‘Seismic boost’ to Arsenal hopes on Mbappe as Man Utd make a ‘U-turn’

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Kylian Mbappe with the Arsenal badge.
Kylian Mbappe with the Arsenal badge.

There’s transfer nonsense and then there’s Kylian Mbappe to Arsenal, while Man Utd are making U-turns without even making a decision.


And a pat on the back…
There’s transfer silly season and then there’s transfer silly season. And football.london have very much embraced the latter.

Because what’s sillier than suggesting that Kylian Mbappe is on his way to Arsenal this summer rather than Real Madrid?

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta ‘meets’ Kylian Mbappe before transfer announcement

Those single quotes around ‘meets’ are doing a whole load of hefty lifting because, well, let’s watch that ‘meet’ that was thankfully caught on camera…

We are told that ‘Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta finally got the chance to meet Kylian Mbappe before the 24-year-old makes a big transfer announcement’.

Finally? Has he been trying to engineer a meeting? Has he been ghosted by Mbappe? Is this the biggest load of bollocks you have ever read?

Upon accepting his ‘Best Coach – Premier League award at the KAFD Globe Soccer Awards Europe’, Arteta shook hands with Mbappe, who was also in attendance, on stage. The duo also exchanged a brief few words with Mbappe patting the Spaniard on the back as he walked away.

He PATTED HIM ON THE BACK? It’s on. It’s f***ing on.

And we absolutely know that this Mbappe to Arsenal dreamscape did good numbers for football.london because they were back just a few hours later:

Kylian Mbappe admits transfer confirmation imminent after ‘meeting’ with Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta

Now it’s an actual ‘meeting’, which feels like something you arrange rather than a two-second encounter at an awards ceremony but…

Those final hopes of Mbappe joining Arsenal were given a seismic boost when the man himself spoke to Mikel Arteta.

Wow. Just wow.

Just the sheer sight of Arteta and Mbappe exchanging pleasantries was enough to send Arsenal fans on social media into a transfer frenzy.

It sent somebody into a transfer frenzy, for sure…

👉 Arsenal would send ‘serious message’ over £80m Man Utd transfer after Arteta holds ‘secret talks’
👉 Arsenal have ‘no problem paying’ whopping ‘commission’ as Edu uses ‘close ties’ with agent


Carrick ride
Manchester United do still have a manager, though you would be forgiven for thinking otherwise.

After supposedly being pied by Kieran McKenna (whose agent has played an absolute blinder over the last week, BTW), the Express are more than happy to make casual clickers believe that there is another new name in the frame.

Man Utd will ‘100 per cent’ appoint former coach as manager – but it’s not Kieran McKenna

The ‘news’ story is that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has backed Michael Carrick to one day follow in his footsteps and manage Manchester United.

If that sounds familiar it’s because it absolutely is: Those Solskjaer quotes – widely reported at the time – are from May 2023.

The next time somebody tells us that Google are rewarding expertise, experience, authoritativeness and trustworthiness, we will point towards the rather high ranking for this reconstituted bumwash.


C-c-c-called a U-TURN
We’re now told by The Sun that Manchester United could make a U-turn (sorry, U-TURN) on Erik ten Hag. Quite how you make a U-turn without first making a decision is initially unclear but presumably, The Sun will explain…

SIR JIM RATCLIFFE could make a dramatic U-turn on sacking Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag.

Supporters of the club have made it clear they want the Dutchman – who is subject to an ongoing review – to stay after he led the side to a second trophy in two years, beating Man City to the FA Cup last Saturday.

Now it’s a ‘dramatic’ U-turn, even though it’s an ‘ongoing review’. So Manchester United are taking their time to make a decision but if that final decision is that Ten Hag will stay, that is a ‘dramatic u-turn’? At most, it’s a slight wiggle of the steering wheel while you change the channel on the radio.

Mediawatch has now scrolled through five pages of a LIVE Manchester United blog that promised details of an ‘Erik ten Hag ‘U-TURN’’ but there are none. It’s almost like they have no f***ing clue what is happening but know that U-TURNS are big click business.

Meanwhile, The Sun’s actual Manchester United correspondent Neil Custis has been writing that ‘MANCHESTER UNITED’S new ­manager must adhere to strict rules that could put potential candidates off the post’ though he concedes that the club ‘are yet to officially dismiss Erik ten Hag as they try to agree on a successor’.

Has he not heard about the U-TURN?

Goal have heard about it; they call it a ‘massive u-turn’.

They are citing a Manchester Evening News story that ‘Manchester United are considering retaining Erik ten Hag as their manager for next season’. Which is soft of how ongoing review processes work.

If that’s a ‘massive u-turn’, then Mediawatch has a ‘massive u-turn’ every time we discuss dinner with Mrs Mediawatch.

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