Rodgers, Carra: Klopp must intervene on set pieces

Matt Stead

Brendan Rodgers and Jamie Carragher believe Jurgen Klopp should “intervene” with Liverpool’s set pieces.

The Reds fell to a 1-0 defeat against Manchester United on Sunday, with Wayne Rooney firing home after Marouane Fellaini’s header from a corner hit the crossbar.

Liverpool have now conceded seven goals from corners this season, more than any other side, and nine from set pieces overall, more than all but one.

Former manager Rodgers, who left the Reds in October, discussed the club’s problems as a guest on Monday Night Football with Jamie Carragher.

Asked by Carragher which system he uses at corners, Rodgers said: “My preference is for man-to-man marking.

“Normally the opponent will send five players into the box – normally one in front of the goalkeeper and four attacking the ball, splitting their runs into various areas. My preference is to have players marking those four and have one marking the guy around the goalkeeper.

“When you’re conceding goals – and as Jurgen Klopp can see, Liverpool are conceding goals far too easily – you have to intervene at some point. If you’ve got players being beaten one-on-one in a duel too easily then you have to find a different way – usually switching from man-to-man to zonal defending to try and help the team.

“Whatever your preference is [man marking or zonal], if you’ve got guys who can’t win the duel one versus one and are getting beaten too easily, you have to find a different way.”

Jordon Ibe came in for criticism for his role in United’s winner at Anfield, failing to close down a short corner before the ball was crossed to Fellaini.

Rodgers added: “I always say to players, in particular young players… in fairness to young Jordon there, everyone sees he’s super fast, he’s quick, he’s gone out and all the other corners, maybe they didn’t play them short.

“He’s maybe thinking they won’t play it short and it’ll come straight in. He’ll get that with experience. They need to be concentrated on the side of the field, you’re not just sat watching the game, you’ve got to be watching the game really focused in on what your role is, and then when the manager tells you your role at set pieces, it’s vitally important you know exactly what your job is, and you can go on the field and your team can make the adjustment.”

Carragher said, of Ibe: “Jordon Ibe has come on as a substitute. Graeme Souness was very critical of him, saying that he switched off. I don’t think he switches off, I think he’s aware of what is going on. He’s ready to go whenever that ball is taken. His problem is, his starting position is wrong. He maybe thinks he’s quicker than what he is. He can’t get there in time.”