Ranking the 2021/22 Champ away kits from worst to best

Ben Stewart

The Championship always tends to throw out some whacky away kits and this year is no different so we’ve compiled them all into a list and ranked them from worst to best. At the time of writing, only Coventry and Derby are yet to release their away kit.


22. Preston North End
Oh Nike, what have you done?

This hideous green and yellow strip will go down as one of the worst kits of the season and is well-deserving of the bottom spot on our list.



21. Middlesbrough
Lots of thought went into Boro’s home kit and it set a pretty high bar that this away shirt isn’t able to meet.

It’s fine to look at, but it does drift into the realm of being a little boring.



20. Barnsley
You can see what Barnsley have tried to do with this one, but it just misses the mark.

The multi-coloured pinstripes are a nice touch in reference to a throwback kit, but this one just isn’t for me.



19. Bristol City
This one had a lot of potential, but there are a few things that really let it down.

The badge in the middle of the shirt looks a bit oversized, but the real killer here is the sponsor, which ruins what could have been a nice-looking kit.



18. Cardiff
In the home kit rankings we did, Cardiff finished rock bottom of the list and they only just about manage to avoid that placement this time.

I do like a pink away kit, but this one looks like a bit more of a washed-out salmon colour. Perhaps it will look a bit better in person…



17. Blackpool
I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Blackpool home kit and although this one isn’t at the top of my list for away kits, I do prefer it out of the two.

The kit uses a similar pattern to the one used on the home kit, but the colours compliment each other well here to make a decent looking kit.



16. Stoke
If it’s not a goalkeeper kit, a green football shirt is quite easy to mess up, but Avec have managed to do an alright job with this one.

The black pinstripes blend in quite nicely and of the other green away kits we’ve seen this season, this one is probably the best.



15. Birmingham
This kit had real potential and it still is a nice-looking kit, it’s just got one problem.

Why do the pinstripes stop halfway down the shirt to accommodate the sponsor into an off-putting box in the middle? Had the pinstripes ran all the way down this shirt, it could have been a classic.



14. Fulham
The biggest problem Fulham had with their home kit was the multi-coloured sponsor clashing with the rest of the kit.

Thankfully, this shirt avoids that problem and the white logo fits in to make a smart looking black away strip.



13. Bournemouth
Sometimes keeping things simple is the best way to go about making a kit and Umbro have managed to pull that off this year with the Cherries away kit.

The black and red trimmings on the sleeves is a nice touch and goes to make a fairly smart looking kit overall.



12. Huddersfield
The Terriers have done a fine job with their kits this season – their home kit finished at the top of our rankings and they’ve also done a decent job with the away kit.

The blue strip which runs down the side of the shirt looks good, and overall Umbro have done well with Huddersfield this season.



11. Blackburn
Rovers have kept to the same design pattern which they used for their home kit and switched up the colours to red and black, and you know what? It works.

The Lancashire rose features on this kit too, while the red and black provides a nice-looking contrast and a nice-looking kit overall.



10. Millwall
A collar on a football shirt can either make or break it.

In this case, it absolutely works and there’s so much to like about this shirt. The bold Huski Chocolate logo looks great and in years to come this one might be considered a Millwall classic.



9. Reading
The Royals are celebrating their 150-year anniversary and each of their kits this season are throwbacks to the past.

At first, I wasn’t sold on this one, but it has since grown on me and now I can’t help but stare at it. It’s a kit worthy of such an occasion and some of the fine details on this one really brings it all together.



8. Sheffield United
The Blades have done a good job with their kits this year and will be looking good home and away.

This smart black shirt is one of the best they have had in some years and will no doubt be a hit in Sheffield.



7. Peterborough
I wasn’t the biggest fan of Posh’s home kit this season, but Puma have more than made up for it with this gorgeous looking away kit.

The pink and black is a great blend of colours and no doubt this one will look just as good in the flesh.



6. West Brom
This Baggies away kit is a welcomed switch-up from their usual yellow and green away strip.

This year they have gone for a sleek-looking red and black design with a chequered pattern. It looks great and you have to say Puma have done a good job with this one.



5. Swansea
It’s another black kit coming onto the list and like many of the others we’ve seen so far, it looks great.

The new Swansea badge especially pops on this shirt, which does a great job of bringing out the new design.



4. Nottingham Forest
Macron have delivered one of the best-looking kits this year and no doubt the Forest fans will be buzzing with their away shirt for the season.

The pink splash across the bottom looks brilliant and the red Forest badge really pops on the black shirt. A great kit overall.



3. Luton Town
There’s something about this kit that just works.

It’s so chaotic and jumbled with all the colours that it’s got and it all comes together to make a beauty of an away kit.



2. QPR
As we’ve already seen, plenty of clubs have gone for a black away kit this season, but this QPR shirt is undoubtedly one of the best.

The black and gold is a perfect blend and the shirt features the QPR logo throughout its hoops. A kit more than deserving of second place.



1. Hull City
Now this is what you call an away kit. Umbro have absolutely smashed it with this one.

Dortmund set the trend with their blackout kit a few years ago and this one is an absolute beauty that won’t be topped this season.



Ben Stewart