Sanchez accused of throwing Henry ‘under a bus’ by Wright

Date published: Wednesday 24th January 2018 9:29

Alexis Sanchez has been accused of throwing Thierry Henry “under a bus” by Ian Wright.

Henry was forced to respond to comments by Sanchez when the Chilean completed his Manchester United move earlier this week.

Sanchez said he had spoken with Henry about leaving Arsenal, and the Frenchman vehemently denies recommending he quit.

Wright has now questioned Sanchez’s claims.

“I saw something today with Alexis making the reference to that he spoke to Thierry Henry,” Wright told Sky Sports’ The Debate.

“I don’t know, I kind of saw it in passing, but he has kind of thrown Thierry under a bus there.

“Thierry is saying that he doesn’t need to tell Arsenal fans but he obviously feels like he does need to tell them.

“I saw that and thought it was s strange one because that doesn’t sound right.

“I could not see Thierry saying to him that he should leave.

“I just couldn’t see that happening at all.”

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