Secret to Man City’s lovely pitch? Err…garlic

Date published: Friday 16th September 2016 11:43

Manchester City spray their pitch with garlic in order to keep it healthy.

The report, which first appeared on, reports that the smell could be noticed two hours after the home game against Borussia Monchengladbach on Wednesday.

City’s ground staff cover the pitch with gallons of garlic-infused liquid, which  ward off microscopic parasites that would otherwise eat away at the roots of the grass.

The Etihad is regularly treated and so too is the club’s academy stadium.

After several supporters pointed out the off smell, the report reveals that the strategy has been used for two years, and helps to keep the pitch as one the best in the country.

It will also keep away vampires, so strap in for this: What do vampire footballers eat at half-time? Blood oranges.

Look just stop criticising all the time, I’m tired and vulnerable.

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