Ryan Mason says ‘everything’ about Tottenham must be changed; agrees with brutal Kane verdict

Harry Watkinson

Stand-in Tottenham manager Ryan Mason ‘agrees’ with Harry Kane’s recent claims that the values at Spurs have ‘dropped’ since Mauricio Pochettino’s time at the club.

The 31-year-old made several honest admissions in his recent pre-match press conference, as he looked ahead to their upcoming game against Aston Villa on Saturday.

Mason may not be at the helm at Tottenham beyond this season. But, it’s clear he wants to help to improve the club in while he has the opportunity to.

After Spurs lost 4-3 to Liverpool at Anfield, Kane admitted the club has lost some of the values they displayed during Pochettino’s tenure.

“They are conversations that need to be had toward the end of the season,” Kane told Sky Sports. 

“I feel like we lost a bit of what the values are at this club over the last few years. It’s about finding a way to get back on the same page again and obviously even with the fans as well.”

Now, Mason has admitted Kane was spot on with his assessment, and outlined a need to change the culture behind the scenes at Tottenham.

“Absolutely, yep, absolutely I am fully with him on that 100 per cent,” Mason said.

“We can talk a lot about players but I think the environment, culture, it’s everyone, everything, the small details. We have to have many people driving that, not just one or two people. It has to be driven from within.

“I agree with him because I was part of probably the change in setting new standards and a new culture within this place. You can spend years trying to build something but at the same time it doesn’t take long to lose it.

“Thankfully for us we still have many, many good people within these walls who know and feel what good likes like and probably more importantly want that as well. It is something we absolutely strive for.

“Ultimately that transfers outside the walls to everyone, you guys, our fans, the outside world. When you see a football club that is together, that is strong, then that transfers to everyone.”

On why the values matter, he explained: “I think we’re talking about a massive football club here.

“When you come here and look at the size of this training ground as well. It is important, it’s vital and it’s crucial that everyone who comes in here is pulling in the same direction and want the same things.

“I think that goes for every single football club as well. We need that. Every club needs that, we need that.

I agree with him and I make him right. I am happy that he has said it because he is one of the people I want to drive it because he is important to us, in terms of his stature at this football but also his understanding that there’s many people that can contribute as well.”

Then, Mason was asked about the alleged racist abuse Heung-Min Son received during Tottenham’s previous match against Crystal Palace.

He added: “[Son is] a fantastic human being and I love him as a person. Ultimately it’s sad to see, not what we ever want to see.

“We stand by Sonny and all the players inside the stadium. They’re giving their lives to entertain us. If there’s anyone stepping out of line they need to be punished.

Finally, Mason was asked whether he minds what European competition (if any) Tottenham qualify for next season. Finishing in the top four now seems extremely unlikely, but getting into the Europa League or Europa Conference League is definitely still on the cards.

“We’re in a moment where we need to finish as high as possible and get as many results as we can,” Mason said.

“It would be very wrong for any club to speak badly about any competition. Jose Mourinho has done an incredible job in giving [the Europa Conference League] a real status.”

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