Man Utd star Fernandes tipped to be ‘angry’ by Portugal’s treatment of Ronaldo after ‘frustrating’ call

Lewis Oldham
Ronaldo being Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo made it all about him for Portugal.

According to a former Man Utd player, Cristiano Ronaldo “earned the right” not to be substituted at Euro 2024, but Bruno Fernandes will be “angry”.

Ronaldo proved he is well past his peak with his selfish performances for Portugal at Euro 2024 as they exited the competition in the quarter-finals.

The 39-year-old was ineffective in attacking areas but head coach Roberto Martinez foolishly insisted on keeping him on the pitch for the entire quarter-final against France before Portugal ultimately lost 5-3 on penalties.

While Ronaldo was on for the whole game, Fernandes was taken off in the 74th minute. In response, ex-United defender Wes Brown claims the Man Utd star “would have been angry”, while the veteran has “earned” the right to stay on the pitch.

“He would have been angry. He came off in the 75th minute [against France] and he was actually getting on the ball trying to create. You’re going to be frustrated,” Brown said.

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“But if anything, Ronaldo has earned that. I know it is tough but he has 100% earned the right to stay on the pitch, because he can still get you a goal.”

He added: “There is a lot of respect in that team for Ronaldo. There was one free kick that was not even of his side, but he took it anyway because he wants to score.

“I do think it comes to a stage and the lads will think ‘he’s not going to take him off, there’s no chance, this is going to be his last Euros’.

“He is still that guy who can get you a goal. I don’t think there is anyone else in that team who has been scoring outright.

“Yes, he wasn’t playing particularly well, but I don’t think the manager wanted that responsibility and the press that comes with it to take him off, that definitely would have come into it a little bit.”

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Commenting on Ronaldo’s ability as a free-kick taker, Gary Lineker claimed “Fernandes is better”, while the Al Nassr forward has a “weakness”.

“It is almost impossible, despite the fact his record is something like one in 60 that he’s scored in tournaments,” Lineker said.

“Bruno Fernandes is a better free-kick taker and a more varied free-kick taker than Ronaldo. So while he’s [Ronaldo] a massive strength, he can also be a weakness as well.”

Lineker added: “It’s more the ego side of him which is more of a weakness, probably for himself, Portugal and [head coach] Roberto [Martinez].”