, not be cute with our fans.”

Ramsdale laughed when asked to rank Richarlison and then said: “He knows how to get under people’s skin and sometimes it’s to his advantage and sometimes it’s not.

“It can either bite you in the bum or work in your favour and there have been times when it has worked, so yes, I think he’s a wind-up merchant.”

Other players ranked by Ramsdale include Emiliano Martinez (“It’s a difficult one because, obviously the World Cup, he did everything. But other than that he’s not too bad”), the GOAT Sergio Ramos and himself.

Ramsdale said of Ramsdale: “He’s a top lad him.”

He also laughed off claims that his manager Mikel Arteta is a wind-up merchant, saying: “I’m not going to say my manger is a pain the backside or a cheeky scally am I? He’s a good man.”