Seven players Man Utd desperately need to get rid of

Date published: Wednesday 12th June 2019 2:29

Luke Shaw Chris Smalling Manchester United

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Getting rid of the deadwood
United desperately need signings, but they need to display a similar level of urgency in getting rid of the deadwood that sits at our club year after year. A good start would be to stop offering bad players contract extensions, but alas, here we are. Who needs to go? Let me tell you, my naive friend who believes any of the people I’m about to mention will actually leave.

1) Ashley Young. If next season starts and Ashley Young walks out of that tunnel with the captain’s armband on, I will be taking a sabbatical from football. I’m very much like Pep Guardiola in that sense. Seriously though, Ashley Young needs to leave and never look back. We all need to pretend that he was never here. He is the epitome of everything wrong with this club. Bad players getting contract extensions because they’re English and “reliable.” And by “reliable” I mean he had a few games that were better than most people would have thought a bad winger turned bad full back could muster up.

2) Phil Jones and Chris Smalling. Comedy duo of the century. Two players who truly know how to bring out the worst in each other and myself. Let us end the proverbial shit storm that plagues our club. Please, for the love of football, just leave.

3) Luke Shaw. Voted our player of the season. Luke Shaw was voted our player of the season. Luke. Shaw. The type of player who looks like he just kind of got bored so he decided to stop trying very hard. Guess it’s working out well.

4) Sanchez. At least you can play piano.

5) Lukaku. For his own sake. Wherever he goes next, he will score goals. Wherever he goes after that, he will score goals. Unfortunately, despite a pretty decent record, United and Lukaku seem like a mismatch. Yet the love Daniel Storey made me feel for you remains.

6) Lingard. He has the creativity of a 70 year old accountant and he shoots like a democrat. Get him out.

I am now bored of this and will stop. Goodbye.
Gaaavie, Kaapstad naaier


United don’t need 15 new players
I know its common place and en vogue and on trend and hastagging or whatever the hell the words are nowadays for fashionable.. to slag Manchester United off for being terrible. Terrible at their jobs, All of them seemingly
From the Glazers to Ed to Ole to the players, they are all terrible if you listen to … well anyone seemingly

They will finish just above relegation next year, if they are lucky, with a rubbish team, so its not their fault is it..

I think we all forget that this rubbish team won 14 or Ole’s first 16 game in charge.
Not ‘werent beaten / drew’ but WON 14 from 16…. Thats pretty bloody good in my estimation

Then they lost loads and were turd again, just like when Jose was there.. literally as soon as Ole has signed a contract..

So lets not pretend that suddenly they need 15 new players and 400billions worth of signings.. They CAN do it if the WANT, as they have proved.
I think the problem is more that they cant be arsed for whatever reason.. Now that I cant properly fathom to be honest but lets not get carried away and then pretend to be amazed and shocked that by Xmas they are in a 3 horse race for the top spots with City and Pool

They are a bloody good team with bloody good players that can and do and have very recently won a massive string of games… Overhaul, my arse!

I am sick of the moaning!
Al LFC (yes LFC)


Further football reading
Great mail from Mike, LFC, London this morning with some suggested summer reading. In light of his suggestions here are a few of my own:

Woody and Nord: A little known autobiography co-authored by Gareth Southgate and Andy Woodman (ex-Newcastle GK coach and father of England U20 WC winner, Freddie). It tells their time spent in the youth team together and subsequent divergent career paths. Very well written and full of brilliant anecdotes. F365 writers/readers will particularly enjoy a tale of Woodman tricking Stan Collymore into splurging his signing bonus on Woodman’s old car.

Scunthorpe Hasta La Muerta: Part biography of Alex Calvo Garcia (one of the first foreign players to play in the lower leagues and Scunthorpe cult hero), part social history of lower league football fans and players. Provides a lot of insight into how hard adapting to playing in another country can be but also how those who do adapt truly enjoy living in a town like Scunthorpe!

Striker and/or Sweeper: Did you know Steve Bruce had written football related murder mysteries? Hilariously awful books involving a fictionalised Steve Bruce as the manager of a fictionalised Huddersfield Town. A series of coincidences result in him having to solve murders and prove his innocence. Anyone unable to get their hands on a copy should listen to the Quickly Kevin, Will He Score? Podcast reviews.

On top of suggestions, perhaps F265 could run a feature on suggested reading. I can imagine Jonny Nic incorporating it into his reviews of football media.
Joe, Midlands


@Mike, LFC, London – The Miracle of Castel di Sangro. It’s slightly jarring to read an American guy who has never played football explain the rules but he had unprecedented access to a tiny provincial team during a period of barely believable drama and success. I won’t ruin it for you but the story is incredible and it’s hard to imagine anyone being able to write a similar book again due to the increasingly corporate nature of professional football.

Simon Cochrane


Mike, LFC, London you could do worse than have a look at Garrincha: The Triumph and Tragedy of Brazil’s Forgotten Footballing Hero by Ruy Castro, sad story for anyone who doesn’t know it already.
Mark Jones, LFC, Liverpool


Liverpool lucky…really??
Now I am probably just an idiot for biting at Lewis,Busby Way and his “lucky Liverpool” but can we put it to bed once and for all.

Liverpool got 97 points,scored 89 goals,had a +67 gd.
They lost 1 league game all season & in that game Kompany should have been sent off.
Also they were millimetres away from drawing and Citys winner hit the post and went in,Mane hit the post and it came out.
Against Arsenal away they had a perfectly good goal chalked off for offside and Arsenal equalised with an offside goal.
They drew 1-1 with Leicester and would have won when inexplicably Atkinson did not give the most blatant of penalties for a foul on Keita.And you say Liverpool had the rub of the green.

Liverpool also won their last 9 league games  and still did not win the league.Blackburn lost 2 of their last 5 league games in ’95 & still won the league.
City won their last 10 league games-5 by 1 goal-& the 1-0 win v Burnley the ball was millimetres over the line and Vincent Kompany scored from 30 yards for the first time in his career with 2 games to go to ensure City won.
Am not saying Liverpool didn’t have decisions go their way but lets not rewrite history here and say City were at their swashbucking best for 38 games,they also had the rub of the green at times but ultimately they were the better team as they got more points.

Lewis reminds me of the type of anti Liverpool fan who pops up when Liverpool play big games.
The type who when Liverpool should have beaten Real last season says “ah shur,even at their best they still couldn’t win” & when Liverpool were fortunate(ish)to beat Spurs calls them “lucky.”
Lewis,I could easily say if Bayern could shoot straight,if Bergkamp could score penalties and if Arsenal beat Leeds then Utd would have won no treble.
Not to mention JT slipping to score the winning pen in Moscow or Grant throwing the league away in ’08.

1999 in partucular was as lucky a season as any club ever had.(to all non Utd fans at least)
No mention by Mancs of Bayern “bottling” it or “lucky Utd” though,just that “Utd never gave up.”
Funny that.
You see what you want to see-simple as.


Why not celebrate every goal in a 13-0 win?
Reading Steve’s mail about celebrating the goals each USA player scored in their 13-0 made be think “but why not?” you’re at the World Cup, you have just scored for your country, it is down to the individual if they celebrate their goal, be it at 1-0, 3-3 or 13-0, I have never been one to moan if a player celebrates against their former club or not either, what do fellow Mailboxers think about celebrating at a certain scoreline or against a former club, do you care or not care?
Mikey, CFC (If I scored a goal in a World Cup I would probably never stop celebrating, a red card for sure)



Absolutely astonished by some of the comments/criticism for the USWNT following their 13-0 win over Thailand (let me get my disclosures out early doors: I am not an American. Don’t support the USA).

Here is some of the nonsense I have come across: Very ugly, impossible to love, poor sportsmanship, tasteless, et cetera.

What the actual f***?

Yes, the US celebrated each goal like it was the first. Yes, the difference in quality was massive. So what? The USWNT were in pursuit of a record. It’s a world cup. You are under a federation which is absolute bonkers. You happen to be far better than the men’s team and are still paid less. Et cetera et cetera. To use an example from men’s football (only because my knowledge of the women’s game is poor): Gabriel Jesus and the Manchester City players wildly celebrated his goal vs Southampton. Why? Because 100 points. A record. The league was won long back, Southampton were one place above the relegation spots. But they celebrated. USA, too, celebrated their goals as they created a record. Both, the USA and Manchester City, were rightly jubilant.

The goal difference argument is a red herring, so I won’t bother going there. But asking the USWNT to ease up after scoring 6/7 goals is nonsense.

I will readily apologise for my defence of the USWNT if one professional footballer comes forward and says that the opposition’s celebrations are more demoralising than the score-line itself. That not celebrating beyond a point at the pinnacle of the sport is something to be cherished. Yes, they could have chosen not to celebrate beyond goals 5/6/7. But they didn’t have to. That should not attract abuse.

This is what Eniola Aluko tweeted last night: “For those tweeting me about this not being a good advert for women’s football. Folks it’s Thailand, with the greatest respect. They’re giving as best as they can. It’s also the job of #USA to win, not to make football more comforting for you.”

Aluko then went on to respond to a tweet which asked her about the celebrations by saying that it was “the greatest form of respect”.

The US women’s national team showed its class when it was required: at the end of the game. They immediately consoled the Thai players after the full-time whistle. The Thai keeper was embraced, a weeping defender was hugged and words of comfort were spoken. Even the Thailand boss, Nuengruethai Sathongwien, praised the US: “They saw that our players were very disappointed and they wanted to encourage us to continue fighting. Thank you very much for that.”

Rant over.
Siddharth waiting-for-my-full-backs Upasani.


Have Chelsea run out of options?
Reading Aaron, CFC, Ireland mail and thinking of another suitable option for Chelsea manager, it hit me… have Chelsea run out of elite managers to hire?
Red Zulu


Euro 2020
Rant of the day / month

A group of us went to the Euros in 2016, between 15-20 of us at any given time, we took in games in three cities, Marseille, Lyon and St Etienne. Going to football games, on the continent, in the sun, drinking beer, with your best mates, it was great.

We’re looking to do something similar for Euro2020. It is horrendous. For anyone not aware the games are spread out over 12 cities, all across Europe, stretching as far as Baku.  Planning a route is proving tough and expensive.

Who thought this was a good idea? Football is broken.
Shaun, Don’t take me home, please don’t take me home…


Jacqui Oatley
Rob in Gravesend – you sir, are so right about Jacqui Oatley.

She is a brilliant commentator and has one of those John Motson memories where she seems to remember everything. I also loved the fact she challenged Wenger that time even if he didn’t like it – that’s what journos are supposed to do. She was also late to sports journalism but had the passion to pursue a career covering the sport she loves.

In an era in which ex pros seem to take the mickey out of each other instead of appraising the game or offering any insight, and one in which pundits use the Roy Walker ‘say what you see’ approach to commentary, Oatley really is underused.

And she’s been in the game for ages now so isn’t it time she was fronting Match Of The Day or Super Sunday?
Graham Simons, Gooner, Norf London


Season predictions
I’ve never quite understood people making earnest next-season predictions before the transfer window shuts.  What’s the point?  Even more so when you have no idea what any given club is willing or able to spend, or who gets to make transfer decisions within those clubs.  It’s even more pointless if you’re in the unhappy position of not even knowing who your manager will be!  Once the window shuts and you know for sure who has come and who has gone then, it seems to me, you can make your predictions with some confidence.  Hey-ho.

On a related note, I’m growing ever more uneasy at the apparent lack of transfer activity.  I’ve always thought it a sign of a well-run club that signings are made early after the window opens implying as it does that the relevant scouting and in-depth research has all been done in good time.  When the opposite occurs, it suggests that the right players weren’t identified early enough or the club couldn’t/wouldn’t sign the preferred first choices and are settling for second best, if not outright desperate as the deadline looms.

Both City’s chief exec and Pep said last month that our targets had been identified and things were in hand (or words to that effect).  Well, here we are a month after the window opened and nothing’s happened. Moreover, and I stand to be corrected, no other PL club has made any significant signings either.

Am I missing something?
Mark (Couldn’t predict a winner if my life depended on it) MCFC.


I think Lewis makes some fair points in the mailbox.  Even as a Liverpool fan, I’d still have Man City as favourites as it seemed to be less of a slog for them compared to Liverpool and we did have more luck.

The only thing that’s up for debate however is that City will improve further. I think given their points totals of the previous two seasons they have got to the point where how much further can they improve in terms of points?  Of course they could get more than 100 points but I just see that as unrealistic.

It’s really not a case of if City improve therefor get more points, but that the opposition improve so to take more points off City and Liverpool.  Too many teams were already defeated before playing City.  That has to change.

The way it is,  I can see Liverpool improving, Fab full season behind him (lets not forget he was written off by many), Keita settled, the full backs better than they were at the start of last season, Ox back,Gomez back, and winning the Champions League will hopefully give us that extra belief and arrogance that top teams seem to have. Having said that, I can see us being a better team, but actually getting less points if that makes sense.

So in reality for anyone to win the league other than City, it’s time for the other teams to step up and take more points off them.  That’s of course if they can. They might just be happy to see City get a third League title in a row and continue to “save football”.
Vinnie Brownlow, LFC, Glasgow


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