Rio slams ‘moaning’ Man Utd star ‘chatting’ b*llocks – ‘Giggs was getting booed week in week out’

Will Ford
Ferdinand backs Sterling
Rio Ferdinand has hit back at Man Utd star Antony.

Rio Ferdinand has slammed “moaning” Manchester United star Antony, after the Brazilian hit out at the pundits who have criticised his performances this season.

The 23-year-old has failed to live up to his £82m price tag since arriving at Old Trafford and found himself in and out of Erik ten Hag’s starting XI this season.

Allegations of domestic abuse and assault have ramped up the pressure on Antony, who claimed his critics were being ‘unfair and malicious’.

Ferdinand insists the winger simply needs to learn how to better deal with the pressure, which comes with the territory at United.

He told Vibe with FIVE: “Listen, Giggsy was getting booed at times. Ryan Giggs! So I see people like Antony chatting in the paper about where’s the support and players not having the type of pressures I’ve had.

“I haven’t seen him get booed at Old Trafford yet. Ryan Giggs was getting booed week in and week out for a sustained amount of time. Let that sink in! And these man are talking about pressure.

“It’s different times and different pressures but it’s similar across the board and it’s about how you deal with pressure.

“I wasn’t looking for no support from people, I had pressure when I came back from my drugs ban and I had to play you think I weren’t under pressure to perform? You think I didn’t have all eyes on me every minute of the day? In training, in the matches, off the pitch do you think there weren’t paparazzi following me everywhere?

“I wasn’t moaning this is part of it, this is Manchester United, this is what this emblem brings. It brings an extra level of pressure that a lot of other clubs bar the Real Madrids of this world don’t really feel.

“When you walk into the door at that club there’s going to be every type of pressure you can feel, or you didn’t even dream you could feel.

“Listen, I sympathise with Antony in some of things, he’s had a few big issues off the pitch. But listen, us ex-players, we aint a vindictive bunch, we’re not a personal bunch. None of us have called him out personally, we’re just saying what we see.

“If there’s a player isn’t doing and we think he should be doing we’re within our rights in the job that we do to call it out. Simple as that.

“Listen, how many of these players are going to accept a DM from most of these guys who are talking. Listen bruv you need to sort yourself out, you need to start doing this or doing that. You think man are going to call you back and thank you for it? I doubt it very much.”

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