Sherwood thinks three clubs could ‘turn Harry Kane’s head’

Date published: Wednesday 20th September 2017 11:20

Tim Sherwood thinks Barcelona, Real Madrid or Manchester United could lure Harry Kane away from Tottenham if they don’t win a major trophy this season.

Kane scored 29 goals in 30 Premier League appearances last campaign and has already bagged six in all competitions for Spurs and England so far this term.

The 24-year-old is reportedly on £90,000 a week, with a possible extra £30,000 paid in bonuses, leaving him a long way behind some of the Premier League’s top earners.

And Sherwood reckons it is only a matter of time before Kane’s head gets turned unless Spurs can start winning major honours.

“There’s only so much loyalty someone can show,” Sherwood told Sky Sports.

“Tottenham have been a great club for Harry and he’s been paying them back tenfold. He’s been outstanding over the last couple of seasons, he grew up a stone’s throw from the ground and the kid loves the club.

“But that only lasts a certain amount of time. Then he starts seeing the pound signs and sees the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid or – dare I say it – Manchester United – and then your head gets turned.

“The only way they can keep him is to win something this year. That something might not be the Carabao Cup, it might have to be the league or the FA Cup.”

Ian Wright, who was also speaking on The Debate, reckons Tottenham could have to break their wage structure to keep Kane happy.

“What they don’t want to do is get Kane into a position where he’s got no choice but to kick on, simply because that’s what he wants to do,” Wright said.

“We’ve seen him do interviews where he says he wants to play in the Champions League regularly and be winning it, and win the Ballon d’Or. He’s a very ambitious player.

“If Daniel Levy isn’t going to throw that kind of money their way… and I don’t want it to seem to be all about money but it does massively help.

“When you’ve got someone like Kane who has two Golden Boots in three years and he’s still £120,000 to £150,000 behind somebody, that just doesn’t add up.

“It doesn’t make sense and if I was in his shoes, then I would be loyal to Spurs right now, but you cannot tell me that people are not in his ear.

“He’s probably under pressure all the time simply because of what he is capable of earning right now.”

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