Are the #OleIn brigade at Man Utd starting to change their minds?

Date published: Sunday 26th September 2021 7:31 - Editor F365

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Edinson Cavani Man Utd

The Mailbox is firmly #OleOut after Man Utd lose to Aston Villa. Send your thoughts to…


The end for Ole?
Well, I think (hope) we’re looking at the end of Ole. When you can field that lineup and not win, that surely has to be the death knell.I’ve always wanted to give Ole as much time as possible and hoped that new signings would give the extra edge on the games we struggled to win last season.

Alas I think it’s time to change the leadership. Ronaldo’s quality just shows up the rest of the squad’s lack of quality and conviction. There’s no tactical cohesion, no plan B, no kick up the arse and no attacking on the front foot. Fred needs booting out and McTomminay needs to go back to ball boy and cup midfielder.

The rot needs to be fixed early on in the season before the decline and belated comeback see us just scrape 4th.
Ben, smiling politely (cringing on the inside)


This will never happen, because it will cost money, but United need to shift Ole out now. This season is going to be a disaster, he’s not going to win a trophy (with this squad!) and he’ll be gone in the summer. We looked good against Leeds. Pretty much every other match has been terrible, often outplayed for large portions and barely deserving of much. Ole is not a top-level manager.

You know it. I know it. Ole knows it. Lord knows Ronaldo and Pogba seem to know it. But the board will do it the United way, fire Ole 10 minutes after we miss out on top 4 and then dither all summer and hire Zidane a month into next season, after Michael Carrick loses his first 3 matches as caretaker.

Let’s just jump ahead to that point. Please. This squad is brilliant. An actual manager could really do something with it.
Ryan, Bermuda


Aston Villa, let that sink in for a few seconds, Man Utd lost at home to Aston Villa.  No disrespect to Villa who lost their best player, The first half a half decent side that Ole has faced at home in the league and look what happens.  A side that won’t finish top half of the league and they come away with the win. Forget the 27 shots at goal, Utd didn’t create a single clear goal scoring chance.

Any sane minded fan saw this coming after the Leeds game.  With that squad, the football that is being turned out is woeful.

But we had lots of shots, not being funny, but shots that any keeper from the championship would have saved.  Shots mean nothing if they are from 25 yards unless they 1) hit the target and force a save or 2) you know, score..

Are any alarm bells sounding with the Ole in brigade? any what so ever?  We were lucky at saints, very lucky at wolves, beat a Newcastle side that is destined to be relegated and that score line flattered, lucky at West Ham, awful against Young Boys, got what we deserved in the cup again to West Ham and then playing Villa, we create nothing.  Ole relies on luck, I have never seen a team in all my years that simply rely on a lucky break as much as this guy does.

Hearing Ole saying that we really struggle against a low block, we were unlucky, the boys had a go despite very little preparation.  Sorry Ole, but sentiment is what is driving Utd all the way to nothingness.  Ole, you are hopeless.  It’s your job, your job and your coach’s job to sort this.

In a season where Ole has to win something to return the faith, and there has been an awful lot more faith shown in him than any other board would show any other manager, he goes into a cup competition that he has a chance of winning and plays 2nd/3rd string players.  Because he needs to keep everyone happy.  Well, I ask, why? Why does he need to keep everyone happy.  I’m sure the likes of Martial, Telles, and the rest are quite happy picking up their wages each week.  So, to say that is nonsense.  I found it quite hilarious where the Ole in brigade supported the defeat in the cup as if Utd have bigger fish to fry.  Like what then?  Please tell us what competition Utd will go far in and stand a chance of winning?

The man is clueless, I haven’t heard his post-match spiel yet but I can guess it is something like, unlucky with injuries, unlucky with this that and everything else.  Bruno was unlucky to hit one of the worst pens I have ever seen.  We decided that Bruno will take pens despite having a bloke with less appearances than Ronaldo has career goals.  Just because I need to keep players happy. (awaiting the stats guys to say he has a better conversion rate to justify their naivety that Ole is great)
Well, get this Ole, players will be perfectly happy if the side is winning.  And if the side is winning and certain players are not selected then unfortunate as it is, that is the name of the game.  It’s not primary school where everyone gets a medal.

Utd are now a YTS scheme but for grown-ups.  Ole is learning his job, said by no top elite professional club or fans about their manager ever.  Just look at that coaching team, Carrick zero experience in coaching, McKenna zero experience in coaching actual first teamers etc.  It’s a joke.  Some of the players who are lauded is ridiculous.  AWB, one of the worst RB’s in the league, Fred who is the worst DM in the league, Verane who is seemingly equally as inept as Maguire is at Utd, Greenwood looked like he had aged 10 years against Villa and not in a good way, Fernandes looks like he is living on his past glory erm…last year.  Now it cannot be the players, at times I have said it is, but simply put, it really cannot be the players.

But still, come the mailbox we’ll have the Ole In brigade shouting that I and the many others who beg for a change know nothing, he just needs time, he’s been unlucky.

But as Ole says almost every game, That’s Football for you. Whilst having that obnoxious grin on his face.

Bring on Villareal, not being funny, but Ole could lose his next 5 and the Ole inners will still be there.


What kind of club are United?
That performance at OT against Villa was the worst I have seen from a United side–and we have lived through Moyes, LvG, and Mourinho in the past decade! The players should be ashamed for not being able to make 5 yard passes under no pressure.

But, of course, the real fault lies with Ole. The lack of coaching from him and his team could not be more apparent; the players have no idea what to do in midfield and in the final third. There are no patterns of play, there are no runs, there is no attacking conviction. He plays Pogba on the left wing; Sancho, a 75m summer purchase, sits on the bench. He hasn’t even coached Greenwood to only shoot when appropriate; the boy, talented as he is, is fast becoming a one-trick pony who plays with his head down. Like Rashsford.

If this was at Real Madrid, Ole would be sacked for that performance alone. Actually, he would never have the job in the first place. He is no Zidane.

And that brings us to what kind of club are United? Which big club in the world will have Ole has manager? Heck, is there any club in the premier league that would take him? Perhaps Arsenal would, but then Pupil Pep has better hair.

United won’t win anything until they start acting like a big club. Until they are ruthless and demand more than Ole’s mediocrity.
Mud. (Oh, Fergie, how I miss you!)


Didnt watch the game, (working, as previously discussed, chef, saturdays dont exist for me) am just watching the highlights having got home. Did read the fallout and post matches on my 15 min break this avo.

Ive watched the goal 10 times now to make sure because there seems to be some form of confusion. How in the hell was that offside Ole? Iz you broken?

This whole SurAlex/Mourinho shtick of deflection after games isnt really being played to its full effect bro. Just makes you look like a twerp who doesnt know what hes doing.
TGWolf(probably cuz he doesnt)THFC


Month 29 of a kneejerk reaction
United will win nothing with Solskjaer
Tim Sutton (United will win nothing with Solskjaer)


Ahhh good
So it’s an ‘Ole out’ week. Got it.
Stu, Southampton

Cristiano Ronaldo Edinson Cavani

Penalty given, but still cocked up!
Hey Ole,

Clearly, the referees heard you calling out on “a certain manager” and gave you a soft penalty.

But, as usual, your team cocked up! Hahahahahahahaha.
James How, Singapore


Bruno is a genius for missing that pen, that guy is Ole Out the same way Gerrard was Roy Hodgson Out. We all remember THAT penalty he “missed”.

He can take Fred with him back to Molde once he gets the boot 👍🏼
Anon (Tic Tac ⏱️)


Villa positives first?
Before the inevitable Man Utd inquest that will be the (continued?) theme of the mailbox, can we have a bit of Villa perspective first?

Having lost our best player, and having bought in some potentially brilliant signings, we started the season undercooked and we’re not even ready for a newly promoted Watford.

Following that up with a win and a draw from Newcastle and Brentford, there was a bit of concern that we could actually struggle a bit post international break, especially with a run of games that included Chelsea, a resurgent Everton and Man Utd away (traditionally a “nil points” match for us).

Instead, we were unlucky to lose 3 nil to Chelsea, spanked 3 past Everton and have now gone to Utd and not only won, but were the better team!

Every player did their job to perfection, and huge credit to both Dean Smith  for the tactical shift to 532 and for being brave enough to make attacking changes when Man Utd started to get a foothold. Final shout to Austin McPhee, whose influence on our set plays has already been startling.

Absolutely buzzing!

Now, let the fall out begin…
Nik (UTV)


Ole has done it again and the momentum continues to build. Villa were the better side and not by a small amount either. They had some very good chances before that cracking header and could have easily won by more.

Hugely amusing that after Ole’s pathetic whine about penalties they got one and missed it anyway, appallingly badly. Beyond surprising that Ronaldo didn’t take it, but I suspect that won’t happen again.

The question now is not so much will Ole get sacked but who will replace him? Conte? That might actually work , for one whole season. But that’s it, he’s too combustible. Koeman will probably be available soon though….

Chelsea v City was an even more surprising result to me. As good as City were, I wasn’t expecting it to be so one sided. But they laid down a marker and as ever, they’re going to be the side to beat. Finish above them and you’ll win the league.

As for ourselves against Brentford , well what can you say really? Amazing game of football, the Bees thoroughly deserved a point. I laughed when Arsenal lost to them in the opening round, I’m not laughing now. This is a bloody good team.

The temptation is to look at it as two points lost, but I think when we look back at the season it’ll be considered a point gained. They’ll bloody more noses than ours before the season is done.

We’re the only side undefeated and we’re top. I’ll take that.

The top 4 is as you’d expect and while the order may change, you probably wouldn’t expect the teams involved to.

Rafa could yet be involved though, he is working miracles already, but the fact that he’s a bloody good coach is not a revelation. If he can avoid falling out with the board for once , this most unlikely of appointments may yet be a master stroke.

He’s spent sod all in comparison to Ole, but the gulf in class couldn’t be clearer. Ole just isn’t up to it and it won’t be long until United do something about it.
James, Liverpool


Brentford vs Liverpool
Now I’ll preface this by saying that I am both a complete neutral and also by admitting any team can have a bad day at the office.

But this fixture really reminded me of the Burnley fixture of last season where Liverpool came unstuck – albeit by a single goal, as I recall.

The Brentford/Liverpool game had everything for a neutral; goals, drama, VAR (I know, I know) and edge of the seat action right until the end.

I feel that this has become indicative of Liverpool in supposedly low-pressure fixtures; they flatter to deceive. To me, a fixture against a decent and entertaining Brentford side should be as close to a gimme as it’s possible to get in the Premier League – I certainly had my eyes on a bundle of points for my FPL side from Salah and Jota.

So, it makes me wonder; are these players unable to get it up for the games against these supposedly weaker teams and can they only perform against the teams that “matter” when it comes to the title race? Or is it more about that these potentially unfancied teams somehow just seem to know about how to undo this Liverpool side?

I will say, it was a fantastic game and a credit to both teams (maybe not the defences, though?).
Martin (Luton fan who feels terrible for Derby)


Don’t let the three goals we scored fool you; Liverpool were quite poor today in my opinion. Our attacking play looked disjointed for the most part and we struggled to build and sustain attacks. We had an awful lot of possession, particularly in the second half but never put the game to bed.

Brentford were also outstanding. I said to an Arsenal supporting friend after the first game of the season that they would take a few scalps this season because of their data driven approach and was worried that this was going to be one of those days. I really didn’t think they could keep up their relentless work rate for the full 90 minutes so thought we would win just because they would tire but fair f**ks to them.

It’s hard not to see it as two points dropped seeing as we were twice leading. The Salah miss at 3-2 is a real shame because it would’ve put the game to bed. I still have no idea how their keeper made that save against Jota. I don’t think it was 100% intentional; I think he was just trying to make any contact with the ball but it was one of the best saves I’ve seen this season. You could see on Jota’s face that he couldn’t believe it hadn’t ended up in the back of the net even after the keeper made contact with it.

Ultimately we are a point better off than anyone else in the league right now which is positive. Curtis Jones scored a goal from worldie distance that had worldie flight but should never have been a goal – think the keeper gets credit and blame for the goals they let in as much as the goals they didn’t today.

Nothing like a casual game at Anfield against Man City next weekend to train the focus.
Minty, LFC


Sometimes in football you just have to say fair play. What a fantastic game of football and a brilliant performance by Brentford. Showing the other promoted teams how it can be done. Totally fearless and a brilliant brand of football. Well done Brentford and well done football.
Mike, LFC, London


Thomas Frank can take over for Jurgen when he’s done at Liverpool if that’s okay with Brentford fans.
Niall, Bethany Beach


Disappointed to drop 2 points against Brentford, but sometimes you have to doff your cap and say ‘fair play’.  That was a hell of a game.
Aidan, Lfc (almost as knackered as after Alaves)


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