Shearer ‘would speak to England’ over replacing Roy

Matt Stead

Alan Shearer has highlighted the importance of experience as the Football Association starts the search for England’s next manager.

Roy Hodgson stepped down after their elimination from Euro 2016 following the 2-1 defeat to Iceland in Nice.

Hodgson resigned as manager in the aftermath, and Harry Redknapp, Jamie Carragher and many more have offered their reactions to an “abject” performance. Matt Stead even brings you player ratings. They are positively glowing in praise.

Former England striker Shearer told BBC1: “I went to see the FA four or five years ago and I said, ‘I want it, I’ll have that job’.

“They looked at me and said, ‘No, it’s a lack of experience’. And I said, ‘You’ve hired experienced guys, you’ve paid them an absolute fortune, I could not have done any worse than those guys’.

“I’d definitely speak to them, absolutely. I would offer my experience and tournament experience.

“Even if Gareth Southgate got it, for him to take players in with experience who’ve been there and done it then that has to be of benefit also.”

On England’s performance on Monday night, the former Newcastle boss added: “That was the worst performance I’ve ever seen from an England team. Ever.

“We were out-fought, out-thought, out-battled and totally hopeless for 90 minutes. I said after the three group games that England weren’t good enough – I didn’t see enough.

“It looked to me like Roy was making it up as he was going along. It was tactically inept.

“How can he pick Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere? We had players in the squad who didn’t deserve to be there. Manchester City’s winger Raheem Sterling hasn’t performed. We can go on and on. Then there was Tottenham striker Harry Kane on corners – the list is endless.

“Our players caved tonight. We’ve all played under pressure, they caved and the manager caved. He gave Manchester United teenage striker Marcus Rashford four minutes and he still did more than anyone else.

“We are blinded by the Premier League, we think it’s the best in the world for talent, it’s not. We are totally reliant for foreign players and managers for excitement. We are not as good as we think we are.”