Giggs overrated? Isn’t he one of 25 Untouchables?

Date published: Wednesday 27th May 2020 9:25

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Giggs overrated? Wow. Just wow.
Well. I never thought I’d live to see the day Ryan Giggs was suggested to be “overrated”. Mind you, I never expected to be around for the apocalypse, either, so bully for me.

So some no-mark I’d genuinely never even heard of before Monday, but had apparently appeared fleetingly in the Premier League for Birmingham an eon ago dares to suggest Giggs was not all he was cracked up to be? Preposterousness. What’s more, some appear to share to that view, too.

Giggs is a Premier League Immortal. Part of a select elite band of players whose careers, achievements and legacies over a significant period of time in the modern top flight are beyond reproach, not to be questioned or queried by anybody sane. Giggs has nailed down the left-midfield slot in just about everybody’s retrospective, hypothetical all-time Premier League fantasy XI. Nailed. Down.

Giggs is a Premier League Untouchable, along with Peter Schmeichel, Seaman, Cech, Vidic, Rio Ferdinand, Roy Keane, Scholes, Beckham, Cantona, Ronaldo, Vieira, Henry, Bergkamp, Ashley Cole, Terry, Lampard, Drogba, Kompany, David Silva, Yaya Toure, Aguero, Shearer, Rooney and, despite the lack of a winners’ medal, Steve Gerrard. Anybody claiming any of those legends are overrated can only be described as a fool who doesn’t know what they are talking about.

The internet. It’s given the whole world a voice. And the world, by and large, needs to shut up. World shut your mouth! Starting with me, right now.

Lee, increasingly exasperated


…If you’ve noticed my mailbox missives at all, you will have noticed that they are usually quite lengthy, employing metaphor and circuitous logic to put across my opinions. In this case, I am writing in response to the question of whether or not Ryan Giggs is/was overrated. It won’t take long.

I only clearly remember two players making their professional debuts. One was playing for Everton – Wayne Rooney. The other was playing against Everton – Ryan Giggs.

Above any other indicator of Giggs’ deservedly iconic status in my personal experience, not only of football, but of life itself…

Six years ago, I was literally forced to acknowledged the existential reality that is the passage of my own life-time, based solely on the depressing truth that I can clearly remember both Giggs debut as a player, and then as a manager. Still haven’t got over it.

Question: Is Ryan Giggs Overrated?

Answer: No. Fuck off.

If you find the above to be lacking logical nuance or cogent argument – If you remain unconvinced…

I don’t care.

Go to YouTube, type the words ‘Ryan Giggs’ into the search bar, and proceed to spend an evening understanding why I am absolutely bloody spot on, and therefore, why you are horrifically and undeniably incorrect.

NOTE: Do not make the mistake that I made here, of typing the single word ‘Giggs’ into YouTube. If you are my age or older, the emergent search results will simply compound the laminate of depression that seeing Giggs managerial debut in 2014 previously engendered.

DD, MUFC, Manchester


Firstly – Lewis, Busby Way – behave yourself!

Secondly – I take it United would love to have Coutinho in their ranks then?


Explain yourselves
I tend to agree with much of what Matt Stead has to say, calling a player overrated isn’t inferring they are bad players; it’s a consideration that our narrow focus can obscure the truth. I respect the ability to park your bias and look at the grand scheme of things – I am certainly guilty of thinking a player I admire is unimpeachable in their brilliance and fail to see their limitation. If KC thinks Matt is incorrect I would like to get an understanding of what factor he’d consider when making a list of overrated players?
Stephen, Canada


On Dortmund’s failure
I was highly apprehensive of my Dortmund beating Bayern, but the first few minutes of frenzy had me believing. By making it a dog fight, helter-skelter sought of game, we had a good chance, I thought. Then the German red machine began to slowly gain control and dictate the game. The broadcast I was watching was saying it was a 50/50 game going into the 40th. I can honestly admit that my beloved BVB only had 50% control the first 15 minutes and the last 10 minutes. Tactically, Lucian Favre football has been found out. It looked revolutionary when he started the previous season, but his system was eventually worked out in the league and in Europe. He simply hasn’t shown the sought of tactical prowess to trust him to win against some of the best teams consistently. He is Arsene Wenger-lite. Aesthetically pleasing, sexy, flowing football, but ultimately inferior to some of today’s better organized sides. Once the muddy-football failed, its was now a case of hoping it got to half time.

In comes Roman Burki, spectacular shot-stopper, has a mistake in him every few games. Cometh the hour, cometh the mistake and he gets chipped not from a 1 on 1, or an audacious skillful play, no the team is defending deep and in the 18 yard box. The reason Kimich tried that, was simply the fact that Burki was undisciplined. So 1-0 just before halftime, which brings me 2 my 3rd point.

Everyone can bang on about Eerling Harland, and he’s been a spectacular addition, but Dortmund’s player of the season has got to be Jadon Sancho. To leave him on the bench and the tumultuous relationship he seems to have indicated he will be off this summer. The speed and skill he showed last Saturday and the wavy movements he does that you can’t pull off with a hamstring are surprising. Also, why not risk it all for the biggest game of the season? It shows a lack of ambition on either the club, who hope to cash in as much as they can, or the player, who knows he is already off in my opinion.

And finally, I can understand why Dortmund decided to close shop after 15 minutes and play counter attack. The last three proper Bundesliga games read 4-0 for Bayern, 5-0 for Bayern, and now 1-0 for bayern. That’s 10-0 in total. This is even more evidence against counter-attack football, and why I’m looking forward to the Liverpool v City game because none of these teams relent. It’s also why I admire Klopp, he goes against this possession-based teams like Barca and Man City and simply doesn’t lie down and let them control games.

Bayern now have a clear and easy path to win the Bundesliga and Hans Flick has shown to have that steely Bayern winning mentality that will see them win a 9th and even 10th title.
Dave (they have added crowd music on tv now, but it’s not in the stadium, an idea props up), Somewhere


The worst of football is the Liverpool wind-up culture…
Surely one of the most toxic elements of modern football culture is the banter fan and his or her anger disguised as debate, insight or just a laugh. I would cite YNFA, a page on Facebook as the chief exporter of this content. Before I deleted Facebook. I would come across its banter anger memes which were just designed to annoy people. They must have made thousands of memes a year trying to annoy fans of clubs. I feel that Football365 mailbox is reflecting the worst of this banter culture.

The mailbox has become an unpleasant place and it has reached this tone because of what appears to be constant rolling battle between banter fans or trolls. I am a Liverpool fan and of course I come to the mailbox for Liverpool content. It seems that the editors of this page are including content which is clearly designed to antagonise, frustrate and annoy Liverpool fans. I can understand the premise that such content drives up clicks. However, I have stopped reading the mailbox for this reason. This is not sour grapes. This is the best league season for the club since I became a fan and I find myself not wanting to engage with content form a website which has published angry content designed to take away my sense of happiness. I first came across this site during the 13/14 season and have clicked it after some embarrassing moments. Why is it that when football is at its best for me as a fan, I am just tired of the toxic nature of the content around it.

Journalism should be adversarial and so too should debate, but publishing content about Liverpool fans being pro death for a league is essentially the sort of content associated with extremists or bigots. The rolling debate at the moment about Liverpool not winning the league serves no purpose really other than to promote negativity which will be later cited as evidence that these fans are a reflection of all that is wrong with the clubs

Maybe folks will say I need to toughen up, but the reality is I don’t. I really like Football365 but I find myself turning away from it is a source because of the way it published content to manipulate people into taking the bait for click revenue. I know of others who feel the same. Publishing a piece on the worst of football or football being a drug is a nice but where do you draw the line?

I think when Daniel Storey said in jest that he would find it funny of the league was cancelled on your football show just to laugh at Liverpool fans, then I realised that all of this doesn’t matter that much.

If Liverpool win the league it will be a lovely experience but I more than likely will not turn to this page because to celebrate it because of weeks of mailbox content which will try to frustrate me and undermine my happiness.

I wonder do other readers the same?

Are you tired of the mailbox anger banter or can somebody explain why you want a reaction?
Jamie, Eire


The goalposts have moved
It occurs to me that, given that it has been outright confirmed that the season will not be voided and that it will either be decided on the pitch or via a points-per-game system, it is in Liverpool FC’s interest for Project Restart to fail and for the season to be concluded instead. There is a less-than-zero chance that LFC wins the title if Project Restart goes ahead (hell, if you believe Eamonn, Dublin, it’s basically 50-50). According to thayden and others who have accused Liverpool fans of petitioning for the resumption of 2019/20 out of self-interest, surely we would all now change tack and petition for points-per-game instead, right? Strangely, this has not happened. Liverpool FC, as a club and as a fanbase, are (so far) consistent in wanting the season to be resumed.

Compare and contrast to the relegation-threatened clubs like Aston Villa and West Ham, and the anonymous others which leak against Project Restart in the press. One day they want the season voided because thinking about football is immoral. Soon after, they’re OK with thinking about football, in fact they’ve been thinking long and hard about it, and they have concluded that there should be no relegation, for reasons yet-to-be-explained. A couple days later they stipulate that neutral venues are simply unfair and against their own self-interest (despite losing most of their home matches as-was). English football has a delightful expression, “shifting the goalposts”, which seems pretty apt right about now.

On a tangent, on the subject of Eamonn, Dublin’s mails… Eamonn, you’re spot on. I just don’t understand why nobody on Sky Sports, BT, BBC, RTE, NBC, BeIN, Guardian, Totally Football, Set Piece Menu, Independent, Daily Mirror/Mail/Telegraph/Express, why none of the Punditocracy have the insight into the title race, and the clarity of perspective, which you have demonstrated in your last three mailbox submissions. Why do they keep talking about Liverpool’s title success in less-than-certain terms? What is wrong with these people?! I just wish The Powers That Be would have the courage to give you the platform you deserve, perhaps Sunday Supplement when it returns or similar, so that you can make your entirely coherent and plausible points on camera, so that the entire nation – nay, the entire football world! – can glean the same wisdom that we readers of the mailbox have enjoyed over the last week. It has truly been enlightening and I just wish the Lamestream Media would stop censoring entirely reasonable viewpoints such as your own.
Oliver Dziggel, Geneva Switzerland


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