Seven Euro Fantasy Football mistakes you need to avoid

Date published: Thursday 10th June 2021 1:59 - News Desk

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We’ve signed up for the £1million FanTeam Euro 2020 Fantasy football tournament – here we have seven mistakes you need to avoid making if you’re to stand any chance whatsoever of beating us


With a minimum guaranteed prize pool of £1million and a guaranteed first-place prize of £200,000, we didn’t need much convincing to play the FanTeam game this summer. It’s £20 to enter, but even finishing in the top 10,000 will win you a pay-out of £30. Let’s just say we’re feeling confident.

So confident, in fact, that we’ve compiled a list of the seven fantasy football mistakes you’ll want to avoid. We’re actively helping you beat us. Or purposely feeding you duff information so you get nowhere near us in the leaderboard. You decide…


Don’t triple up on France players straight away
are justifiably seen as the favourites going into the tournament with a squad flooded with world-class talent.

However, with them being placed in Group F, otherwise known as ‘the group of death’, it might be wise to hold back on completely going all in on France players straight away.

Portugal and Germany are both expected to be stern tests for Didier Deschamps’ side, and the real value from the French players could come in the knock-out stages, so use your transfers wisely.

FanTeam Euros Gameweek 1


Don’t panic if you have a shocker of a first gameweek
This one’s a marathon, not a sprint.

It would be advised that you leave it at least a couple of gameweeks before you consider completely ripping up your side and starting again.

Each week you’ll have the opportunity to make one free transfer, but each subsequent move you make will cost you –4 points, which may not seem much at first, but trust us, they’ll stack up fast.


Be wary about picking too many England players
England weren’t exactly firing on all cylinders in their two warm-up matches and with the Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United players only recently joining up with the camp, it might take a few games before they click into top gear.

Harry Kane will no doubt be a popular choice and he’s probably the safest bet when it comes to the England squad, but the rest of the team is pretty much up for grabs.

Will Gareth Southgate start Marcus Rashford or Raheem Sterling? Has Jack Grealish now done enough to justify a starting place? Is Harry Maguire going to be fit enough?

There’s a lot of questions around the England camp at the moment so it might be best to err on the side of caution when picking them for your team.

FanTeam Euros scoring system


Spending all your budget on your attack
Like in real life, forwards will cost you the most money because they will be the players picking up goals, assists and plenty of points, but it’s just as important to have a strong defence.

Going with at least one premium defender might be wise and could be the difference in where you place in your league.

You’re going to be in a bit of a mess if by the last 16, all of your defenders have been knocked out of the competition.


Not knowing the rules
The way that players score points in the game is fairly similar to FPL, with them gaining points for things like scoring and winning, and losing points for things like being sent off and losing.

But there are a few key rules that you need to be aware of, for example, players will not pick up any points for things they do in extra time or penalty shootouts, only for their contributions within the normal 90 minutes.

So, when the group stages are over and we head into the knockout rounds, this is one rule to bear in mind.

FanTeam Euros rules


Not leaving some money in the budget for transfers
This one is entirely up to you and some people will be determined to spend the exact £105million budget they’ve been given straight away.

But one reason why it might be wise to leave yourself with a couple million left over is so that you’ve got a little bit of wiggle-room when making transfers.

It can get a little bit messy otherwise and before you know it, you end up taking a –8 point hit for trying to afford an upgrade you’re desperate for.


Forgetting to change your captain each week
This one’s a bit of a rookie mistake, but you’d be surprised at just how many people forget to change their captain each week, depending on the fixtures.

Have a look at your players’ fixtures before you submit your final team and have an idea of who you’re going to captain each week.

Some popular choices for gameweek one captains will be the likes of Romelu Lukaku (11.5m), Cristiano Ronaldo (10m), and Memphis Depay (8.5m).


Sign up and enter your team before 8pm on Friday when Turkey and Italy get the Euros underway for your chance to win £200,000 – and, more importantly, beat us.


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