Remembering the dross that came before this Liverpool side…

Date published: Sunday 16th December 2018 12:30

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A taste of what’s to come
Despite all this talk of Liverpool’s superiority, I reckon Sunday’s game is a nailed on draw featuring some of the following:
– parked bus
– wasteful Liverpool (Mané in particular)
– Firmino shocker
– De Gea blinder
– Salah’s dancing feet
– Fellaini’s dancing elbows and big head (unfortunately minus hair)
– Van Dijk’s uncharacteristic error (he’s due one)
– Jones’ characteristic occasional moment of brilliance (as above…and hopefully while gurning which will partly make up for it)
– Mourinho being a bit of a nob (initially spelt that with a ‘k’)
– Klopp giving the 4th official a stern talking to in a way that would be nobbish from anyone else but is somehow charming (in my completely unbiased opinion)
– me naively thinking it would be a cracking game (I’m an idiot)
Aidan, Lfc (I also reckon Mourinho should captain Pogba for this one…come on, who doesn’t want to see that?)


Go through the bad to appreciate the good
There are times when it is reassuring to know that it is not just yourself seeing things unfold, and that others are undergoing similar experiences. So kudos to Howard (and that Oxlade-Chamberlain’s done FA this season!) Jones for invoking Torben Piechnik as a sanity check on any giddiness we Liverpool fans may be (are) currently feeling. I go back as far as watching Barney Rubble get the winner in the ’81 European Cup final, so I was witness to the great teams of the 80s and the very steep decline thereafter. And in fairness you could navigate a whole canon of Careful-what-you-wish-for fables just from dodgy Scandi defenders that we got through in the 90s. Glenn Hysen, anyone? Bjorn Tore bloody Kvarme???

However we have managed to give homes to an awful lot of different types of dross in the time I have been watching – again, hat tip to Howard for citing Voronin, he was truly dire, but is best viewed sat in a panorama of nonsense ranging from idiot thugs brought in by Souness (Ruddock, Dicks), local lads who were never good enough (Nicky Tanner (albeit unfortunate), Mike Marsh, through to Neil Mellor), random French chancers and/or kids (Le Tallec, Sinama-Pongolle, Cheyrou etc etc, there were hundreds of the buggers), random Spaniards who were only ever any good in Europe (looking at you, lovely man Luis Garcia), people who became very good elsewhere (all the keepers we signed for about 15 years, plus Iago Aspas), and the bizarre but undeniably lovable phenomenon that was Maxi.

So sod it. This is a good side and we will enjoy it.

Warmest Regards
Andy Cawley


…First time, I think, long time etc.

I just have to ask one question. Was I really the only one who saw Howard (and that Oxlade-Chamberlain’s done FA this season!) Jones email as the complete piss take it was meant to be.

I’m sure he was highlighting the crazy thought that only 12-18 months ago some people were questioning Klopp after a few bad results. EVERYONE questioned him on the Oxlade purchase when the best things people were saying were around the lines of, well he used to be good at Arsenal, he could be a good squad player but how much did they pay for him? When since then am sure there has been more than one fan who was watching and thought “I wouldn’t mind see Ox running at this defence”

No one was sure of Robertson, or thought TAA would become such an important player. People are still unsure about Wijnaldum even though he’s been there doing so much work without even being noticed. If you havent seen what he does constantly just watch the 93rd minute of the Napoli game. A dangerous ball is in the Liverpool half, it gets knocked towards him and he does a beautiful little side flick around the unrushing Napoli defender, he then chases down the lose ball, does a lovely 360 to keep it away from another player and then proceeds to dribble around another player twice! He keeps the ball this whole time, just after mane’s miss when Napoli are chasing hard, Alisson just had to make a game/tournament saving save, and we all know how Liverpool like to spurs it up for themselves at almost every opportunity. He does this, running the width of the pitch being hounded by Napoli players and then camly hands it off to the defence. You could see the Napoli players just give up, thinking they are never getting that ball. Granted it is the end of the game but everyone knows anything can happen in football. But the point of this is, he does this sort of thing all the time.

It’s almost like Klopp might know something about what he’s doing and see these players everyday knows what their strength’s are and tries to play them as a team to get the best out of these traits.

Even the stick he got for spending all that money on VVD after he had said something along the lengths of, I wouldn’t be able to, or couldn’t spend that amount of money on one player when referring to a different transfer. He was setting up the underdog tactics for the club. Of chasing the big spenders incase he wasn’t given that amount. When they authorised it he must have gone “bloody hell, really?” and you can see he’s been re-thinking his game plan steadily since. Because he knows he doesn’t have to chase the richer teams as hard as he always has, and as a result isn’t making his team play like a pack of crazed terriers chasing the ball.

Maybe it’s just me and I completely misread the tone. As we know sarcasim is hard to put across in writing. Or maybe because I really couldn’t believe someone actually being like this about the Liverpool team at the moment. All I can say is that the “(and that Oxlade-Chamberlain’s done FA this season!)” at the end, made me laugh harder than anything has in a while.

Happy Christmas
Chris (Irish man in Wales) Brackets!


Lovren alternative
Simple really – Play Fabinho at CB (Not Lovren as totally agree with Phil W) – the guy is a s*** show, and Milly at RB as looked a World Class against Bournemouth or happy with Curtis or Camacho, technically great players with a good temperament. Keep playing 4-2-3-1.

Keep Lovren WELL AWAY from the 1st team.
Ash, LFC.


Clarets Karma
I have never been so overjoyed at the sight of Joe Hart racing around behind his goal to try to retrieve the ball in time-wasting time. Absolutely glorious. Absolutely f***ing glorious.
Dave (Sean Dyche doesn’t like diving though, so that’s alright) Winchester Spurs


Brexit to blame
I’ve been trying to understand why there have been so many incidences of racism recently in the Premier League and Europe, and the clearest reason I can see is that people have had their hateful, ignorant, and most base opinions validated by those in power. We live in a country where Nigel Farage and Tommy Robinson apparently represent the oppressed, who’s innocent voices have been stymied by political correctness. Well, if Farage’s 900 appearances on Question Time or the way the media leaps to report on any fart that leaves Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon’s (Tommy’s real name) mouth is stymied, get ready for blanket wall to wall coverage of these cretins and their divisive, isolationist creed.

And having these people constantly on any soap box that can support their egos, will validate those opinions of stupid football fans. And let me tell you, if you think foreigners are to blame for your plight and not the politicians you elect, or your own endeavour, you are really very stupid. And if you look at the rage in the faces of these people, you realise it is all consuming. They have been fed lies that have demonised another race, but equally they want it. They want to punch down on those who probably have it harder than them, because it tells them they are not at the bottom. But let me tell you, if you’re a racist, you really are the bottom, alongside child abusers and domestic violence perpetrators in people not worth the time of day.

And if you look at the people who generally are the abusers, they are all old. These aren’t young people who haven’t listened to their teachers, they are old men who see the world changing around them so much, and it terrifies them. Fluid genders, digital technology, none of these things feel normal to them, so the last bastion to feel validated, to feel like men, is to go to the football and abuse a young black footballer, or to mock the holocaust because that is all their lives have left. Why? Because in their ignorant minds, being white is a bigger achievement than being a black multi-millionaire footballer. Now tell me that people who believe that AREN’T stupid.

And this is not a problem that is limited to one club. My own club has its fair share of knuckle draggers, who abused Zaha at Palace this season. It isn’t just Chelsea or Spurs. I know lots of people have put the onus on us as a society, to check these people and to call them out, but they can often be large, intimidating men and most people would rather turn a blind eye than possibly get embroiled. And I understand that. The problem is we have to get over our own intimidation, we need to make these people feel the intense shame that this kind of mindset should instil in them. They are hangovers from a time we forgot, we should have left them there to rot.
John ‘bleeding heart liberal’ Matrix AFC


Sterling service
Tonight BVB played Werder, Nuri Sahin played for Werder in a cracking game. At the end of the game he was hugged by every member of BVB team and staff, he went to the yellow wall and they loved him even more, he left the club to try new things possibly make himself a better person, he came back, he left again, but they love him, no bitterness, no shite, that is support.

I support Liverpool, I support Hertha (possibly even more, which i never thought possible), I support Athlone town, I support Raheem Sterling, I never understood the shite he gets, him, Suárez and Sturridge were we’re the possibly the most awesome strike force in English football, he went on to hopefully achieve what he wanted to achieve, I would love if Liverpool fans gave him the respect he deserves as a LFC great.

Moving to city has made Sterling (not the currency), give him shite so he never plays well against Liverpool, absolutely, but alway remember he deserves love for being an awesome player for the club.
Mel – Berlin


Say cheese
Inspired by Jeremy (Intenet Cheese Magnate) Aves and his visionary brilliance with cheese365. I propose a cheese eleven (4-4-2 diamond);

Peter Stilton

Hector Baby Bellerin
Gary Brie
Stephen Mozzerelliot
Wendsleydaley Blind

Edgar Davidstow
Kristian Camembert
Montery Jack Wilshire
Edam Hazard

Antonin Paneerenka
Gianfranco Gorgonzola
Conor LTFC

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