Actually, Solskjaer has been a success at Manchester United

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer applauds the Manchester United fans

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Success has already been achieved by Solskjaer
No disrespect intended but can’t help feeling you guys phoned it in a little with the Solskjaer piece this morning. United would be a force to be reckoned with if only they hired a great manager?!! Ye gads it’s genius! Why didn’t they think of it sooner!

It’s not like United haven’t tried. Moyes was hired based on the potential shown at Everton, the belief that at United he could become great. LVG – a former great – was given the chance and so too was arguably one of the greatest of the modern era, Mourinho. Mourinho and LVG had that “spark” you refer to. How did that work out? It all failed – quite spectacularly in fact.

With the possible exception of Guardiola, there are no guarantees that any manager will come in and succeed so questioning why United haven’t just gone out and hired a “great” manager (as if that idea has not previously occurred to them) is rather simplistic.

“Success” under Solskjaer has already been achieved – this is what it looks like. The squad, while not perfect and lacking in midfield, is probably the strongest it has been since well before Ferguson left. There is lots of young talent. The dressing room is harmonious. League position has incrementally improved. United are once again in the Champions League and should remain in the top four. The ship has been steadied and there is a strong bedrock for the next manager to work with.

Many of the “Greats” of my lifetime, the managers who founded dynasties – Ferguson, Wenger, even Guardiola and Mourinho (Chelsea Mark 1 at least) – were catapulted there from relatively humble beginnings rather than arriving as fully fledged, established giants.

Yes, longstanding issues such as quality coaching and style of play remain to be sure. Ole is more hit than miss tactically and let’s face it unlikely to get past Guardiola, Klopp and Tuchel all. On balance things have improved however.

My guess is that it’ll be time for a change by the end of the season. But barring calamity Ole should be sent on his way with respect, good wishes and thanks for helping to lay stronger foundations than he inherited.
Steve (Dublin)


…Another day, another hit piece on Ole. The man who finished above Klopp and Tuchel. The same man who beat Pep thrice last season. But sure, why not keep grating the same nonsense again and again just to get clicks. It’s getting tiring, the fact that there is an article after every defeat, usually 3-4 different articles after every match, just skewering Ole on this website. At least be man enough to accept your bias. One point off the top of the table isn’t too bad for a PE teacher.

Ole has created a team that two years back United fans could only dream of. Yes he is still learning and needs to be more gutsy and take stronger calls, like dropping players, playing a 4-3-3, taking risks or whatever that will suit his style and vision. He is currently playing it safe, and needs to let go of the shackles. What is the worst that can happen?? Lose matches and the media will turn on him? Looking at F365, they are always ready to sit and bully a Ole (Bordering on slander) till he gets fired. A sort of hatred that is reminiscent of Souness vs Pogba.

On the other hand F365 rarely if ever obliterated Lamps, Arteta, Nuno and most other managers like this. I still remember that they used to sing praises of Frank Lampard, one of the worst, if not THE worst manager to manage a top 6 team. Even if their team lose, there is always a line about how the manager is good but the circumstances are wrong.

(This is amazing, by the way. Maybe try Googling some Lampard stuff on F365. Oh and Nuno too – Ed)

Going by the amazing F365 logic :

1. Carlo lost to some Moldovan team called Sheriff, surely he is worse than Ole? But sure…..let’s make an article of why Ole is useless.

2. Pochettino lost the league to Lille, TO LILLE, and then had the audacity to draw with Brugge. obviously the best role for him is asst PE teacher in Argentina.

3. Tuchel lost to Pep, OH WHAT A BAD MANAGER

4. Pep lost the CL final, obviously he is the worst of the bunch.

I can go on and on about their hypocritical behaviour, I chuckle every time I read an article blaming all of Arsenal’s problems on everything else BUT Arteta, who is literally a maximum 10% better than Lampard. Ole may not be the best at tactics, but he is miles and miles ahead of the likes of Lampard & Arteta. And according to the stupidity of F365, currently ahead of Ancelotti, Koeman, Allegri and the bunch if each of them were scrutinized on every result like Ole.

Obviously I think the above lot are great managers and Ole has to climb mountains before even comparing to them, but if we look through the lenses of F365 and their regular Ole bashing, surely the likes of the above world class managers should take a few tips from Ole?

For a site that regularly tries to act special and bash people with knee jerk opinions, you are pushing the same hype and mentality into people with your biased articles, trying your best to push Ole out since he joined. And that’s on YOU. So next time Johnny or someone else decides to write a preachy article, please look at yourself and be ashamed first.

I don’t know if Ole will win us anything, but he sure as f*** deserves a try till the end of the season with a team he built and can call his own. By then if things don’t work out, they don’t. I care about United, and Ole is replaceable if he cannot prove he can win. But the constant outpour of nonsense has to stop.
(Give him the season, if he fails, change the manager. Act like a grown up media outlet rather than try and copy the very papers you bash in Mediawatch)


…I know you are drowning in Ole mails and I am late in the conversation as usual, but here are few thoughts after reading several mailboxes and F365 articles.

Man Utd boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer looks glum

Lot of the work of the manager is something that is difficult to evaluate from just watching the matches. One is transfers and manager’s input in them. If we want to evaluate how well Ole has managed, it’s critical information and frankly I have no clue how much say he has in them. If he doesn’t, then the criticism is incredibly harsh. Just imagine him saying “we need to strengthen our midfield” and then somebody throws in Sancho and Ronaldo into the locker room, wishing good luck and closing the door behind. Not only the lack of playing time might make the squad unhappy as Ronaldo is undroppable in all meaningful games, but the way Ole has envisaged ManU should play and how he has built them tactically, has also been changed.

If, however, Ole decided to get VDB in midfield, then chose not to play him and wanted yet another attacker after Cavani had signed, then it’s all on him.

On the pitch they could be doing better and they could be doing worse. This season some success will be expected but what is the success this squad should have at the end of it? Nothing happens in a vacuum and Klopp, Pep and Tuchel are all regarded as world class managers with excellent squads. If, let’s say managers would have absolutely no impact, how would the top 4 rank against each other?

– Liverpool has the best goalie, City and Chelsea behind, De Gea probably the worst option.
– Liverpool has the best defense, City closely behind, ManU and Chelsea probably a bit behind.
– City has the best midfielders, Chelsea and Liverpool behind, ManU having the worst options.
– ManU and Liverpool with the best attack, Chelsea third, City has the worst options

This is naturally only my crude and unprofessional take on top 4 squads, but I wouldn’t probably choose ManU squad as favourites to win the title over other squads if we forget the impact of managers. If the impact of managers is included and ManU is close to the other top 4 contenders at the end of the season, he has performed at their level.

I would say acceptable performance for Ole, if I was owner of the club, would be top three so leaving one of the other top teams behind and reaching at least quarter finals, preferably semi finals in Champions League. Then strengthening the midfield with one Kante copy for the next season.
Matti, Helsinki


Ole out, actually
I thoroughly enjoyed the game in Paris last night. Apart from the Continental trend for having someone booming on a mike to get the crowd singing. Rather pathetic. But…two teams playing with guile, skill and cohesion. It could have passed for a latter stage World Cup game. Down mainly to the nous, leadership and vision of their respective managers who are tried and tested at the very top level. Compare and contrast with Manchester United who keep papering over the cracks and still won’t be winning anything with a very ordinary manager who looks for all the world, in that photo with Fred the Red, like his Dad has paid for him to be a mascot for the day. He looks so excited to be there…but now it’s time for a burger and home to bed. Or Molde.

A microcosmic analogy; Messi last night served the team patiently, involving himself out on the left in their probing build-ups. CR7 on the other hand is a one man band bought to try and nick games. A talisman who will with luck and without any structure around him make something out of nothing. Like Ole did as a super sub. Which sums up his career as a player. As a side note how can he possibly ‘manage’ Ronaldo to whom he played second fiddle back in the day?

As per the article today he’s been on a plateau of incompetence for too long, he’s had three years and it’s time to take off his little white tracksuit and return to whatever level befits him best. Not the Premier League which has found him out.
Pat (CAFC, it’s going…er…well lads)


Let’s talk about Jack Grealish
It is astounding how many people have let the (100 MILLION!) Jack Grealish transfer go by without questioning it. This has to be one of the most ridiculous waste of money in football history. Let me explain…

By no means am I saying that Jack Grealish is a bad player. But I can say without a doubt he is in the top three worst players from a 15-man City squad. There are literally 5-6 similar players in City who can better his output by miles. Keeping him on the left has brought down Sterling’s performances and kept Foden (imo can be better than Grealish) out of the team.

£100m on a player who cannot produce the same output as: Mahrez, Sane (miss him), KDB, Foden, Gundogan, Sterling, Jesus & many many more. I understand that his style of play is different, but that doesn’t mean its better in terms of final output. I just don’t see Grealish as the main man now or even in the City team, neither for England. Hell even Jesse Lingard has better performances in the last six months than him. To buy him and blunt your own team for a 100m is a monumental waste of money.

He was distinctly the worst player in the pitch vs PSG, and is usually just a small part of the game, even when he scores/assists. He isn’t a gamechanger for City, and hence I wonder why City wasted so so so much money on him. 100m should get you a Salah, Bruno, Ronaldo, Messi, VVD type of player. Not a squad player who scored 6 and 8 goals respectively in the last two seasons. Trent would be worth 500m at this logic.


Mediawatch: City may have ‘wasted £100m’ as Owen ignores Salah brilliance


City do need a striker
It’s the 26th minute of a riveting UCL tie at the Parc des Princes, still goalless, and after some good work down the left-hand side, Kevin de Bruyne clips in one of those phenomenal crosses he does with the outside of his boot. Sensing the moment, Cristiano Ronaldo leaps like a salmon, fending off the defender’s challenge, and buries it in the corner. The rambunctious mood is punctured, and in fact eerie quiet erupts, as Ronaldo wheels away to celebrate with his new teammates. That makes it 1-1, and it’s game on.

You might be right Winty, when you say that losing to PSG was no failure of City’s on the night. But for me this was a defeat forged over summer, and indeed during previous transfer windows, in which City have failed to land a long-term replacement for Sergio Agüero, who sadly due to injury and his advancing years, has effectively been absent from the team for quite some time. In the Premier League, when they have an off day, City might be able to huff and puff around the six-yard box without too much consequence. But in Europe, sometimes you just need someone that can stick it away without fear or fuss.
Andy Suggitt


Champions League and golden eras
Well last night was something, you had it all, Liverpool winning 5-1 and paying tribute to the man they called Sir Roger Hunt who sadly passed away at the age of 83, Sheriff putting Real Madrid away into their European Super League prison with a 2-1 upset win in Madrid and then over in the PSG vs Man City game you had Lionel Messi showcasing his genius, Bernardo Silva making even West Brom legend Kanu blush with a dreadful miss but one of the shocks for me was the fact Kevin De Bruyne did not get a straight red card for a shocker of a challenge, VAR has been relatively better this season with the recent changes and adjustments, but how VAR did not call that back and upgrade it to a straight red is beyond me, i saw on social media even City fans stating that was a clear red and KDB got away with one, he is not a malicious type of player we all know that but still, that challenge was deserving of a red.

Wigan Dave yesterday afternoon stated about eras, i think it all comes down to when you first had football introduced to you, that age bracket is often the best era to yourself, for me that would be the 03/04 to 07/08 era, I had just turned 10 years old and was starting to fully dive into the world of football, seeing the Arsenal Invincibles, Leeds & West Ham’s rise and demise, Thierry Henry and Ruud Van Nistelrooy battle it out for the Golden Boot each season, the Champions League on ITV, it was all just so magical, now was it THE BEST era of football? who knows, possibly not, but to me it was the best era on a personal level.
The Admin @ At The Bridge Pod