Ronaldo picks out ‘beautiful’ thing Fergie did for him

Dan Butterfield
Manchester United forward Cristiano Ronaldo and former manager Sir Alex Ferguson

Manchester United forward Cristiano Ronaldo has picked out the one thing he cherishes most during his time under Sir Alex Ferguson.

Ronaldo and Ferguson spent six years together at Old Trafford, before the Portuguese star left to join Spanish giants Real Madrid in 2009.

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The duo won three Premier League trophies as well as a Champions League title and now that the five time Ballon D’or winner has returned to Manchester, they have reunited.

Ronaldo and Ferguson featured on the latest edition of Inside View for United sponsors TeamViewer. The United talisman was asked what his best moment was with his former boss.

“It’s hard to mention just one [moment].

“There were so many beautiful moments that we had together. Not just winning things. But in my heart I keep the most difficult things.

“Probably he doesn’t remember, but I will say it because it’s a beautiful story. One day, my father was in hospital, and I was so emotional, very low. And I spoke with him and he said: ‘Cristiano, go there for two or three days.’

“We had difficult games [coming up] and I was a key player in that moment.

“He said: ‘It will be tough because we have difficult games, but I understand your situation and I’ll leave you [out] and you can go and see your father.’

“For me, these are the most important things – apart from winning Champions Leagues, to win the Premier League, to win cups and stuff. So I have to appreciate him, because what he said to me, he always did. I have to appreciate that.”

Ferguson, who spent over 25 years at Old Trafford, offered up his side of the story.

“In the case of Cristiano, I knew his father was ill. I knew he was in hospital. It was important for him to be there. The football club didn’t matter.

“You’ve got to understand: some things are bigger than the football club, and family is definitely one of them. Without question. You should never, ever put the club in front of a family.”