Same old Arsenal so what was the point in sacking Wenger?

Date published: Friday 15th February 2019 9:29

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Same old Arsenal
Arsenal Squad that faced BATE Borisov last season: Ospina, Mustafi, Mertesacker, Holding, Nelson, Wilshere, Elneny, Willock, Maitland-Niles, Walcott, Giroud.

Subs: Macey, Da Silva, Dragomir, Gilmour, McGuane, Akpom, Nketiah.

End result: 4-2 to the Arsenal.

Arsenal squad that faced BATE Borisov yesterday: Cech, Mustafi, Koscielny. Monreal, Maitland-Niles, Xhaka, Guendouzi, Kolasinac, Mkhitaryan, Lacazette, Iwobi.

Subs: Aubamayeng, Torreira, Suarez, Nketiah, Leno, Elneny, Lichsteiner.

End result: 1-0 to BATE Borisov.

The squad that lost 1-0 is significantly stronger. This is our starting 11 most of the time, with the exception of Torreira, Aubamayeng and maybe Ramsey. (I would say Ozil but that has just become a f**king joke now)

How do we expect to finish in the top four if we can’t beat BATE Borisov? Especially when we’re sitting in 6th place and barely showed any fight last night or in the last Premier League game against Huddersfield where we got super lucky.

What was the point of sacking Wenger again? Because I see no difference and we’re almost three quarters of the way into the season. Our away form has reverted back to what it was last year. We’re in no better standing in the League and we lost to bloody BATE Borisov.
Malcolm, (can someone explain how this is Stan Kroenke’s fault please?) AFC


…Watching the EL game here…no 16 conclusions needed..Arsenal are absolute sh$%te and you can bet Emry won’t give them the bollockin they deserve when the go back to the dressing room.

Should be made to back to London on a bus!!!


…The Arsenal defeat last night was as shameful, inept performance as I can remember. None of the players deserved their wages for a shockingly rubbish 94 minutes of football. I still have faith in the manager who is doing his best to put so much which was wrong when Arsene left the club. It is the players who have to look at themselves and put things right in the home leg so we can move into the last 16.
Tony Laforce, Hackney


…We will see your 6-0 debacle against City, Chelsea with defeat by a team that we thrashed last season and hasn’t even played since December.

The title of Banter FC is ours – don’t be getting any ideas.
Graham Simons, Gooner, Norf London


Where’s Arsenal’s Sancho?
At the risk of sounding like a spoilt kid in a sweet shop, where is Arsenal’s Jadon Sancho?
Emile Smith Rowe seems to be developing well’ish. Eddie Nketiah is supposed to be quite handy but are these players ever going to have an extended run in this Arsenal side? Logic would suggest yes, seeing as three first team players are out for the rest of the season, not to mention Ramsey leaving for that obscure Italian team and Ozil being unavailable with his Fortnite commitments, but more than likely they won’t feature in this side.

Emery will probably blood them in the cup games. The usual coaching by numbers Arsenal Football Manual – I don’t really have a point. I just miss the times when Arsenal had youngsters to be feared. They’ve slipped a long way since the days of Anelka and Henry!

Kroenke Out!


New role for Sanchez
It’s been 2 days since we got beat by the PSG team but I’ve been wondering about this for a while. Your website, ton of other footballing sites and fans have dissected how inept Mr. Sanchez looks on that left wing. But with that fat salary of $500,000 a week (reportedly), his age, failing legs and sadly one dimensional play, I don’t think we will be able to offload him that easily (unless some Chinese team fancy him), he’s not going anywhere.

So the only solution I have been thinking of is moving him into the middle, before Tuesday’s game the only way he could fit in was sacrificing Ander or Matic to accommodate him. However, with 3 weeks for the return game without Pogba, maybe just maybe we might get to see him immediately in a role and give us and him a fighting chance. It is still not a long term solution but at least it gives Alexis a different opportunity. He has become slow but for a winger, he still has the speed, bite and vision to assert himself in the game from the middle. He may have never played there but if he is a top professional he needs to reorient himself and give it a go from midfield. He will be more involved, unlike whenever he’s come into the game him and Shaw look like 2 strangers meeting the first time. This may very well not happen if Martial is out but if we have him back, then I’d rather see Alexis instead of McTominay in the lineup.

Apart from that, a change of formation will be required if we want to use Alexis and Mata since they both have become useless on the wings. And instead of buying a right winger let Jesse make that his own and Chong be the understudy, he’s got the potential.

Penultimate note, all this money spent stupidly on Jones and Ashley should’ve been used to tie down De Gea for whatever money he’s asking (definitely deserves more than Alexis at this point). If we somehow are out of Top 4, I think more than Pogba, its him who Juventus will be coming for (we all know that Szczęsny is not their long term solution).

Ultimate note, there’s been enough mails and articles about United being outclassed and Spurs win also had mentions about us. But here’s my 2 cents, we were beaten by a very good team who were helped by 2 in-game injuries to our front 3 (instead of Neymar and Cavani who were out before for Tuchel to prepare) and one bad sub (Lukaku for Matrtial and moving Rashford on the right would’ve made matters worse for Bernat and Presnel) and oh that referee, the bias against British teams might be amped up due to the Brexit (I will leave it for another mail).
AVM (Don’t respond just on my PSG game views, they’re just my 2 cents. It’s Alexis that we should be talking about) Phoenix


Why isn’t Poch worth £100million?
Travelling back from Wembley on Wednesday evening after a confusingly comfortable victory against the German league leaders (still can’t work out whether Spurs were particularly good or Dortmund surprisingly average, perhaps a bit of both), my thoughts turned to the inevitable ‘Poch to Utd’ articles that would no doubt start to populate the media in the morning.

Needless to say, the inevitable lazy speculation ensued, and whilst I do think that Pochettino will stay at Tottenham, it got me wondering as to why managers, in contrast to players, do not command transfer fees?

I strongly believe that in most cases, the manager is the most important member of staff at a football club. Why is it then that whilst players can be sold for 10’s if not 100’s of millions of pounds, to poach a manager you only need to buy out their contract?

Fully appreciate that I could be missing something exceedingly obvious here, but anyone able to enlighten me?
Damien, Tufnell Park


Poor Poch
How exactly does James think Liverpool would cope without Salah and Mane? Or City without Aguero and Sterling? Or United without Pogba and Rashford? Or Arsenal without Aubameyang and… erm…

Kane and Alli, more than anyone, sum up the way Pochettino wants to play football with their attitude, aggression and attacking intent. We’ve had no right to continue pulling out results like we have without them, and to have done so is incredibly impressive.
Alex G, THFC (Alli is everywhere near as important to us as Kane, Son and Eriksen)


…James, Kent: The reason Spurs fans are going on about beating Dortmund without Kane and Dele, is that for YEARS the received wisdom has had it that 1-11 Spurs are a good team but have no strength in depth and if Kane got injured, Spurs would collapse. So this is just an attempt to show that received wisdom for what it is, aka a load of made up nonsense.

Hope that helps.


…Not sure if James from Kent is trolling or just ignorant. Spurs weren’t just missing two players. We didn’t have a fit defensive midfielder for most of the last 3 months and both Wanyama and Dier have just recently returned to training (nowhere near fully match fit). We were also without both our left backs yesterday.

A quick look at the Whoscored website would tell you that we’ve only had 4 players with 20 or more starts in the PL this season. For comparison Chelsea have 8, United have 5 and Liverpool and Man City have 7 players each. That is partially because of our horrendous injury list. The media only started to notice and mention about our injuries after Kane and Alli went off injured in consecutive matches but we’ve been dealing with injuries since before the start of the season.

Yes a team should be able to win games with 8% of their squad out. Considering we’ve been grinding out results even when 20%+ of our squad have been unavailable.
Nabil (yes, Alli is class!), THFC, Bangladesh.


…The MC rarely allows rebuttals in the mailbox, so I doubt this makes it through, but if it sneaks through, here’s the point of comparing how the Spurs performance showed up United. Anybody looking at the fixtures on Monday would have concluded that both matchups looked very similar. When the draw was made, Man U were super underdogs, but fired Mourinho, hired the positive one, and have been flying since then. PSG had suffered injury upon injury to their top players since then, meaning they were weaker. The same could be said of Spurs, who barely made it out of the group stage, have had a good recent run, but also had injuries to 2 of their best 3 players. I’ll conclude that by Monday evening, both English teams had a chance against their continental opponents. I’ll go further and say, some Man U fans were cautiously confident, while other were just plain cocky. So, that’s the first reason for the response. The pundits and the fans didn’t show respect to PSG before the game, and deserved a ‘ha ha, look at your face now’ response. Let’s call that banter and move swiftly on.
The actual reason for writing in and calling it the great embarrassment was the performance. It wasn’t that Man U lost, it was the manner of the loss. Who are Man U, or more pointedly, who do Man U portray themselves as? They claim to be one of the biggest clubs in all of sports, let alone football. They are certainly the biggest club in England. Now PSG are no mugs, but there is a reason they have had their pants pulled down at this stage almost every year since the Qatari’s took over. The French league is a joke. PSG should not be more physically fit than Man U, no way no how, but by this evidence, they were. Lingard and Martial ran just a little too much and ended up with muscle injuries within 45 minutes. This is despite Man U only putting up a 15 minute challenge. They spent the next 75, huffing and puffing and generally looking clueless. Contrast this with a Spurs side that took time to understand the rival and then adjust accordingly. Once Spurs had identified the Sancho led threat, they nullified it within 30 minutes and then started dominating. The energy expended by energizer bunny Son, just shows the fitness level differences.
Tactically, Spurs did to Dortmund, what PSG did to Man U. The only difference is that it took Spurs longer to control Dortmund than it took PSG to control Man U. I’m pretty sure if Spurs face PSG in the next round, it will be a proper tactical masterpiece. It’ll be the likes of Klopp’s Liverpool vs Guardiola’s City. Man U offered nothing positive. They were embarrassing because they lost tactically, physically, and skillfully. They were outclassed. Compare that to Tottenham, who arguably had a harder tie, and even though they lost in terms of skill, they managed to win the tactical and physical battle.
I completely disagree with the revisionism taking place, that Man U lost because Lingard and Martial left. No, the domination had properly begun with those two still playing. That’s the biggest club in England, only putting up a 15 minute fight, despite claiming they would win, just 24 hours earlier. Once Tuchel figured out the simple plan, he neutered the threat on the left with an aging Brazilian in Alves, whose never been that good at defending, and a no-name Brazilian in Marquinos, whose not been that good as a midfielder. But neuter he did. The same can be said of Pochettino, he read the game plan and neutralized Sancho and it was game over. I’m sure Man U fans will have excuses, but sometimes the eyes can tell you everything you need to know, just by watching.
Dave (Not a Man U hater, just a hater of one sided football), Somewhere


So it seems that Liverpool fans are ‘obsessed’ by Man Utd results, Its seems that Spurs are obsessed by Man Utd results, it seems too that Arsenal are similarly leaning with their vitriol towards Utd, Chelsea possibly less so but they have their own issues right now and are keeping quiet..

In fact it appears that mainly only City fans are not arsed about Utd (City fans dont really seem bothered about much, if the extremes of the general nutters who contribute to the mailbox is anything to go by, (yes..yes I do see the Irony of me contributing to the mailbox) I am not sure they really exist in actual time..)

So I think it’s fair to say that despite Utd falling spectacularly from their perch some 4 or 5 yrs ago, that most fans of most other teams really still do despise all things Utd.

So here’s hoping that you sign whoever you want as manager, sell half your team and spend 500 billion on new players as you seem to think you require on building a new team and win everything again as is your clear and apparent right.

And that everyone loves you while you do it,

Good luck with that
Al. Obsessed by Man Utd obviously


…It seems a few Man U supporters were a bit upset by the Thursday morning mailbox, enough to write in to make it clear they don’t care. The thing is, I’m not sure that any of the letters referencing United were from Spurs supporters. Speaking for myself and my Spurs circle, I don’t recall a single mention of United at any point. Chaps, it’s almost as if most people don’t compare all results to what United are doing. I know, weird right?

I did enjoy the responses though. Conrad hit a key point: PSG’s side is much more expensive than Dortmund’s, and is therefore much better. Just like how United’s squad cost substantially more than Spurs’, and is therefore…oh.

Still, Dortmund are shite because Bayern are shite, and we only had 8% of the squad missing. If anything, 3-0 is a poor result. It seems fun to be a United supporter right now.


…The backlash against Spurs mails about United was inevitable.

Funnily enough, I was at Wembley the last night- I didn’t hear United mentioned once, and there were several dozen thousand of us there all evening.

Now I’m not saying you trawled through the mails to find two or three that mentioned United, but I am suggesting that perhaps your average Spurs fan isn’t awful bothered about United (save that the managerial situation may yet affect us at season’s end, and that they are a club in the running for the top 4) and that printing a few United-themed mails was a little bit naughty- it certainly got the reaction sought, I’m guessing.

It would’ve been nice if we could just have had the mailbox be about, y’know, our performance and achievement but hey……

General statements about Spurs fans, this season, in my experience:

– Not too bothered about Liverpool, unless we’re playing them
– “ “ “ “ “ City, “ “ “ “ “ “
– Not fond of Arsenal or Chelsea, being fair
– United aren’t really a factor this season but we’d all be very aware that they’re a superpower in the doldrums and we’re not going to be a ‘bigger club’ than them in the foreseeable

Everything else is a forced n*rr*tive, you’ll always find a few stated opinions to rail against.
Darragh, Spurs, Ireland



…Could fans who write in please stop talking about which players from another team would get into theirs? For example, NorthernSpur writes: ‘How many United players get into Spurs XI? Arguably 1…DdG’.
This is simply not true. Pogba would waltz into that midfield, Dalot would be an upgrade on Trippier, and De Gea would walk into any team in the league, bar City (who have a good thing with Ederson, even though he’s not strictly a better keeper).
I get that fans do it to bait other readers, but honestly it is completely distracting and I just cannot take anything in the email seriously if you write stuff like that.
Girish, AFC, Chennai/Houston (Seriously, if I write ‘Kane would warm the bench for Arsenal U18s’, would you want to give time to my mail?)


German efficiency
In response to Ferg, Cork’s point that the demands on Dortmund are just the same as an English team; making the point that every team has to play 38 league games…yeah – 34 games a season in the Bundesliga…

Plus, I don’t think they have an equivalent of the league cup either.

Plus, there are no replays in the DFB Pokal.

So, in summary, the demands of playing in different leagues are clearly different. I won’t opine on which is tougher, or the impact on a team’s prospects in Europe.
Andy (MUFC)


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