Jordan: ‘Bully’ Klopp needs to be ‘reined in’ as he’s ‘pushing the envelope’

Lewis Oldham
Simon Jordan criticises Jurgen Klopp

Former Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan has accused Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp of “bullying” officials and media as he’s “pushing the envelope”.

Liverpool were in action on Sunday as they faced Spurs at The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Klopp’s side were unfairly denied a penalty in the first half and Harry Kane was fortunate to avoid being sent off.

One man cannot criticise Spurs v Liverpool ref in good faith

The two sides played out an entertaining 2-2 draw. Klopp claimed after the game that Premier League referee Paul Tierney “has a problem” with him. 

This result leaves Liverpool three points behind league leaders Manchester City after 18 games. Chelsea are a further three points adrift in third.

As quoted by talkSPORT, Jordan has suggested that Klopp’s personality needs to be “managed differently”:

“I’m a massive admirer of Jurgen Klopp and a massive admirer of his team… but I do think we have to look at the way he’s operating now,” Jordan said.

“He’s operating at a level which makes him omnipotent around every aspect of the technical area, whether it’s bullying the opposition, bullying the fourth official, bullying the media…

“I don’t like to use the word ‘bullying’ because it invokes dynamics of others being weaker but he’s very, very strong and is moving into a territory where I’ve not seen many managers operate.

“I remember watching Graeme Souness when he was manager of Blackburn operating in the technical area and thinking ‘woah, that’s a big strong some of the things you’re saying’.

“I think Klopp is getting into a territory where his observations, his outlook, his disposition are invoking reactions in people like Arteta, where they feel that they need to get back into the situation where they can control what’s going on because Klopp is such a powerful influence.

“I like it in one respect but I was watching the game and thought to myself ‘you’re getting a bit carried away with yourself, you’re getting a bit too much latitude.’

“This will bring a reaction from Liverpool fans but I just watch him and think he needs to be reined in a bit. I just think he’s pushing the envelope and he’s asserting his personality over people in a way that I think should be managed a little bit differently.

“I want people to push back, but then what you get is the accusation that Arteta stepped out of his box and imbued the crowd with a degree of passion because he went toe-to-toe with Klopp.

“I think Klopp stands on the touchline watching the opposition warming up, gets into their heads… it’s up to people to have the mental strength to do it but when they do have the application to meet fire with fire you’re going to see some incidences and then the media are going to call it out and say it’s unsightly.

“He’s not out of control, he’s pushing the envelope.”