Ronaldo was always the worst of all role models even before he met Piers Morgan

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Was Ronaldo professional? Yes, but only to serve himself. We have more mails on Ronaldo and some on Arsenal.

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End of days?
Forget the interview..,I’m just amazed that having two weapons grade, self obsessed f**kwits like Ronaldo and Piers Morgan in the same room didn’t tear an R-sole in reality, or trigger Ragnarok or something.
Marc, MCFC, Bolton


Is Ronaldo actually professional or just self-serving?
Ronaldo is a driven, dedicated human being, he has been the pinnacle of athleticism. He has never ever been about anything other than himself. His leadership qualities have always been about this ability to display the right attitude, to push himself to greatness, demand others do the same… push HIM to greatness. He has never been about self-sacrifice for a greater good.

When anyone tells me of Ronaldo being a model for young players I think, what young player? The one in a million prima donna who needs the platform or the overwhelming majority of players in most teams who need to do the hard yards, who aren’t going to be flair 10’s but press, track back, tackle and make run after run, creating space for those around them who are the platform.

Ronaldo is to professionalism what Gary Neville is to Loyalty. People always used to talk about Neville being a loyal “one club” man, you can add the whole of the class of 92 into that. But its easy being “loyal” to a club who wins everything, what sacrifice did any of the class have to make to stay at Utd? Money wasn’t an issue, all of them were paid well, maybe not THE BEST wages but Gary Neville wasn’t the BEST right back, they regularly won titles, European trophies, sponsorship deals, automatic England call ups, there was not sacrifice.

They didn’t need to sacrifice to be loyal, there were few clubs who could or would offer those players an enhanced offer and they didn’t even have to move out of their mums house to achieve it.

If you aren’t making that sacrifice for something then you aren’t a leader in Ronaldo’s case, or “loyal” in Neville’s case. Sacrifice is what made John Obi Mikel a holding midfielder, he showed young players what it takes to be a top player, that willingness to sacrifice his own personal skillset for the greater good.

Sacrifice is what made Matt LeTissier never win trophies. Sacrifice is Lassina Troare who goes to play in Doneskt and stays despite the outbreak of war when the team are allowing him to leave if he wants, he wants to give back to the team despite the sacrifice he’s having to endure. Professionalism is Tom Brady earning less than his market value because he knows the salary cap means the more he earns the less his team mates can earn… and you kinds need good team mates.

That’s Leadership, that’s Loyalty. Not scoring 45 goals a season for a team dedicated to getting everything out of you 100% of the time or BTW… Bankrupting your club with £1M a week demands and then buggering off to Paris no matter how teary the goodbye.
Aston Taylor (CFC)


Will Ronaldo be eventually forgiven?
Long time fan of the website.

Being a Man United fan, it is pretty horrific watching and reading about this interview (that he gave it to that Morgan thing makes it worse). I just don’t think Ronaldo can accept that the club under ETH have moved on without him. The club, though no were near Man City, is steadily improving. That he isn’t a part of the plans is difficult to accept. And so he is reacting like a petulant, spoilt brat. It truly is unacceptable. This is just a long line of deplorable actions.

His time is up. With Man United for sure – but what other club will go anywhere near him?

However…. I feel in time, United fans will see past this Ronaldo of the last two years, and will always remember our Ronaldo. If Law can score a back heel goal for Man City that relegated us (actually, we were already relegated at that point), and have a statue put up, Ronaldo will still be loved and remembered fondly.
Formerly known: HP – Middle England


Get rid of Ronaldo, surely?
I genuinely believe this clown did this interview out of pure narcissism. Is he trying to force a transfer, probably. But I have zero doubts he believes ‘his side’ will make people sympathise with him, thereby protecting whatever legacy he is trying to maintain. The reality is of course the exact opposite has happened. Whilst ETH is trying to build something of a one team one theme cohesive unit, this narcissist is openly sabotaging from within. The thing is, CR won’t even think he’s done anything out of line here. Time for A LOT of people to be swinging that “told you so” banner.
Morgan (LFC, quite enjoy the circus but it’s getting boring now – get rid)


Gilding Garnacho now is a mistake
There’s no one better at setting up young footballers for a fall than the fans. Why even mention Messi’s name alongside Garnacho? There are plenty of footballers who were electric at 18 that never really kicked on. What is it, 3 Premier League appearances from the bench and you’re already making claims like that?

Wait…Barry? It’s you isn’t it! Are you a United fan/troll now? Have I been done again?
Jon (Spurs), Lincoln


Mid-season Arsenal report card
If we were to review our clubs by a half year report card, how would you team score for the following? I’m only doing Arsenal.

Attainment: A* (see how old I am!) – You cannot argue with Arsenal top and 5 points clear. The only slight to an otherwise perfect start to the season, is how did they lose to that United side? Could you dock points for losing the Carabao Cup? Not really.

Effort: A – The effort given by our players is immense. When someone is having an off day, you can see the team redouble their efforts. I don’t believe we have actually played that well since the start of the season, but their effort has been what has got us through.

Attitude: B – There have been dips, in form, and in implementation of our tactics. If you want to be truly elite, like Real, Bayern or City, anything other than perfection is failure. We are a young squad, and I think losing out on top 4 was the best thing that could have happened to these players last year. The sting of that shame and disappointment will linger till they exorcise it. My hope is we finish Top 4 and can add some CL quality in the summer.

Expectations for second half: Continue the way we have. If we get lucky and don’t suffer any injuries in the WC, I think Arteta will be able to drill the fringe players while the first teamers are in Qatar, and the second half of the season we shall see a very similar Arsenal team. Committed, focused on doing the job, and trying to take advantage of the disruption suffered by everyone to continue on an even keel. I think the club have to back the manager in the transfer market. The drop from first team to bench to squad is still too disparate and we need more quality.

Teachers comment: No Arsenal fan, prior to the season would have said that we were title contenders, and even with a gap at the top, I think most people would be mad to see City as anything other than Champions. We will struggle, all teams do, we will also stumble, but the process is clear, the team is genuinely loved by those in the stands, and if they continue on this path, great things await. An excellent report.
John Matrix AFC

PS: Boy it must SUCK to be Stewie. Unable to enjoy any of this.


Why are Man Utd pundits trash-talking Arsenal?
I am so sick of these United pundits. Gary Neville just please be quiet.

First of all, his attempt at rationalization on how Arsenal strengthening in January is not only total, actual “whataboutery” of the most ignorant degree but also an hilarious opinion on team building from someone of Valencia-infamy. Could barely get his tactics right now he wants to build squads?

Secondly, I love how we have to prove we can make top 4 again after literally making it for 20 straight f***ing years, our manager finally didn’t do it, didn’t do it again (oh, wow he fell right outside the top-4 two years running), “resigned” (got fired), then we went through some transition. And now we’re top of the league and you’re just being a f****ing hater at this point.

Does Manchester United have nothing to prove? Is the fact that they actually made top 4 more recently more indicative of their top 4 credential when we are TOP OF THE LEAGUE and you guys are clearly no destined top 4 team either. Just because your outside top 4 finishes didn’t happen in consecutive seasons after one of the longest-tenured managers in English top flight history finally lost his powers which precipitated in an infrastructural change of quite large proportions which set us back several years…doesn’t mean you can now question us.

Reading Gary Neville’s comments about what this failed manager who will never work in top flight football as a manager again about what we need to be thinking about in January (I’m totally sure Edu and Arteta listened to that podcast and took notes) and how we can’t be trusted to make top-4 when none of any of the circumstances I just described applies right now, as we speak, in November, 2022, is just so typical of the worst aspects of punditry.

Again, what exactly does this club have to prove to you as opposed to your own club given everything that is going on today, as we speak. Focus on your club and stop hating.
MAW, LA Gooner (This shade from United pundits is getting out of hand at this point.)


England did not do technical for too long
I’d say Tom’s right. England hasn’t produced its fair share of good or great managers. I’m not old to really judge anything football related before 1990, so if you tell me Ramsey, Clough etc were true geniuses, I can’t argue. But certainly since the 90’s I’d hazard a guess that the dearth of managerial talent went hand in hand with the lack of footballing talent.

Now I know. We produced Gascoigne, beckham, lampard, gerrard, terry, Rio and all the favs. But as a national team, we all know we were pretty insipid till very recently. And that, to my mind, was down to the fact that we didn’t train our players to really play football. Sure they were strong. Sure they had pace and power and those lovely things Alan Hansen used to purr over. But actually controlling and passing the ball, being tactically aware, well we weren’t great. It wasn’t our game. And that’s the thing. We had our game, all blood and thunder, often thud and blunder, and the players, and managers, were products of it.

This has changed. The technical level of our players has improved drastically, because we caught on to the fact that, actually, controlling and passing the ball, is quite useful. I’m not sure how many of the current crop of England players would have got into the Xavi and Iniesta’s prime Spain first team, but a lot of them would make the squad. And from the nadir of that Iceland exit, that’s a massive. Improvement. So now we recognise what football probably needs to be to succeed, I’d say we’re more likely to produce the good, maybe even great managers. Tom mentions Potter and Howe, and while I don’t know how good they are or could be, they seem to be products of a better environment.

TL/DR version, England were shit at football for ages and that’s why they didn’t produce great managers.
Robert Goodson


Did I miss something here?
A few things caught my eye in the footballing World this morning, as highlighted by the mailbox you’ve got Ronaldo, Arsenal, a looming World cup we can’t decide what to do with. But one thing REALLY piqued my interest.

It was Tim Sutton’s sign-off (Mitro 9 – 3 Nunez). Mainly just wanted to check if I’ve missed something here? Is this a rivalry? Is this something we need to be concerned with? Also, just FYI, Nunez has 5 league goals.

I for one am enjoying Mitrovic finally realising there are goals in premier league stadia, just don’t quite understand the driveby.

Anyway, I’ve gone for Rodrigo vs Adams. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Che.
Marc (Rodrigo 9 – 4 Adams)