Rooney reveals he ‘disrespected’ Fergie but says Man Utd fans ‘agree’

Joe Williams
Man Utd striker Wayne Rooney receives instructions off Alex Ferguson

Wayne Rooney has revealed that he “disrespected” Sir Alex Ferguson by asking for “reassurances” after Man Utd sold Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez.

Tevez left for rivals Man City in 2009, while Ronaldo – who is now back at the club 13 years later – joined Real Madrid in the same year.

Rooney was part of a fearsome front three with Ronaldo and Tevez in the 2007/08 season, in which they won the Premier League and Champions League.

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The trio scored a combined 57 goals in the Premier League, more than 14 of the 19 remaining teams in the competition that campaign.

And Rooney claims he got told to get out of Ferguson’s office after approaching the legendary manager over which players they were bringing in as replacements for the departing duo.

The Man Utd legend told the Daily Mirror: “I just felt at that time the club had offered me a new five-year deal, we’d sold Carlos Tevez, sold Cristiano Ronaldo, so I wanted reassurances of who we’re bringing in if you want me to commit myself for the next five years.

“Who are we bringing in to improve or are you going to try to build a team over the next three, four or five years to then be successful?

“That’s literally what I was saying and (laughs) he told me to get out of the office!

“He’s probably the best manager of all time, so to have a young lad come in and ask him questions of how the club moving forward, I completely understand that as well.

“He’s probably felt a bit disrespected from that point of view, but I was doing it from a personal point of view.

“If you want me to commit myself for five years, I need to know what the plan is, what players we’re bringing in and obviously to get them answers, so it led to what happened after that.

“From then it became difficult but I think actually if you move on a few years down the line the majority of Manchester United fans agree.

“They were asking the same questions which I was asking a few years before because I could see where the club was going.”