Jordan: Stars must be ‘dragged kicking and screaming’ to take pay cut

Will Ford
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Simon Jordan has said the reason Premier League players have yet to agree a pay cut is because they do not want to.

Premier League clubs have proposed wage cuts of around 30 per cent for their players, but negotiations with the PFA have hit a stumbling block.

Members are concerned that the money made by their financial sacrifice will not be going to the right places, namely the NHS and public services.

Liverpool and Tottenham, the Premier League’s two most profitable clubs in 2018/19, attracted widespread criticism for their furloughing of staff, though Liverpool have since performed a U-turn.

Jordan insists their actions were in order to force the hand of the players, who “need to shift their backsides”.

“The basic principle behind this is the two most profitable football clubs in English football, Tottenham and Liverpool, are the two clubs who have gone out and made a stance,” Jordan told talkSPORT.

“I don’t understand why Liverpool fans are not more angry with their players not coming to the fore and taking a pay cut.

“The leverage which was being bought by this furlough, Liverpool don’t need £400,000 of savings from furlough, what Liverpool and Tottenham did it for is because they want to leverage the players because the players are not doing what they should be doing, despite the assertions of people, they have done nothing in four weeks.

“The reasons why they haven’t done it is because they don’t want to do it and they are going to have to be made to do it.

“The bigger picture is not about furloughs, it’s about the elephant in the room, why won’t these players come to the fore now, why are they being dragged kicking and screaming by public opinion to take a pay cut.

“What can you do in three weeks? I don’t know, maybe you can build a 4,000-bed hospital in London. But we can’t get 600 players in the Premier League to take a pay cut which is clearly needed to salvage their football club.”