Fowler advice for Liverpool owners: ‘Wipe your feet on the way in’

Joe Williams
Robbie Fowler Liverpool

Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler claims the club’s owners are now “cleaning up the mess” by reversing their decision to furlough non-playing staff during the coronavirus pandemic after getting “mud on the carpet”.

Liverpool initially announced their plan to furlough some non-playing staff earlier this month, but made a U-turn on their decision two days later, after the club came under fire.

Fowler was encouraged to see the Reds have a change of heart on the issue but wants to see Liverpool setting the right example in future.

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Fowler told the Daily Mirror: “Liverpool got to the right decision on how to treat their non-playing staff – eventually – but while there is merit in arguing that the Fenway Sports Group should not have put themselves into such an invidious position in the first place, it is also important to recognise that they acted swiftly to put it right.

“Everyone loves to play the blame game and one-upmanship has become a way of life, but I hope people realise that there is no handbook to turn to during this kind of crisis.

“There is no one at any football club in the world able to call on experience of how to deal with an issue that affects both health, mental and economic well-being.

“Liverpool should have been aware that the furlough and job retention measures were designed to help small firms come through the crisis. They weren’t designed to enable a Premier League football club with an annual turnover of more than £500 million and profits of £42m to weather a financial storm.

“So I’m not going to pat my former club on the back for something that should have come naturally, but neither am I going to keep using the mistake as a stick to beat them with.

“I know some will say I am bound to take this stance because I am an ex-Liverpool player, but we all have dirt on our shoes. The key is wiping your feet before you enter the front door. Liverpool’s owners got some mud on the carpet – but at least they have made a start in cleaning up the mess.”


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