Rio unimpressed with Pogba/Lingard video

Date published: Wednesday 1st February 2017 3:54

Rio Ferdinand does not think that Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingard should not be acting like niblicks on social media while Manchester United are languishing in fifth.

United are of course in sixth place, but you cannot expect Ferdinand to remember that; last week he forgot that he had tipped Manchester United for the title.

Pogba and Lingard have been rehearsing a new goal celebration and the Frenchman posted the results on Instagram.

“Listen, I’m all for having a bit of fun on social media,” Ferdinand told BT Sport. “But when you’re fifth [sixth] in the league, you’re not in the Champions League positions and you’re fighting…

“Until you’re winning, that’s when you go out and do stuff like that.

“I’ve dug out Arsenal players for doing stuff like this before and it would be wrong of me to not talk about the United players.

“I’m all for having fun, and I think part of Pogba’s appeal is that he’s a happy free spirit – which I wouldn’t want to take anything away from – but there’s a time and getting the balance right.

“If that footage comes out after you’ve won a cup final, or a league – I’d be the first one to be pushing it out.

“But if it was me, I’d be thinking “we’re fifth in the league, we’re fighting for a Champions League position, we haven’t got our hands on any silverware yet” – I’d want to keep myself under the radar a little bit.”

Or sixth, Rio, or sixth.

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