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Date published: Wednesday 12th May 2021 7:45 - Editor F365

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Sir Alex would be fuming at this
The general consensus among the media, especially the Sky and Talksport brigades, seems to be that O.G.S. made the right decision for Manchester United by fielding the children and De Gea. This is corruption at its finest, aided and abetted by a complicit media and an apathetic public.

I’ve heard all the excuses (3 games in 5 days, etc, etc,). First of all, neither Liverpool nor United is in the FA Cup final, so they could have chosen to play the cancelled Liverpool game later in May. United are also at fault for not securing their stadium properly and allowing fans to invade the pitch. Any other Premier League team would have been sanctioned for this and forced to forfeit the game and concede the three points. But of course, money talks, and United-Liverpool is far too “box office” to for Sky/BT and the club owners to lose the advertising revenue. By going about things the way they have done on this occasion, they are setting a dangerous precedent. But I digress…

The point I came here to make is that Sir Alex Ferguson would have fought until the bitter end to win the league, no matter how slim the chances. Besides, it could be years before United have another chance to actually challenge for a Premier League title. After all, Howard Webb is retired and last year’s the penalty stream quickly dried up around December, when the referees came under a lot of scrutiny for the all the gifts they kept giving United. They may never come this close to challenging again under Ole. Why throw it away just to spite Liverpool?

But most importantly, why are we all okay with this?
Dr KA Brown (A fan of football, first)


…before SAF and after SAF, man utd were (and are now btw) a cup side and not a classy consistent title winning and European cup winning machine (I.e. Real, Barca, bayern, Liverpool up until 1990), so take SAF out of their history and u get a scrappy decent cup winning side with a few world class players, some exciting wingers, and a sole European trophy, footballing wise (without SAF) man utd are are not able to sit at the top table or understand what it means to sit there and frankly they don’t really care, when u don’t get the big picture u don’t play for the big picture, the man utd we old timers all know care more about their petty rivalry with Liverpool than winning the title, SAF would never down tools if they were still in the title race ( no matter how unlikely it was to succeed).

So watch as Ole will field his strongest 11 against Liverpool on Thursday in a match that thanks to his decisions against Leicester has now become really obsolete for them, and with a cup final to come he should be looking to rotate, but for Ole and utd fans , Liverpool not making top 4 is more important than utd winning the title, which is why they won’t win it again for the next few years ( is it 9 and counting now?)

And before anyone whines – Liverpool have been poor all season and will only make top 4 by a few other teams collapsing so we’re not looking for a utd favor by them not turning up like the Leicester game, Ole has every right to field his best or weakest 11 in every game.

But to rest the team when a win could’ve kept the title race alive for another week is defeatist ( imagine if they had beaten Leicester and then beat Liverpool before city kick a football again) who knows what could happen if city get nervous in the run in,

But don’t hold your breath folks Ole threw in the towel so we’ll never know.
Rainy (Congrats Man City well deserved, and now I’m sure Ole is gonna get sacked) Day


Pity the Glazers
During the Fergie years the United supporters didn’t consider the Europa League worthy of inclusion/ discussion when bragging about their trophy success. And now you’ve the club prioritising it over the Premier League – how far has this club fallen?

I feel sorry for the Glazers. They offer up shed loads of cash to keep the team competitive and they get rewarded like this? Fielding a full strength team at four goals up to a poor Roma side, to rest that entire team for a crucial league game? And then you’ve the fans protesting for lack of silverware, yet when they’re in contention for something the Manager folds and hands it over to their city rivals.

You couldn’t make this up. Dodging FA Cup games for holidays and weddings is nothing compared to this.

I wish the Glazers all the best in trying to fix that mess over there.. starting with attitudes, obviously. Get some winners in, guys that will never fold until the last ball is kicked. On second thought, maybe the ESL was the best place for them – a closed/ uncompetitive league.

A new low this. I can’t imagine the Premier League are too happy.


This guy really cares
How dare your site say tonight’s result means nothing to Man Utd?

To me it means a lot, it’s the night we gave up on chasing City, which was never a real goal but speaks volumes about our weak cowardly manager, not to mention his brain dead tactics.

It was the night we gave up on second as when Liverpool beat us (we’ve given up all the games this week, just look at Ole’s build up chat) Chelsea will now overtake us from being a mile back.

I honestly believe there is a good chance we miss top 4 as if Liverpool get a couple of goals against us then it’s all on based on goal difference and Ole doesn’t have it in him with his spineless chat to pick this team up after this.

(It’s impossible but we admire your passion – Ed)

Honestly no top four might be a God send as we’ll get rid of this shell of a man that’s in charge of the club and with him in charge we can’t really protest at matches as Ole will always be part of the classic Man Utd so please let him be gone so we can really start to strip this club of it’s cancerous owners

But most of all f**k your site for making out Utd fans don’t care about a loss.
Leon Davies


Man Utd get away with anything
So how did that happen? Ole decides this is the only way to do it by fielding a mixture of youths and reserves to hand the title to their noisy neighbours. He bleats on about a fixture schedule truly of their own making by not being able to fulfil a fixture against the team they wanted knocked off their perch. Not a word from the FA but weren’t they allowed to withdraw from the FA Cup when it suited them. It just goes to show that they can do what they want and get away with it. It remains to be seen what their friends at the FA will do now because I do remember teams being fined or sanctioned for fielding weakened teams before.

The fact is they know they’re not winning the league and are safely in the top four and accordingly will select youths and stiffs for the rest of the league to rest the superstars for the Mickey mouse league final. I’m sure one of their ex-managers will be fuming and he’s right to be. It’s wrong and Ole knows it is but I can only assume that a certain knight of the realm has him well tutored in the dark arts of football.
James Collins, Waterford, Ireland, Chelsea since 1970


…You’re right that Liverpool have nobody to blame but themselves for failing to make the Champions League – if they fail to do so. However, they do have every right to feel aggrieved at yesterday’s match. Following the fan protest at Old Trafford, it is they who have been punished the most, or at the least, more than United. Their schedule was altered and impacted, shortening their gap between games and rendering their pre-match training inaccurate. It was this rearrangement that led to the necessity of United to play their B team against Leicester, thus making it an easier game for them to win. West Ham and Chelsea, too, could also complain. The integrity of the competition has been jeopardised. I know clubs can, and should, play whatever players they choose to, and matches have and will be rescheduled for legit reasons – but this situation leaves a sour taste, because it was totally avoidable.

You say there is nothing else that could have been done, the season needs to finish when it does, but there was one clear and obvious solution; award the win for the postponed game to Liverpool. I know neither club had anything to do with the protest, but governing bodies routinely – and should when they don’t – punish clubs for their fan behaviour, especially due to racial abuse or booing the UEFA anthem. It is not unheard of, and if anything, was the right course of action in this situation. It was United fans that caused this match to be cancelled, because they caused an unsafe and unplayable work environment. It was United fans that made it impossible for the players to get to the stadium. By not doing it, they have also, by proxy, punished the other clubs chasing the Top 4. This isn’t to say that I disagree with the protest, but that a common sense approach would result in that outcome. If anything, I reckon United fans would have preferred that, as it would have meant their protest had a greater impact, and shown that they have the power to affect on pitch matters in a meaningful way. Plus United have safely gotten into the Top 4 so it doesn’t really make a difference.
Neill, Ireland


Mad at Matic
If I never see Nemanja Matic in a Man United shirt again it’ll still be too late. He is probably one of the worst signings of recent years as it’s saddled the midfield with a player lacking any dynamism or agility or ball playing ability plus a hefty wage. I hope he’s sold in the summer to free up some wage bill for a player who will actually sprint and not give the ball away. We could have got a result in the game against Leicester if we had anyone else at the base of the midfield. His passing, control, composure and energy have been non-existent.

Sell him, Lingard and De Gea in the summer, free up funds and wages for a top class defensive midfielder who McTominay can also learn from to add to his defensive game and give us options, plus bring back Garner from loan to also learn and ensure we never rely on lazy “experienced” players again.

Sorry for the rant.
Andy T, MUFC

Man Utd Leicester F365


The kids are alright
Wanted to mail to say how I was looking forward to seeing Utds second XI tested.

After 50 mins, Utd making 10 changes since last game, I’m impressed.

Had utd made that many changes in previous seasons we would have been 4 goals down by now. If Leicester don’t win then they really are shit. If utd turn it around off the bench then I will be even more impressed.
Jon, Cape Town (semi pissed)


Sterling Rashford are peas in a pod
Raheem Sterling and Marcus Rashford are basically in the same boat.

1) Neither of them currently get into their side’s strongest XI. Raheem has obviously been usurped by the Mahrez-KDB-Foden-Silva fluidity, while at this point in time, Pogba is on the left in United’s best line-up (Rashford is neither a centre-forward or right winger).

2) Both of them have been lauded for non-footballing things-Sterling for his vocal condemnation of racism, Rashford for his philanthropy.

3) Both of them have seen homegrown talent nail down a starting spot ahead of them, which has seen the media focus on the shiny new toys AKA Foden and Greenwood.

4) Both have a similar playing style: relying on speed, but prone to needing a few chances before sticking one away.

Yet, it has hasn’t really been covered by many in media circles, especially when you see Neville include Rashford in his team of the season for some ridiculous reason.

It’s all been rather low-key, particularly in Rashford’s case, who has been off-form for a while now to no fanfare.

Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if either or both of them make a telling impact in the forthcoming cup finals.
Brian (Ole SHOULD go with Greenwood-Bruno-Pogba-Cavani vs Villlareal, but will PROBABLY shoe-horn Marcus in somewhere), Wexford


Looking at Leicester points totals
2014/2015: 41

2015/2016: 81*

2016/2017: 44

2017/2018: 47

2018/2019: 52

2019/2020: 62

2020/2021: 66 (so far)

Can’t argue with that.

Ps – looking forward to some salty mails about the integrity of the league.

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